E-MU E6400

E-MU E6400

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E6400, Sampler from E-MU.

3 user reviews
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E-MU E6400 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: E-MU
  • Model: E6400
  • Category: Samplers
  • Added in our database on: 07/15/2002

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E-MU E6400 user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E6400
(Edit for a few details in "Use")
See below.

Mine came with the optional keyboard / digital I / O to the purchase and CPUram 1MB then blocked EOS 3.00b. 8 separate outputs, I have 16.


I have since bought CPUram of DIY 2mo more or less made in Russia with the EOS 4.62 installed on it directly (ask the guy on tectonics emusonacid.co.uk if you want). It was not until I really enjoy my sampler.
Ended the galleys of SCSI hard drives ... sampler and works faster.

The notice of Kaos2323 challenges me on my own even basic config (cpuram 1mo so) it was not so slow, certainly not the time for a coffee between pages, almost immediate for the nav 'but it' was longer to calculate a time stretch so curious! (??).

The configuration is not simple when one starts from zero, but the manual is clear and complete enough so it just learning relatively quickly.
The interface is excellent one of the best in me, I love to edit the sampler.
EOS is configurable with onions (shortcuts, presets, load magic etc ...)
I tested it with Zoeos, we can make the transfer of samples and edit all the sampler from this software provided you have a SCSI connection and MIDI at the same time, but I'm faster on the sampler and I ' likes to tamper with my little fingers nimble.

Otherwise, the big plus E-MU samplers use is the modulation matrix and the internal routing tools or sound processing (excluding the effects that I did not).

I connect with an Adaptec 1480pcmcia on my laptop, everything works impec 'happiness.
For the scsi is surprisingly flexible, if I want I can plug the card after the pc is turned on it will be recognized anyway, I feel that it is linked to the card (?) On my old P3 tower and the pci that does not forgive.

The E6400 supports SCSI 9GB of theoretical maximum but I use a 18GB OS 4.62 internally without any problems, I think adding an external 18GB to backup.


The convertos are not transparent as input, output yes on the other hand for me on my sheets.
When I sample an analog synth, particularly the bass that does not please me, something is missing and I shot with my motu sample and transfer later and there is very good.
You have to sort through what passes in convertos. For me it's a plus.
I know some people use these convertos resampling to color in their sound I have to put me I have not discovered everything in this sampler, far from it.

As I said before the big plus of this sampler is the matrix and the tools available: Indeed there are processing blocks as in modular synths (quantize, flipflop, diode, lag processor ...) which allows change connections elsewhere about which parameter of choice, powerful.

When one enters the system and preset channel is crazy if I have 3 preset sounds I can choose to edit the group or channel associated with each filter and their modulation matrix, the possibilities are very broad in both synthesis and expression experiments.

It is served by good filters quite varied, including the famous Z-plane as well as formant filter, phaser, flanger, all interesting and useful.
Tools such as Doppler, bitreducer are in the game, and also a "Convolver".
much like the reverb as it uses a sample pulse and another to deal with.
Finally it makes me think about it, the results are unpredictable euuuhh .. 8)

A special feature of this sampler is also potato output headroom there is a wide and configurable, it's pretty impressive, I took the test between my MOTU and E6400 with the same rhythm loop, I do not know what said the theory but the motu has saturated much earlier. It can help when you mix in analog.


For a year and a half I have caused my misfortune it at first but now alala which foot. I filled a user I learn and discover every day that I turn it on, great machine.

I resigned to live above what I paid: 320 euro There's a year and a half, YES!
I am very pleased with the popularity of the computer music and softs.

kaos2323's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E6400
CF below! Note even if a number of options: flash ram (Sample prefers to store its programs and) separated out (in addition to the eight already instaler 8) for a total of 16 separate output, effects, nternal harddisk, ...


My first 'big' sampler so I have learned with the EOS and I must say this is by far the most convenient to use: everything is clear logic is unstoppable and almost unlimited possibilities. ..

The possibility of links with the outside are quasimment comprehensive (lack of usb or firewire ... but at the time was no more!;)).

A note on my model, however, two defects: the EOS is SLOW! Sometimes it is exasperating to have to wait between changes in pages and menus but hey, once you know ... we sometimes have time to take a caf! Not without laughing couple in Soundforge SCSI we make the edition on the computer and the sampler is returned to the game and the sound processing!

The other defect is more serious and seems redundant on the range EMU in the late 90's: the wheel increment is very, very temperamental ... on mine was to do four years that I have to change the value using the apps buttons increment / decrement which is sometimes frustrating ... I have a Audity2000 has the same problem machines and other derivatives of E-XXXX series also experience the problem ... In addition, spare parts are rare to see ... not found so check if you buy occcase ...


A MONSTER! The lines have always your sampler Emu known for their unique sound: A serious HUGE, a very strong medium low a detailed mids ... only the high register is a little behind.

Or the Akai will sound very clean and a bit metallic, or Kurzweil will be very precise and ar Emu samplers are transparent, but may ultimately they make the grain is FATAL if you like music in charges the low end.

The overall color is not 'digital' and sounds very warm. on the other hand do not expect to be a bluff by listening ... it's the only sampler in the case of a mix that character will be revealed! Some styles of music have a sound image crs particularly through the machines (The Illbient note with an artist like Scorn that uses only as E-XXXX. For a grain ide Listen his albums' Gyral 'or' Logghy Baroghy ').

As for the synthesis capacities are tappe in high-end! Semi modular architecture brings the modulation matrix and countless filters allow delusions of all kinds ... Certainly if you are hip / hop or rock, or the variety will not give you much, but if you are in the experimental music you'll be able to give you a field day! I have in my machine can park sampler that allow treatment also pousss and my knowledge the only Kurzweil (but with a different sound!) And some software samplers (kontakt) could concurencer.

Synthlecteur use of single sample is not ridiculous at all against a machine ddies ... Moreover, the E-Synth is none other than the same engine with waveforms integr es (such as the range of Emu expanders also the MoPhatt at Virtuoso, through the Proteus ....).


11 Years I use my own and do not part with it for kidneys in the world! I do not never replace a plug in and if it falls in the harbor I buy a Live! I find it boyfriends games during those 11 years of loyal service (Kurzweil K2000, Akai S3200XL) but it is by far my favorite level and its ease of use!

If you want a sampler I can only advise you!

all nine because of the problem of reliability of the dial!
Docteur Frog08/27/2008

Docteur Frog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E6400
Of all Samplers Racks at E-MU E6400 is the one I've never really understood the value. Not that he is not good, far from the critics are positive (below) but when we look carefully, the E6400 provides professional solutions, but the options that E-mu offers in addition to what is needed Sampler its proper functioning and satisfaction in droves.

So why have released a porshe with tires made of wood and a diesel engine?
Those with the E64 did not pitch. Except for one or E4xTurbo E4X.
And then there was also at that time ESI4000TurboZip that the price was complete.


It changes nothing. But we invite the importer of the time to reconsider the translation of the manual and we apologize to all users of imperfections in the trans.

Finally we discover the full power of the future E-MU samplers Racks. And then imagine already work on a FULL E-6400 Options or E4X or E-Synth.

For all the rest is below.


Cocks. But as always that frustration of a constrained version when it is releasing the dogs. The 64-note polyphony (not real) is too low. In preset mode on the compilation of sample we do not know why but it is nibbling we do not know how ... It is believed to have underfoot (the fingers) but in the end the machine is voiceless. :-(.

And then the RAM ... 16MB of origin. A bike like 16MB is not making fun of the user? Upgradeable to 128MB cool. But at what cost ...

After note the compatibility of Roland and Akai samples while it is not screwed to translate a disk EmuIII base.

But it also has things: Z-Plane Filters, Undo function, Re-Sampling, etc..
We will put a score of 7 just for the dynamics.


I am not convinced by the E6400. I'm just going to decorate my opinion you need to list the options that the machine is properly used:::

6301 - Installation Kit hard drive (also requires the purchase of HD included) Bravo and original right?
6310 - MIDI Expansion Kit (adds 16 additional MIDI channels) there are only 16 outputs max so blah.
6311 - FX board (processor adds 24-bit stereo) ;-( how we can do without ...
6313-8 optional audio outputs: required
6315 - AES / EBU Digital I / O:: also necessary to retrieve samples from a CD or a DAT or sync.
6816 - 4MB of RAM CPU: to expand the number of preset and the internal sequencer. And it must have ben use the internal sequencer and then we discuss the extension or off.
6820 - E-Synth 16MB ROM Kit:: Yeah ... who eats the RAM. Crazy?
6821 - Orbit / Phatt Sessions 16MB Rom Sound: Excellent, but better to have the FX board to enjoy it. And dont forget the RAM.
6825 - 8MB Flash Memory Board (to add sounds in ROM) So many buy a sound module ... it's getting.
6826 - Same as 16MB
6910 - 128-voice polyphony (+64 v) by far the largest with 8 outputs Supp. Why not be integrated automatically quit a bit to increase the price.

What we forget is that this is the kind of machine that if you miss the availability of options at the end ... change in the next series, they change the protocols and formats. Therefore have much curb such a great tool, I never understood.

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