Yamaha A5000
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MJCJM 08/17/2013

Yamaha A5000 : MJCJM's user review


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128-note polyphony - 6 effects - full connectivity with AIEB1!
Very good converters, impeccable sound quality at the time!
128MB of RAM, enough for a session, but not for large instruments multilayers.
Features on top at the time, only a Akai or Emu equaled him!


Simple Config ergonomics but close to the suicide attempt!
I have never sold so quickly the gear!
Editing is as simple as animating a puppet with son!
Although I am convinced that the puppet, she moves more easily!
Editing effects is if I remember quite simple but what they are bad.
Nothing to do with high-end effects of yamaha, far from those of the EX5 or mixers professional brand!


This bridge is the only positive ... the sound is excellent, really!
Convertos are very transparent I would say!
But filters are average and not terrible effects!
It's still stupid to have such treatment when you have a perfect sound reproduction!
Sometimes I tell myself that it is really done on purpose!
Sounds available via cd's are really high quality, it has a whole range of sounds of acoustic and electronic instruments.


I used 3 months, but given the time spent on editing knobs, compared to the time spent in music, I sold quickly! Not without regret so the sound I had more. These knobs are a calamity, a pale copy of EX5, for a screen a bit better defined ...
Basically, it's a big waste of time, unless you want to enjoy the sound quality of the sampler, its 32 multi-timbral parts, and its connections! View the banks!
But forget the effects (except for the lofi) and forget editing, What realize its difficult and laborious use!
It's a shame, because with real knobs, it would still be valid!