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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 10 reviews )
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 3 reviews30 %
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Value For Money : Excellent
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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Yamaha A5000
ITS SO FULL OF FEATURES YOU ARE A RETARD IF YOU DON'T OWN ONE seriously everything's here, its only 128 megs but they are so cheap right now you can get a second one, I actually use one for drums and a second one for other instruments

$ 1000


Lots of folks say its too hard too learn but actually I found it was VERY easy and intuitive plus compared to previous Yamaha stuff its a picnic ... the only gripe i have is that Yamaha no longer supports it

I love this thing, Yamaha equipment is very well built, never had a problem with it


24 bit DA 20 bit AD, sound quality is the best I've heard in this kind of sampler, definitely smokes older akais. LOTS of headroom and a HOT output, ultra FAST envelopes, TIGHT timing, good enough EFX, RESAMPLING thru FX, etc. full of cool and useful features too many to list here, great sounding filters and you can even burn your own CD's only donwside ? slow loading times, install an internal hard drive and you get around that


I LOVE THE A5000 ... if you hate software bullshit the A5000 will deliver the goods, no doubt about that hope this review helps! yer pal MusickMan

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: MusickMan ( 7-, 2004)
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Yamaha A5000
No sampler can offer as much feature u can get with this one

Price paid



It's a Yamaha

U have to use a transport rack built like a tank.


20 bits, lots of EQ + Filter and FX's


Hope I will never sell it

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Unknown ( 4-, 2002)

MJCJM's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A5000
128-note polyphony - 6 effects - full connectivity with AIEB1!
Very good converters, impeccable sound quality at the time!
128MB of RAM, enough for a session, but not for large instruments multilayers.
Features on top at the time, only a Akai or Emu equaled him!


Simple Config ergonomics but close to the suicide attempt!
I have never sold so quickly the gear!
Editing is as simple as animating a puppet with son!
Although I am convinced that the puppet, she moves more easily!
Editing effects is if I remember quite simple but what they are bad.
Nothing to do with high-end effects of yamaha, far from those of the EX5 or mixers professional brand!


This bridge is the only positive ... the sound is excellent, really!
Convertos are very transparent I would say!
But filters are average and not terrible effects!
It's still stupid to have such treatment when you have a perfect sound reproduction!
Sometimes I tell myself that it is really done on purpose!
Sounds available via cd's are really high quality, it has a whole range of sounds of acoustic and electronic instruments.


I used 3 months, but given the time spent on editing knobs, compared to the time spent in music, I sold quickly! Not without regret so the sound I had more. These knobs are a calamity, a pale copy of EX5, for a screen a bit better defined ...
Basically, it's a big waste of time, unless you want to enjoy the sound quality of the sampler, its 32 multi-timbral parts, and its connections! View the banks!
But forget the effects (except for the lofi) and forget editing, What realize its difficult and laborious use!
It's a shame, because with real knobs, it would still be valid!

Seith's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A5000
128 polyphony, 32 multitimbral
Nickel converter, which comes from ditto
Multi effects unit very cratif, jusuq'a 6 simultaneous effects
128 MB memory max
Connection at the top, two twelve o'clock triplet multi analog out
Digital input and output digital optical and RCA
Bzone edition software for backup and A3disky


Gnrale configuration is not complex but requires a different approach from other brands.
The edition is very sound sampler mpousse because it is a real synth!
The manual is nickel found what you are looking for.


I had almost every brand of sampler and I must say that the level and dynamic report convertos nickel is mainly digital.
The effects are terrible, filters enormous!
The dynamics are very good nothing to say.


I bought it and not too utilis.je have emerged recently after yet another crash pc and I decided to look seriously and,,, chboooommmm, the slap!
The sound effects unwavering stability.
I have two emu Card rfx, the legendary sound emu
Given the current cost OCCAZ you throw it.
No problem, I use it as a sampler of sounds typs synths, samples for more acoustic I spend with an akai z8 which has more ram.

Roll's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A5000
Good converters,
shame that Yamaha has not released a software allowing total control from a computer AXXX (including SCSI), you can get by combining several apps.
A good multi effects unit


Everything seems simple, is that A3000 had a j'au before so I get familiar ground.


The filters are excellent in particular for electronic drums, good dynamics, the machine provides a color to the sound that I can not find a virtual sampler.


2 years experience on this machine,
I like the sound and dynamics
I like less than the edition that is longer than a soft, Yamaha has stopped producing the cards separate outputs for this machine.

Excellent quality / price ratio, the prices are very low argus views the qualities of the machine

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A5000
Bases having the characteristics Adi t dcrites, I will focus on the main points of the machine.


First of surroundings, be aware that if you intend to transfer many samples it is better to have a PC with a SCSI connection.
Ditto for the edition, the knobs on the bcannes ragissent wrong, and quickly become a hell for the edition, fortunately, an app like Bzone allows the Entire edition pc via connection, noon.
We can resample with this sampler, nammoins polyphony limits 4 sounds at this operation.
Loading instruments are rather slow, it just zip or an internal hard drive.
All the effects are insert (not in volume rglage send as a mixer, but there indpendants 6).
The A5000 supports akai samples, but not the programs in their totality.
the A5000 possde a sequencer to play .mid, on the other hand you can not edit the sequences as on an emu for example.
expect the buggs if you use load performance ...





Ala'Mala's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A5000
Excellent in 64 or 128 polyphony Stereo ds rack 2U (Fin spacing non dmontables) 10kg, converters trs good, the effects a must 6 assignable blocks in all directions, which confrent's a super pro.
sequencer equipped with a booster.
4meg stretch 128
4 audio outputs 2midi in / out a half throu a SCSI2 format faade headphone in two and rglage step trs clear by the way, well done!
6 expandable analog and SPDIF coax ES +
utility exists and works on scsi practice because he reads a lot of format.
It can carry a SCSI or IDE HD 8 GB Max volume partitioned into 1gig max
supports the Zip drive
Doc in French, 8CD 1cd sound pro sound and gnralistes 1cd soft (it is not full, it is the n essence) 4 floppy disks and ZIP Cablerie for HD etc.
Full trs


The configuration is not simple for me I culture Roland desktop mouse, but if done right, if you do not look at the doc.
1defaut the pots are notched and replace the pav numrique, they are slow, it is better to go through the pads that are based on them, a remarkable Russianness.
CASC and disk are relatively slow for transferring large amounts
the edition is not usual for me, but once I understood the topo rolled it back a little graphic.
The manual is in the same spirit, if you understand it well, if not, you adapt it from a culture
franais illustrated in black and white, but full upside is half of the book that put the beginners!


The converters are good trs sound is dynamic and trs gnreux large effects even without hyper mix it well even on a Berhinger
The sound is gnrale trs trs beautiful music, it's not like Akai sounds or sound "recording" neutral rev limit death. The Yam little trs be neutral but it still vibrates.
The effects are numerous and powerful Varis, trs trs ffective and configurable, plus filters that work is full of tricks (it's the edition)
Equalisers with the output has a large slice of his, but it is not Roland is Different.
if you have the option to mix outputs supplmentaires a kill.


One week of use gives me a glimpse, and I do not think large surprises I dj returned property is a machine which takes great, with a low ACCS on disk. More than a machine is an instrument that will make you want to play. live test but not with the program 'and complte sequenseur has done.
In fact, I aurra tried before, I probably bought new aurra There's a long time.
Magic Dreams03/25/2005

Magic Dreams's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A5000
broadly covers our needs

HD-board cool ..

can ext scsi


Editing sounds fairly easy but boring compared computer music
sufficient manual

knob its real-time manipulation


Conv ok
effects are good
dyn OK


2 years
+: Very complete
-: Slow loading sounds!! BIG default .... it was thought almost a disk transfer

Dg I see the price argus. I do not even understand. There's STRID who are selling!

Ti's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A5000
Polyphony 32 voices.
4 outputs + 2 num.
36 meg base.
6 effect bus containing 96 effects all adjustable as standard.
We can install a DD, my config included a zip 250 in the purchase.
The only downside to read CDS Yamaha (9 in total with super sound), we must invest in a reader / writer external SCSI.


The manual is quite consquent and well done.
The config is the options are so vast (it's almost a complete prod tool) it takes a little time,
Although the menus are clear enough.
The edition is quite easy.


Converters transparent.
Apart from the compression Yamaha which I'm not a fan, the effects and filters are effective trs, gaffe to pregnant ;-))
The dynamics is respected, each output is adjustable.


4 years and two albums, many people think I'm all into the studio when I made almost everything
with the A5000, with a small squence noon.
Be aware that filters can be activated by any of paramtre sequencer such as the volume for example.
J'apprcie neutrality sounds, dynamics, filters, spares ten outputs (only options purchased), the CD provided,
multi effect and the fact that it is a small studio alone.
I do not like faade in pots, but seems you can change them.
Excellent price quality ratio compared with the Akai version trslgres standards are.
I would do this choice, although today my musical direction does not require me to have more than a tool as powerful and complete.

Psycom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha A5000
- 128-voice polyphony
- 2 D / A converters quality honest
- Effects very original, ideal for electronic music (the reverbs are not the most beautiful are on the other hand)
- The standard 2 MB of RAM I believe, 128 MB maximum
- The standard stereo output, can add a card that can be plus 6 analog outputs and a digital I / O SPDIF
- There is an editing utility for Mac / PC


The config is more or less intuitive as people (a matter of taste, so). Personally, after some learning time, I feel very at ease in editing and sound effects, it goes fast. The manual is as it should.


Converters are not the best but still honorable. Filters are super effective for electronic music. on the other hand, if you are looking for sound Akai, instead of going to see next door Akai ... From this point of view, their filters are more transparent (but less creative). The dynamic is good without being on top.


I use A3000, I had the opportunity to test the A5000. Most are especially filters, original

The value for money is even better than Yamaha stops producing its inventory and empty (I write the review in May 2002). It's time to have something new cheap!

With experience, I may be to turn to a sampler software ...