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Roland Juno user reviews

  • Roland JUNO-106

    Roland JUNO-106 - "Classic 80s polysynth"


    Just a classic polysynth that does what it says on the box. Beautifully easy synthesize makes it a great device for anyone, though it's more than capable of satisfying the pro. Great sounds all around, particularly bass and pads, and of course there'…

  • Roland JUNO-1

    Roland JUNO-1 - "Nice Compact Synth For Live Gigs"


    This was my very first synthesizer. I still use the Alpha Juno on many of my recordings today PROS: One-touch editing for Tone Modify (Mod Rate - Mod Depth - Brilliance - Envelope Time) Hooverlicious sounds! Excellent support site with info and…

  • Roland JUNO-D

    Roland JUNO-D - "Do you know the Juno-D?"


    Looking for a last-minute ticket to spend a few days across seas, my eye felt on flyer of some musicstore in Amsterdam. They sold the Roland for € 300,- as a bargan sale. Knowing I could keep the keyboard/synth for years, still enjoying the sounds of…

  • Roland JUNO-DI

    Roland JUNO-DI - "Portable with great sounds"


    The Roland Juno-Di is a synthesizer keyboard that is easy to work with and understand. It is very user friendly and comes loaded with over a thousand high quality presets or sounds that you can use right away without having to add a bunch of effects …

  • Roland JUNO-Gi

    Roland JUNO-Gi - "Better than other Juno's"


    The Roland Juno Gi is very affordable as well as powerful. I have used the Juno Gi with Reason and with Cubase as well as with Logic from time to time. The Gi has a new 8 track recorder that will allow you to sync it right up with your DAW to do your…

  • Roland JUNO-DI

    Roland JUNO-DI - "worth the small investment"


    After seeing the Roland Juno Di displayed at guitar center I ended up getting curious and wanting to see how it sounded. So I started messing with it right in the store. Next thing I know 2 hours passed, I cant believe how much fun I was having with …

  • Roland JUNO-D

    Roland JUNO-D - "Juno D is great"


    The Roland Juno D is a good board, I wasn’t sure about this one after spending 3 hours on it at the guitar center down the road. One thing that I can stand with it is the interface and sequencing just didn’t do it for me. But there where certain soun…

  • Roland JUNO-106

    Roland JUNO-106 - ericthegreat's review


    This is another one of those boards that comes industry ready right out of the box. It’s extremely easy to get it set up and ready to start making great music. The editing abilities on this board are easy to do and the workstation is easy to navigate…

  • Roland JUNO-6

    Roland JUNO-6 - "A keyboard for beginners .."


    The Roland JUNO-6 comes at a very reasonable price, stock with sounds that you will love. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with midi. Midi is almost a must for anyone doing music, unless your just a keyboard player with no interest in connecting to othe…

  • Roland JUNO-2

    Roland JUNO-2 - "Pretty sweet rave-y synth"


    This is a vintage synthesizer from the 80s. Though it is an analog synth, it has some digital controls, which made it a unique hybrid of the technologies. There are 64 presets as well as 64 user memory patches, meaning there is a lot of room to custo…