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Schecter Stiletto user reviews

  • Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4

    Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Cyrilbass/translated from Audiofanzine FR) The top and the inlays look wonderful. The guitar is quite gaudy looking and that's the reason I bought it. Its main problem is that it feels very fragile (I actually fear I…

  • Schecter Stiletto Elite-4

    Schecter Stiletto Elite-4 - "Schecter Stiletto Elite 4"


    Acoustic, Bass, Drums for 2 years, in a band play indie rock, acousticy alternative. Sound Control Manchester England for £250 Everything, low action, through neck gives a richer sound, excellent quality pick ups, stays in tune for ages, easy to us…

  • Schecter Stiletto Studio-5

    Schecter Stiletto Studio-5 - "Schecter Diamond Series Stilleto Studio 5"


    I was at the local Guitar Center and was looking at bass guitars. I wasn't really looking to buy anything, but this Schecter 5 string just jumped out at me. I played it for sometime at the store made the choice to take her home. The laminate const…

  • Schecter Stiletto Custom-4

    Schecter Stiletto Custom-4 - "Schecter Stiletto Custom 4"


    I needed to find a deeper blues sound than the 67 Teisco hollow I use. It was purchased retail at Guitar Center and I paid $500. Great sound from the pickups. The fit and finish are super. Using flat wound strings often gives a more muted sound b…

  • Schecter Stiletto Elite-5

    Schecter Stiletto Elite-5 - "Schecter Stiletto Elite 5"


    Purchased from Guitar Center. They matched the lowest price I could find on the internet at ZZSounds for an "out the door" price of $599.95. There are four characteristics of this bass that make it stand out from others I have played. First, it is…

  • Schecter Stiletto Studio-5

    Schecter Stiletto Studio-5 - "Schecter Stiletto Studio 5"


    I decided I wanted to finally make the move to a five string bass. I had thought long and hard on the sound that I wanted to acheive. I went into my local music shop and explained to the guy that I was interesed in the Fender American Jazz FMT, at t…

  • Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-5

    Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-5 - "Schecter Stiletto Deluxe 5 String"


    While shopping for a five string bass at a guitar center, I came across the best deal I have ever seen, an active preamped, beautifully finished, 5 string axe known as a Schecter Stiletto deluxe. Although I could only fiddle with it then, I had to ha…

  • Schecter Stiletto Elite-5

    Schecter Stiletto Elite-5 - "Schecter Stilleto Elite 5 string"


    Purchased it from American Musical Supply when i was looking for a new Bass in the internet, paid $599.00. This Bass is a killer deal. It looks beautiful, plays like a dream, you can put any sound you want from this bass. Most important: a very low …

  • Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-5

    Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-5 - "Schecter Stiletto Deluxe 5"


    I bought this bass guitar from Sound Control UK for around £339, although Schecter being an American based company I should imagine it is readily available at your nearest guitar dealer for around the same price if not cheaper. It was intended as a …

  • Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-5

    Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-5 - "Schecter Stiletto Deluxe 5 String"


    I got this guitar from the musicians friend website for a mere $360, which was an amazingly low price for the quality for guitar I got. I got the guitar because I finally decided to take the step from 4 string to 5 string and one of my friends sugges…