Fairlight CMI IIx
Fairlight CMI IIx

CMI IIx, Sampler from Fairlight.

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paradyse 01/12/2005

Fairlight CMI IIx : paradyse's user review


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Converters 8 / 8-voice polyphony. Sampling 30kHz stereo. 256KB of system memory and 128KB of ram for sounds.
Implementation complte midi (3 + 4 in out). A sampling from mono. Storage 8-inch diskette! and a gorgeous 76-key keyboard. In 82 's of luxury silent:)
It is a workstation with several complte squenceurs whose splendid page R, FFT analysis, morphing table of waves and so on.


Pages hyper intuitive and quick rev of ACCS as few as large memory. Fairlight software fits on a floppy disk and is the point. The analysis and resynthse are a bit long but I only use them rarely because I still trs mode sampling. The latter is of great simplicity with the wand on users press the word "sampling" and the turn is played, the sound loop and automatically maps. The wand is also useful for drawing trs harmonics or notes page R.


It does not exist to sample the sounds that PForm more than this machine. 8 bit sampling with analysis by the beaches of frequencies and resynthse in 16 bit. But between the two, there is a change bcp! moreover Fairlight jealously guards its Mystra by not putting the same step in the technical docs schmas of cards chantillonage. You can sample n 'matter what, even a sound without interest and with any luck it will come out compltement redynamis and purified. A simple sound effects becomes much more musical. I have also to sample bits of pieces and no known trs n 'silent able to recognize the original. Yet Mr Jackson Thriller, everyone recognizes the first seconds lol. With IIx that is looting easy and safe:)


I like it:
- The 8-inch floppy disks! now unavailable
- Sound factory, bcp too heard and that does not reprsentent tural capabilities of the machine
- No hard drive except for that of Queen ngoc who had the option price of gold
- No dynamic allocation of voice you load a sound and you must assign it to converters. And each converter is a voice polyphony. Basically if you need to play a lap time of 3 votes a piece, and although there will only be 5 votes to play the rest even if the water does not play that at beginners!
- Weight, fuel consumption and noise: 45kg, 650w, and the fans. You feel not only when the lights;)
- The keyboard without aftertouch
- The memory limit 1s 24kHz (about) and voice. Of the eight votes it up right even 8s.

I like:
- Hyper music without the sound multiplex, its infrabass and acute (the 100 khz BCAN up and my dog ​​is happy trs). The transformation of sound ingrable (no ACCS - automatic processing) and devilishly effective: eight loops that run with the R page, it's so standard that it borders on overdose. In fact the sound of the Fairlight is too strong lol
It is really dernire machine that I would sell. I 'looking for a 2nd same, but it is hard especially since trs qqes months o everyone therewith hands. Ms. Duran Duran and Pet Shop Boys have surrendered their Fairlight!