Gibson [Guitar of the Week #6] SG '61 Reissue
Gibson [Guitar of the Week #6] SG '61 Reissue

[Guitar of the Week #6] SG '61 Reissue, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Guitar of the Week series.

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iamqman's review"One amazing guitar"

Gibson [Guitar of the Week #6] SG '61 Reissue
Gibson SG guitar is a flashy in yet a great rock tone. The unique look takes a page from the Gibson Les Paul vision statement yet has its own personality and tone. It has a to cut away notches in the body which almost look like horns. It's a better body style as well which gives a more focused home and not is thick and grind he is a Gibson Les Paul tone. It still get the mahogany body and neck woods in the finger finger fretboard rosewood.


What I really like about the tone of this guitar is a team makes of sort of a fender style tone with a Gibson Les Paul tell it debt. It definitely leans towards a Gibson Les Paul tone because of the mahogany wood inch thick robust warm tone. The SG body is a little thinner and note the neck is longer you get a completely separate voicing and you what you would find on that Les Paul guitar. It's still warm and the mahogany woods still thickens the voicing up quite a bit but the overall tone is more focused and shredded. If you've ever heard any AC/DC album and you exactly what I'm talking about


Is guitar sound amazing and a high gain amplifier setting. They really excel when you're able to get a lot of distortion from the preamp section of your amplifier as well as your power amp section of your amplifier. When you get a good tube amplifier firing a burning those tubes really hot this guitar just absolutely comes to life. As a soulful use but a classic rock old guy tone all day long.

This guitar absolutely rocks out with a high gain amplifier such as the Marshall amplifier or a Mesa boogie amplifier. This is a hot Rod version of Gibson Les Paul guitar and so the tone is good to be very aggressive and in your face. As a distinct driven and amazing tone. It is more of a focused tone rather than an opened tone where you would from a Gibson Les Paul. Either way is a personal preference of the voice in between this guitar an the LP guitar.


I highly recommend these guitars to anyone he's wanting a good rock 'n roll guitar machine. They sound amazing and pretty much any musical application you can find yourself in. This is a absolute players guitar and not necessarily a showroom piece. This is a guitar that is made to rock and be played hard and really excels in a recording studio as well.
JB Lrgt01/15/2011

JB Lrgt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A beautiful"

Gibson [Guitar of the Week #6] SG '61 Reissue
Made in the USA to 400 copies.
It incorporates the same features as the 61 'Reissue unlike the finish that covers the dowry of microphones and a golden fittings.
The handle is the same as an SG Standard that is a fairly round and thick equipped with a touch flat.
The pickups are the 57 Classic. To resolve them, a three-position selector, two volume and two tones.


The handle is quite surprising for the former user Les Paul that I was. I thought finding the same inning since the first models had this baptism. The handle is slightly thicker but still comfortable. You get used to.
The guitar is very comfortable and especially light.
While standing, use a leather strap which will prevent guitar from shifting any one from the top of the handle toward the ground.
Be careful with this feature, leave a lot of SG among luthiers with broken heads of the imbalance.
Access to acute complies with a guitar of this type.


Is a guitar rocker! And on this point, it lacks versatility.
If you like good rock fat, power blues and metal, this guitar is there.
It is less versatile than a Les Paul, my opinion is that we must be sure of his musical style before relying on offer.
For my part, I branch directly into the clean channel of my Mesa Boogie Mark IIB.
The pickups respond well to the attack and pushing a little volume, as dry crunch here!
To boost the signal, I add a Tube Screamer and then another booster (Electro Harmonix LPB1) for solos.
I usually use the microwave for acute rhythmic and the neck pickup for solos.


I use it for 3 years now and it replaced my SG Standard as number one.
It is a very good guitar with a violin and more at finishing because of its limited production.
I abandoned the Les Paul model for the SG because of its weight but also because it characterizes my game and my modern rock direction.
SG and I love the remake that choice with your eyes closed. I put 9 / 10 because I already tried the guitar perfectly and this is unfortunately not this one ... SG