E-MU E64

E-MU E64

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E64, Sampler from E-MU.

3 user reviews
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E-MU E64 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: E-MU
  • Model: E64
  • Category: Samplers
  • Added in our database on: 01/11/2003

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E-MU E64 user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 3 reviews100 %

jolagrate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E64
While the features ... well this is a sampler, with buttons, a display, an input and analog outputs and numrériques. Possibility of placing a hard drive inside, and outside as via SCSI Normal ... what!
No DSP course, but the effects still as phaser and chorus, and other effects in non-real time ', such as compressor, doppler, exciting ... Not easy to predict good value apply to his sample ...! Not very practical anyway.


So to use ... well, it's not simple ...
There's so much machinery, thou tested, you understand quickly the trick ... but this one is not on.
Will there still a little time to adapt after the first use. It is an architecture a little quirky, and the links between waves and presets are not obvious ... forcings organizing palettes sapmples management and multi instrumentals and voices little crazy ... Yes, I have repeatedly failed to sink into the dark side ladies and gentlemen.
The manual is pretty clear yet, it's true.
For editing sounds, it happens not too bad, it's more ergonomic overall.


So here, people come ...
This prompted me to give a little advice on Bécanne, are the few ads I see on the different machines, and bearing this famous line: "THE BIG SOUND" heat, heat! the sound is nice and round, etc ... etc ... yada yada yada precisely the sound potatoes too! So why sell this item !!!
I would tendency to believe that these few people have looked at buying this model, precisely becaufe everyone says: 'big sound' ... Ho! And then they are realizing that it's not that much, then sell ...
In short, I think what we think, is that all that will come out, or enter and then rebound from this unit will turn into gold!
Hmm ... So to abbord there sound banks, such as banks AKAI eg btw I tested from my computer and sound card (Konnekt) and then compared with all 'e64 ... there's a difference' polyphonic '. That is, take a drum kit AKAI, one in your sequencer software, and even your ... EMU are sequencing the whole ... and compare. The EMU sounds much better! So what first saw the only snare sounds the same, if the same sample is played via software or via the emu.
In fact, the trick of this sampler is the resample ... The famous warm sound, it comes, yes converters is known, but especially the way in which these convertos will clip the signal ... is necessary that its saturates! But not too much, that's it heats. And, yes, you can say "The big sound", but it is quiet, it's not a sick thing ... It is 'almost' the same with other convertos, such as those of the Konnekt . But still, it's the sound EMU. It takes practice, poffiner its settings, try again, and then we begin to know ... In short, a whole history.


That was about two years I have, then it is now that I am beginning to understand the true qualities of the sampler, and then with a little more experience to understand on which judgments are based.
Anyway it always comes back to the same story ... This or that machine rings more, better, and then worse than yada yada yada ... It's true, there's the sea ... as machines .dropoff window
I'll cut it short by saying that there's people who make great stuff with a piece of wood and two spoons !!!
You entered? !!
But that said, I think that yes, it is a quality sampler object with a particular character that gives it a pest charm, for those who want to go to the trouble of triffouiller and exploit its possibilities.

iXtlan23's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E64
The E64 Emulator is the prototype of the Ultra series, it was he who definable basic techniques of the high end E-MU.
Extremely comprehensive it can offer everything ready that you can ask a sampler,
two SCSI connectors, 8 TRS analog outputs (expandable to 16) 2 analog input 2 TRS I / O Digital AES / EBU XLR symetric, ASCII connections to connect a keyboard, midi in / out / thru (expandable to allow two to twelve o'clock in / out) ... Large monitor, and control knob, six F-keys for naiviguer in the sub menu and a pve Digital ... (Front Identic in series 4 and Ultra)
The memory is expandable to 64 MB std 72 pin strip.
comes with a 600 MB hard disk SCSI

the original Emu E64 comes with 1 MB of Flash ROM and is upgradeable to the EOS and 3.00B, but it is possible to upgrade the 2MB flash ROM has to evolve and so on EOS 4.6


The use of EOS (E-mu Operating System) is a real pleasure, EOS and certainly the best OS in matters of sampling available to date.
(For which EOS does not know, this is the OS that handles all EMU EMULATOR sampler from the first series, to ULTRA, except the ESI32, 2000, 4000 and that these are managed by ESI )
Moreover the e64 can be completely controlled stroke keyboard which facilitate operations and makes the art of sampling bcp more user friendly. The processing capacity of the machine is incredibly fast and accurate sample of the edition is wonderful with the ability to zoom in / out on different parts of the sample (ideal to find the point of amplitude 0), the dynamic processing of sound (Eq, compression, etc..) is excellent, it is possible to import bank format ESI, EOS, AKAI, Kurzweil.
The samples are assignable presets and so on in different parts of mappable keyboard, but the interest here is that it is possible within a preset out of multiple outputs (in the USER VOICE) which is very useful for the drumkit.
A Mixer is available and can manage the assignment noon and audio output and volume settings .... oh yeah I forgot, the E64 also includes a sequencer! ideal for creating his breakbeat directly stored in the machine instead of wasting its RAM recorded loops! It can also make the time-stretch.
The use of bank and very simple, it is possible to load the bank was stolen from the bank merger, soundsprints load, or load preset dynamically in a bank without stopping for MIDI.
The sampling is declenchage either by arming the machine (with one outbreak a-60db) or with a trigger noon, the truncation of the sample is in 100th of a second.
in short, is a wonder to use!


Even though the E64 is a little below a E6400 Ultra there is one thing that the e64 is greater than the ULTRA is the sound: even if one is certainly incredibly dynamic ULTRA is slightly less warm that an E64 (the new treatment ULTRA RISC processor, which tends to make the sound more digital)
The A / D converters are a good point that for maximum dynamic it is preferable to sample directly with the analog input of the sampler rather than to import audio from a computer by SCSI.

It can then moult possibility of dealing with dynamic sound: compressor, EQ, doppler, limiter, aural exciter, etc.. (A real lil rack insert!)

The E64 offers a dynamic heat is phenomenal, smapleur dear to EMU and make this range the best on the market today


If you wish to purchase a large EMU sampler that allows for anything your imagination can provide, but you can not afford to buy a E4XT ULTRA then the E64 is perfect for you!
But the rub is that the E64 does not grow on trees ... it's a sampler which was produced for a short period before given birth to the E6400 and the Ultra series.
If I had to make a complaint that would trigger button found in front of the ESI is not available on the E64, but we can do any time of the trigger via any MIDI sequence.

This is undoubtedly the best sampler available for the price or it is found today in okaz, far ahead akai (cold) and Yamaha (unusable pans) and Kurzweil (chers!) ...
and in addition it is compatible with all banks as possible!

E-Mulator For Life!

SpootniK's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

E-MU E64
64 voice polyphony.

No effect.

2MB standard 64 mb max.

MIDI IN, OUT, THROUGH, 8 mono output jack (4 Stereo), AEUB thing digital stuff.

There are several utility that manages this sampler as most of the EOS series.

4.01ba version of a sequencer 48 tracks ppqn 96.

Time strecth, loop, copy, paste .... etc ... etc ...


Super simple, it's like on a PC.
The screen provides a very good read.
The hierarchy of each part is very well Designed and very easy to assimiller.
20 controllers can drive the change in sound.
Not necessarily need a manual.
With recycling and scsi is a joy to fill it as Yamaha.
Ultra fast loading from hard disk scsi.
The sequencer allows an unwilling 96ppqn c a fair bit but all the same 48 tracks with an unlimited number of measurements except by a memory (you get there very quickly in fact).
This machine has a fair bit processor has no agreement when handled, but the trs naviguation becomes slow if you ask him a lot. (Kidney too serious).
It does not crash EVER.


The converters are not "transparent", the sound that comes out of this sampler is trs dynamic, punchy, clear.
The filters used in the t trs house, techno, but can also produce sounds such as water or eclectic percussion;).
I find its best when we sample directly with the sampler and not necessarily import from the pc.


Price or it is found that Today is the perfect sampler.
I have EOS version 4.01b, with 2 MB of flash RAM, 64 MB ram and a sound card orbit / Phatt.A him alone I can realize an entire piece.

The updates are trs hard to find, impossible. (Apart from SCSI hard drive)

It is the beginning of the series of ultra outside effects has nothing to envy them!

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