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  • Roland GKC-5

    Roland GKC-5 - "Must have"


    The Roland GKC-5 is a 15’ cable that has a 13 pin connector on it to use with your guitar set up. I currently only a lot of these cables because they are my favorite and have never let me down. The end cap connectors are well made and will not break…

  • Roland GK-3B

    Roland GK-3B - " great stuff!"


    It works perfectly! proof here: BTB 6 string fretless bass, no microphone, just plugged into a GK3B Vbass. J also have a GR 20 for sounds other than the bass sounds of the bass and it works v nikel …

  • Roland GK-3B

    Roland GK-3B - " A forgotten"


    The setting of this unit is not possible with Axon 100 mkII. Latency noon is appalling. I wonder if anyone has a positive experience with the gk 3b? I tried several basses same disappointing results. …

  • Roland GK-3

    Roland GK-3 - " Everything but the look!"


    Purchased a few months to complete a Roland GR55, it works very well. the look is still ugly, but hey, question response times, the GK3 is super efficient. Installation is "relatively" simple. For my part I had cut my plate strat 2mm to win that I …

  • Roland GK-3

    Roland GK-3 - christofer.oldz's review


    Mounted on a gibson les paul studio, I installed it in less than thirty minutes. Just put it directly below the bridge, removing the strings and the bridge, we set the sensor is reset and the bridge over the ropes. Finally, we regulate the height o…

  • Roland GK-3B

    Roland GK-3B - Jmdbasse38's review


    How long have you use it? I tried to test it on a 6-string bass Ibanez BTB6 for a week. What is so special that you like most and least? This only works on half of the handle and more!! I wore my luthier expensive but it does not work, the late…

  • Roland GK-3

    Roland GK-3 - kjoline's review


    I use the 15 days since GK3. Installation on my Epiphone Les Paul Custom with no points. (Using the Stand spcial Les Paul. We must get out the ropes is a bit heavy but good! It quickly scotch and holes! Time used about 1 hour) Price is not abus…

  • Roland GK-3

    Roland GK-3 - Royalclik's review


    Premire print out of the box, OR are 30% less in size (selling of Roland), me is the gk 2a I can tell you that I still wonder, no seriously it is actually smaller but a little while. Yet he could have, it sounds hollow the dedant see even a little ch…

  • Roland GK-2A

    Roland GK-2A - Cimerian's review


    Action A GK2 Roland GK2A .... Pickup magntique noon. (Midi and Audio) The sensor team my Ibanez Blazer Custom 3 years, and works without problem. Property under the strings and bridge between micro acute, it captures all the vibrations made b…