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Fairlight Samplers user reviews

  • Fairlight CMI IIx

    Fairlight CMI IIx - jbfairlight's review


    The CMI I, II, IIx are machines that have a polyphony of 8 notes. Each note is a sample (sample) or a re-synthesis of sound. The size of each sound is 16KB, and yes 16384 bytes! The beach sample is limited in the range 2500Hz to 32000Hz. The co…

  • Fairlight CMI IIx

    Fairlight CMI IIx - paradyse's review


    Converters 8 / 8-voice polyphony. Sampling 30kHz stereo. 256KB of system memory and 128KB of ram for sounds. Implementation complte midi (3 + 4 in out). A sampling from mono. Storage 8-inch diskette! and a gorgeous 76-key keyboard. In 82 's of luxu…

  • Fairlight MFX2/series III

    Fairlight MFX2/series III - paradyse's review


    The MFX2 is the ultimate version of the series III. It incorporates all its features: 16 voice polyphony of 32 mo, Page R, FFT, and although the CAPS sr full function of traditional ditions sound + To this is added the direct to disk of 24 tracks w…