Akai Professional S950

S950, Sampler from Akai Professional.

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droors9 04/14/2004

Akai Professional S950 : droors9's user review


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12 bit non-linear
750kb standard, posibility of 2 extenssions of 750k each (2.25mo)


While I DJ in Sampl and frankly all in this thing sounds, sounds of rhythm box with synths, bass, or weird noises with a microphone, the filter is effective trs, the envelloppe is a marvel to me the percussion, but the functions of edition remains rudimentary trs from the time stretch the S950 is a bit empty compared to the EMU samplers like the e6400 I know well, yet all is essentially to go a mile without Paser menu, we sample is cut, and is assigned a note is played,
it may also be the intrt of a grain sampler trs trs trs typ coated and extremely effective on drums, brass, everything that is supposed to have potatoes!
on the other hand for tablecloths and violins, I use a sampler with over DEFINITIONS because the S950 is trs trs lo-fi short, when we want clarity and many DEFINITIONS, better use another sampler of such instruments!


I have an MPC60 dsormais I wanted for the sequencer, unless my ears betray me, but the sound is eerily similar adpend what we seek, I used to supplement the ment of another sampler because it did not do everything, it's a good sampler for plutt batteries, PCHE and loops a little lo-fi, for cons for orchestral instruments It is inefficient lol


It's a sampler possder absolutely nothing for grain and its undeniable effectiveness of some samples!
for fans of sound banks and other cd-rom flee. . .