Elypse Guitars G300

G300, SG-Shaped Guitar from Elypse Guitars.

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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cha0tix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elypse Guitars G300
- Gibson SG Guitar Asian type (and more beautiful because I find no black plate! ) Mahogany.
- Channel 22 frets glued.
- A volume knob and a knob for micro tone not micro.
- 2 humbucker pickups.
- 3-way switch (bridge, 2 Double Split, sleeve).
- Weight not too excessive.


- Handle very enjoyable to play.
- Easy Access acute (like any OS).
- Weight fairly well distributed and classical form.
- Its level: the bridge pickup sounds pretty serious rock while actually not sound terrible, and the two together is simply not listenable as too rough! ^ ^


I mainly play metal, rock, and it should pretty well, on a Marshall MG100DFX through a multi-effects BOSS ME-50.
Level settings, the range available is too meager for micro serious deaf to part with appropriate adjustments to amp (1 / 2 serious, 3 / 4 mids and 2 / 3 high) - and again ... - So I did not change bcp.


I use this scratching for 2 years and I will soon be separated for well over a model (for an Ibanez RG Prestige 2570th-VSL if I can find!).
The value for money is pretty good because it is inexpensive relative to its quality (to start it was fine, but at some level, it quickly reaches its limits above).
With experience, I would do probably not the choice because I've done in haste without trying other models (yes I know it's wrong!).

Edit 15/01/2007: Guitar sold this weekend. Qd I regret a little, especially in its mouth!

Mamaz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elypse Guitars G300
- So ... o is it manufactures ... in Korea, China may be, it is produced exclusively for the chain of shops Milonga.
It was not fatal? ; OP in fact it is also a Stagg: o)

- 22 frets, set neck two humbucker, 3 positions, 2 volume knobs and two EQ ...
The handle is pais, the Gibson SG ... PSE but a little lighter than the original. It is mahogany.


- For jou a Mexican Start for two years, I have a little t dcontenenc to beginners ... Ralite but the handle of the entry is made practicable, will say it, enjoyable.
- Access in acute is like scratching on the type SG.
- It is not very heavy compared to the MODEL Gibson, but do not have a particularity dsagrable on this point.


- It is good for Rock, Metal, Blues, Pop, reagge.
- I use it in a pramp ART DPS 2 Lampe with Groove Tube 12AX7, and I spring on two monitor speakers 6-inch (Yamaha MSP3). I only use effects numriques Muls and honntement can be obtained about the results stunning. Between Warp VST, Guitar Rig and Amplitube, combined, largely for me. It's better to pay a head amp, and a small 4X12, but in the meantime! Meanwhile, I also test this with a multi guitar effects 90s and a Hartke kickback 15, what potatoes!
- So, clearly, the sound is "fat", round, blues / rock on all mic positions, but with rglages adaptation, one can also obtain a slightly brighter (to have reacted , funk or arpges).
Its strength is clearly saturated sound! The humbuckers give sacr potato ... in Bend, it takes 2 tons of cards, as long as it can, but do not worry, it's far from being a toy.

DEFINITIONS As for the style I practice, and HeavyMetal Blues, I prfre the Mex Start that I prtait before.


- 2 months that I use, I'll play a anne on it, and then offer my little cousin for his 15 years. I will buy when signing with Daron Malakian Ibanez, if any remain ... snif ... (I know cdbile to pay Iceman ausi expensive, but I want to be part of 300).

- What I like bah This guitar a pretty face.
(Warning, this is not the case for all models Elypse)
I watch, I must take it in my hands. Otherwise, honest, the sound is and is just enjoyable to play.
Petit point ngatif, but justified in this price range, we feel that are not hyper mcaniques robust, if he come home in svrement she dsaccordera, which is inconceivable for a guitar, whatever its price. (Update, I no longer meet this problem, the strings have a lot of time being)

- Elypse is a registered, not a branded Fender, Gibson or Ibanez, it's just a mark unlikely ... we might as well fall on a guitar dgueulasse, as a perfect guitar for beginners.
For the note, consider the low price trs, if not in absolute terms it is 5 / 10.
Prfrez them the Squier, Epiphone Ibanez or other entry level if you can afford. But for 100/150 Euros, try the same when. I am satisfied with myself, while demanding trs Contents sound.