Roland CSQ-100
Roland CSQ-100
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troust 08/18/2012

Roland CSQ-100 : troust's user review

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Small digital sequencer 2 X 84 ratings, managing analog synths.
We will not repeat the description.
Please note that the leaflet that comes with this unit is very poor and more information is in English.

Usage is very simple. It only works with analog synths 1volt/octave type.
What is often said, the series dedicated to the Roland SH09 and cousin, brother etc..
Well, it also works with a MOOG Rogue for example or a Sequential Pro 1 (my current usage).
It is enough to give the instrument to which it is connected.

I'll just describe the use I make.


Forgotten for many years, I decided to give it to the light of day.
It is connected to Sequential PRO ONE to replace its 40-note sequencer.
It is driven by a drum machine MFB 501.La Trigger output out of the BAR sent to the input of the CSQ STEP 100.
Subsequently connected CV / gate input and output PRO 1
I merely serves to bass lines on the old PRO 1.
No syncro noon between the CSQ 100, my analogue with the rest of my gear the CSQ 100 is not!
I Deslignes bass that I record wav file, and insert them into my songs.
Forum Audiofanzine on the CSQ 100 there is a video that explains very well how this sequencer Roland.


No sounds, it is a sequencer


This stuff is very limited, it is on, compared to the gear now, but find the fun of the first gear of the late 70's, why not.
I bought it at the same time as the PRO 1 by exchanging the duo against my Korg MS20 + SQ10 duo in 1988.

I do not separate, and not worth the cost of resale.