Epiphone Prophecy SG GX
Epiphone Prophecy SG GX

Prophecy SG GX, SG-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the SG series.

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tjon901's review"Passive alternative for the SG Prophecy"

Epiphone Prophecy SG GX
Everyone knows what Epiphone is. They are the budget line of Gibson guitars. They are all made overseas and have much of the same specs to the Gibson guitars. They are more marketed towards younger people so they are more likely to put out aggressive metal style guitar. This is one of those metal guitars. The Epiphone Prophecy series is a really nice line of guitars from Epiphone. These guitars have a real metal attitude to them. All the guitars in the Prophecy series feature 24 fret ebony fretboards on special satin finished necks with EMG or super hot passive pickups. The necks are nicely bound like on custom models They all have cool quilt maple tops and special inlays. This guitar is the SG of the Prophecy line. The SG shape fits with the series more than the Les Paul shape does. This is the SG model with the passive pickups. The control layout is stripped down with just a volume and tone with a 3 way toggle.


Since this is an SG the 24 fret neck goes naturally with the cutaways. You get much better upper fret access on this model than on the Les Paul model. Epiphone calls the neck on these guitars their Speedtaper necks. The back of the necks have a satin finish similar to if you took steel wool to the neck. The finish is still there but there is not gloss to it so it is smooth and not sticky. This is the ebony fretboard and jumbo frets means you can really zip along. An ebony fretboard on an Epiphone is pretty cool not even all Gibsons have ebony fretboards. Another thing most Gibsons dont have is the locking bridge and tailpiece these guitars have. All new Epiphones have their locktone locking bridges which are great. Gibson is just now starting to put these on their guitars.


Its pretty cool that they found a guitar to drop the old Dirty Fingers pickup in. The Dirty Fingers is an old school heavy metal Gibson pickup from the 80s. You rarely see it nowadays. The people from Epiphone are crazy to put one in the neck as well. These pickups are really hot for a Gibson passive and they were pretty bright. In the bridge position this brightness is good. It will really cut through any heavy mix. In the neck position I dont think it is a great pickup. You cant really get a smooth neck position tone with the brightness of the Dirty Fingers. I dont know anyone who likes a bright neck position tone other than Kirk Hammett. I would have thrown in a more traditional PAF style pickup in the neck position to balance out the dirt from the bridge.


Its pretty cool that Epiphone is putting out good midlevel guitars that will cater to what the kids want nowadays. This isnt the Epiphone Les Paul special junk Epiphone was known for. This is a real serviceable guitar with great features and quality pickups. This guitar is perfectly road worthy and with a nice setup will play as well or better than any out of the box Gibson. Personally I would get the EMG model over this one but if you are into passive pickups this is the one to go for.

mattdll's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Prophecy SG GX
Caractristiques: al-Mahogany Body and neck: the mache is a party, the three-body (central spar and two wings), table Saddle flame glowing. Chinese manufacturing. -The wood of the key 24 boxes frets jumbon'est not given on the site Epiphone but it's not like the ebony at Mr. Tho said ... and touch it near the Rosewood although darker than rosewood, so I can not say what it is but it is definitely not a bne. The inlays are abalone button like on the head. Satin-handle the rear. Dor-Marine Tune-O-Matic with stop bar of a cot: Mechanical Grover on the other, a Knob volume push / pull to split the pickups, one in shade and a 3-way switch to control everything. Note that the pots have an inlay "eye catcher" in harmony with the table very original. The straps are crystal and classic positioned as an SG standard (an ass and a Behind the neck). Binding-white running along the neck and head. Dirty Fingers pickups, manufactured in the USA by Gibson. Analysis: The Chinese manufacturing has nothing envy of Made in Taiwan or Corea, the finish is top: no problem with the frets, impeccably painted binding, inlays and many original poses, modern design with a certain class, a little bling-bling for fans of "while noiiiiiiiiiir. Everything is flying and prtendre total versatility and 24 cases on an SG that's rare! In the black dots: no precision on all wood guitar on the site builder (mahogany o drying time? Wood the? Output Level and Impedance mics?) and it lacks a scroll strengthen the junction head / neck. [9 / 10]: production irreproachable but lacks some transparency on the site builder. NB: "they say" the fact qu'Epiphone end badly and Gibson guitars are some oftheir April but both firms vrifient ALL THAT end of the string guitars and rank several View Categories : The View Categories 1, best finient are sent to dealers and official View Categories 2 or 3, those with sagging or frets mel sizes are sent to Mr Th .. and consors. So for a good Gibs 'or a good Epi', go see your favorite store! Specific on and I, I absolutely do not work in the sale of instrument.


The neck is straight as a soldier of the guard rpublicaine day jogging prsidentiel, satin varnish is really hyper and pleasant, the associated U-shaped cut fairly flat, this is one of best round I've played. It feels good with the guitar on his knees but the head tends to fall, print confirmation when playing standing up, I nearly burst the glass coffee table in the first tune! The weight is perfect, not too heavy (I play mostly on a Les Paul ...) or too little, it seems to be something between what hands! CHAC is an acute to ease dconcertante, like any good SG. [7 / 10]: Balance of shit, time o Gibson made guitars that go all alone, they are not fucking fuck a little weight on the bottom of their guitars to equilibrate??


I play lots of Rock and spineless mtal especially heavy type, neo, and many other core. I have a Peavey XXL amp (but I treat myself) Soon, replaced by an ENGL Powerball, an MXR KFK 12 band and my first Les Paul guitar is a team of Seymour Duncan Blackout. My sound, or at least that I am looking for is between the sound of heavy Metallica (Enter Sadman, The Judas Kiss) and the sound of Trivium (Like Light To The Flye). I chose this guitar for a little foray into sound more "warm" and "old school" my Blackouts (o the fact that I did not choose the version with EMG). His clear-The bridge pickup alone, it is double or splitter is a bit too tinny to be used srieusement, it will be perfect for a clean intro with some effects before sending the pure e without changing microphone in a piece of straight forward but it will not be "beautiful" to arpger in a power-ballad. The intermediate-position is very beautiful, hot and snapping a time (not very speaking) but by far my prefers. Split into a funk and his death are very stratodes, ideal for fun and worker Knofler. -The neck pickup is very round, bass a little too involved and requires the splitter to be exploited on a small blues. Only negatives-point of the split: loss of fat gain relative position twice. Its crunch: No test but discontent was surely as any fawn, only blueseux who may still read these lines are on life support ... Her Lead: "It is that the guitar offers all his talent: the bridge pickup is very full in the medium rather low and gives a very interesting texture to the rhythm, there is no output level of an asset but a good amp (test length on Diezel VH4 before purchase) gives excellent dynamics and especially sound really good, aggressive and "metal" very far from the EMG and size Blackout s very interesting but V to dmarquer a bit. The sustain is good, the guitar takes the feedback on the latest and the difference with the Les Paul I was not shocked. We can also make a getaway with the carefree punk guitar! In solid bridge pickup "sings" and "screaming" like never before! -The neck pickup is still very round and chorus type effects with discrete delay + medium and a grain can be clamped very unhurriedly shredder, the sound is magnificent. -The split has no interest into this topic, hand buzzer to the amp for an intro song like "I put in the old post road Galna Grandpa." [9 / 10]: very good sound, but the versatile split loses a lot of gain and positions are not simple gniak a telecaster (you can always dreaming ^ ^).


I've had it three weeks, I have LOTS shot before taking it: I hold the same test but with the EMG 81/88 pair, the Epiphone Explorer with EMG 81/85 and ESP but this one of the microphones that captivates me the most a little more versatility thanks to the split, a good output level to use metal (though not extreme sr) and the color away the "I do metal, I play on black, black and black because all the metalheads are in black (my Les Paul is white with black binding). The report qualitprix is ​​unbeatable, especially in this version store irreproachable and the tech RULES! I would resume his eyes closed! For blackheads, the only real teachers are the equilibrium and the lack of punch mics split [7 / 10]: given the price, microphones U.S. this quality is simply amazing and handle satin ... aaaarrrgh really very pleasant! Still, the balance o assurment it would possible to do something (a little technical lead in the cavity or around the jack ...).

Edit: I'm making a small change to my final note, I descend from 9 7 as the mechanics, although "mark" (Grover), take the agreement really hurts especially when changes in tuning During a BPS. May be it is also the handle end of ...

harley57's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Prophecy SG GX
Features a see on the site of the brand


Gibson SG type handle, not too thick, has noted the varnish used on the neck and ebony fingerboard makes the handle very pleasant.
Access in acute very easy, as SG.
The length of the handle 24 cases tipped his head a little, but nothing vrailent embarrassing matter of habit I think.
Gibson dirty fingers microphones, are wonderful, the grain gibson very safe knowing very Dfine rest, they are more splitables, which offers even more combinations of play


I am looking for a guitar has 24 frets, not too expensive with good micro and epiphone makes.
Purchased primarily for venturing into the metal.
I play on a Marshall MG50DFX, and Laney LC30 Boss 112 with OD2.
The sound is very clear gibson, beautiful, when in the saturated mass murder, magnifique.Bon versatile guitar has seen an incredible price finishing.


It's been two days that I play with, command in Germany in music store, one store and she was still in stock, book after 5 days, well packaged properly tuned ready to play.
Report quality great price, especially if bought in Germany (380 euros)
I would do without this choice hesitate ..