Schecter Stiletto Studio-6
Schecter Stiletto Studio-6

Stiletto Studio-6, 5+ string bass guitar from Schecter in the Stiletto series.

werner VW 07/25/2004

Schecter Stiletto Studio-6 : werner VW's user review


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-Made in Korea (very good quality) and settled in the United States

-24 Frets, 2 passive humbucker EMGhz coupled to an EMG active preamp

knob-a volume for each pickup and three knob for three-band equalizer (low, medium, high)

NECK-35 ", more sustain and more accurately for the serious SI

-Gold finish

- Impeccable violin


Nice-round, this is the handle of a six-string no longer than four thick strings

-The action of the factory is very low, but you can easily adjust it with the jumpers.

-Very good grip standing or assi


-The fact that it makes it very versatile active, the sound is impeccable and very accurate equalizer, you can have a warm or a very dull or very pressence. It's like you want.

-The accuracy of the sound is exellent, with an extreme depth. Many fishing.

-Tested on an Fender Rumble 100

- I play jazz, blues and pop / rock


- I own this bass for 6 months, I Chet (Gillou for those who know). Price € 1100 (I had over 20%)

- I like its look, its sound Polyval.

- Is of extreme low quality for a reasonable price. If it costs € 1500 I would not be surprised.

I already play a Cort Artisan A6 and A5, a cort action bass and a fretless Fender Jazz United States. I personally find that the Studio 6 has nothing to envy to the fender. I am very happy with my purchase.