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Schlagwerk La Peru user reviews

  • Schlagwerk CP 4011 - Zebrano

    Schlagwerk CP 4011 - Zebrano - " Slap!"


    - How long have you use it? Cajon purchased in August 2013, so for about two months. - Have you tried many other models before buying it? I put not before misinformed about the different types of cajon and all models offered by the competit…

  • Schlagwerk CP 4022 - Skinwood Black

    Schlagwerk CP 4022 - Skinwood Black - " WOW!"


    For how long have you been using it? I only last Wednesday (04/05). But I have not played badly Did you try many other models before getting this one? Yes very much. The SCHLAGWERK X-one, 2 in number 1, the number of peru, the Katho Rusti, t…

  • Schlagwerk CP 4005 - Beechwood

    Schlagwerk CP 4005 - Beechwood - " The great class!"


    Purchased one month since I played about thirty hours. I begin to master the thing so I would leave an opinion. Before buying this model, I tried about twenty different models. Meinl's and other brands that I have not marked ... Besides, before you…

  • Schlagwerk CP 4015 - Sahara

    Schlagwerk CP 4015 - Sahara - Cutboost's review


    I use it since June 2007. Very powerful bass, and presents medium rather well. Many rsonance but easily Grable with the heel. A beautiful instrument that does not pass unacknowledged on a scene. Schlagwerk for me is the manufacturer of Cajon.…

  • Schlagwerk CP 4005 - Beechwood

    Schlagwerk CP 4005 - Beechwood - papitipa's review


    Nothing to say it's great stuff, I did well to choose the MODEL and not the head make me take mine! Trs instrument equilibrated at her, the grain is enjoyable, the sound of "kick" as well, without being too Submitted. Instrument mat, I do not let g…

  • Schlagwerk CP 4007 - Burl Veneer

    Schlagwerk CP 4007 - Burl Veneer - Anthony66's review


    I have this cajon for 8 months. The table is glass fiber speckled dark brown. It is quite fine, giving it an interesting modularity. You can have a very dry in its place the table with his heels and a very "dirty", leaving the two inner strings d…