Gibson SG Voodoo
Gibson SG Voodoo

SG Voodoo, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson SG Voodoo

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 7 reviews )
 4 reviews57 %
 3 reviews43 %
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tjon901's review"Swamp Ash SG"

Gibson SG Voodoo
A lot of people confuse these guitars with the Gibson Gothic series. It took me a while to figure out why these guitars look the way they do. I guess Gibson is trying to associate the swamp in swamp ash with Louisiana voodoo stuff. This guitar is just an SG made with a swamp ash body and a mahogany neck. It has an ebony fingerboard with red pearl Voodoo skull at the 5th fret, black chrome hardware and Black Magic pickups like all the other voodoo guitars. Swamp ash is lighter than mahogany and if it is good it will have a really clear sound. The quality of swamp ash depends on where it is taken from on the tree. Two Ash bodies are more likely to sound more different from one another, whereas Basswood and Alder are more consistent. A heavier piece, or a piece from higher up on the tree will be more dead and lifeless. More dull sounding, because the wood is harder and more uniformly dense. So the sweetness of the soft open pores is gone, and left is the compressed sound of a rigid, non-responsive wood, without all the brightness and sustain of a harder wood or the openness of a softer wood. The finish on these guitars are pretty cool. It has a thin black finish with red rubbed into the ridges of the wood.


The SG was designed to get better playability than the classic Les Paul. It was designed to be the new Les Paul in 1961 and for a couple years the Les Paul that Gibson sold was what we call an SG. The neck is not mounted as deep into the body as is with the Les Paul. The neck is not mounted as deep into the body as is with the Les Paul. With the neck mounted so far out on the body and the body being so thin and light, SG's are prone to neck dive. When playing an SG standing up you may find yourself holding up the neck due to this awkward balance between the neck and the body.


As I said earlier the tone of a swamp ash guitar can vary greatly. A good one like this will have a slightly brighter sound than mahogany. It will have more clarity on the top end. The bright nature of the wood makes the guitar good for down tuning. you can retain your clarity with low tunings with the brightness of the wood. If the quality of wood is not good your guitar will not sound good. The qualify of swamp ash can vary greatly. It will not be as bright and will sound like a dull piece of wood. A good peice of swamp ash will be lighter and sound brighter than a bad piece which will feel heavier and sound duller.


Its nice to see Gibson trying out different woods but the color scheme on this guitar is pretty rediculous. I dont think people looking for a nice swamp ash Gibson are going to want a pink skull inlay on the 5th fret. I can live with the red in the wood and the pickups can be changed, but the inlay is pretty much a deal breaker. Which is a shame because this guitar sounds really good.

MGR/Wolfy's review"Gibson SG Voodoo"

Gibson SG Voodoo
Looking for a good (great) guitar I browsed shops here in Dublin, Ireland. Overpriced and without the case over here I bought it off for 1200 Euro. Dont know how much in Sterling or Dollars. Expensive you might say, but the price is little compared to what you get, and the case is cool too.

Initially I thought it may be like other SG's I'd tried, but it was different. In my opinion, better, other folk may dislike it, anyway. The humbuckers on it appealed to me unlike the other ones I'd tried out. The action is also very well set, not pressing down too hard and snapping your fingers off is a bonus. The look of it is also very slick, the red and black work so well on the SG. Also, not heavy, a big bonus. The Voodoo skull also adds a good, unique quality to it. And even though it only has side markers on the fingerboard you can still find your way around it.

There's not much I don't like as such. The part of the body where it rubs against my shirt is causing the finish on it to wear off, but that's repairable!

Built to last. The glued in construction of the neck makes this guitar built to last. I wouldn't ever feel the need to bring a spare to a gig with me.

This guitar has it all. Looks, screams like an angel, and is built to last. A sound investment!

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MGR/Emenim sux11/13/2002

MGR/Emenim sux's review"Gibson Voodoo SG"

Gibson SG Voodoo
I bought from a guitar company from wisconsin, it was about $800.

the pick ups kick ass. They are really clean and bright, but also can create a very clean deep sound. The shape is the only shape i have ever liked, the color is sweet, its amazingly light, and for shits sake, ITS A GIBSON!

....uhh... i cant think of a single thing.

a modern masterpiece. The look is good and it is sturdier than shit, ITS A GIBSON!


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MGR/Anonymous's review"Gibson SG Voodoo"

Gibson SG Voodoo
Paid $900.00 at a guitar center

Its looks cool and it has the same thing on it as the regular sg's but with a cooler look. Thats what got me into that. I just wanted to try it out but after playing with it for a month i loved. Its also really light.

Well......nothing really. Its a great guitar.

Gibson made it, so you can bet it has a 5 star build to it.

IT gave me hours of enjoyable time. Its great for metal or speed metal. The look got me the most. I have numerous of Gibsons and Jacksons. And this had to go with my collection. If you thinking of buying a Gibson and you like rock or metal the SG voodoo is right for you.

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Lenain De Jardin06/13/2013

Lenain De Jardin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Rrââââĥh Lovelyyy ...."

Gibson SG Voodoo
I'm not a technical expert! the easiest thing to refer to the manufacturer's data!


Personally, I find that the handle is a highway! comfortable! Quick! but hey it's a personal opinion may be that some will not be comfortable on it! the best is to try it! Both buy a guitar without trying it is risky!
it is a little heavy and the first time requires the shoulders to get used (especially if you have this model from a low-end guitar that will be lighter! However, it is much lighter than the Les Paul! !)


The big highlight of this guitar!!
Two large pickups send the pie! ideal for a fat rock or metal unleashed! But if you like the blues, do not neglect it! It can really surprise you! It also defends his light! Gibson short sound with a little tad of something not found on the other! To me there's something coming out of the bayou! (The name voodoo is not insignificant in my opinion)! Short sound with a real personality! then we like it or not but not forget to try it!
I put on a Peavey Bandit 112 and it comes in really well! I had to play with the Cygnus on a Marshall JCM 900 in (even better) and an old Musicman (Rrââhhh Lovely!!)

I complete all with a few pedals (among others in MXR pasque I like what they do!)


I have this guitar for 10 years and grew older and better than me! I do divide them for anything!
For the price I paid, I think I did a great deal! especially when I see the price it is now!
At the time I had tried several Gibson (whose les paul voodoo) but I had not had the same favorite! The only time that this avit managed to make me doubt was a Godin, but my choice is oriented SG Voodoo because of the personality of its sound! In addition it has a real face with its black and red ribbed (I just wish the little red head pearly death on the fifth box)! Even the box comes with a real cum (imitation red snake! Was daring! Is the class)

Julien1503's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Exceptional at all levels!"

Gibson SG Voodoo
Solid-body electric guitar made in USA factory in Nashville.

Not much to say compared to the previous opinion, we will stop at Gibson ceramic pickups (496T and 500T): who says ceramic micro said big release, and it is clear that it sends, especially for someone who wants metalheads! The 500T is also the microphone as "powerful" made by Gibson (which does not mean the best). A volume knob and one tone for each pickup selector and three positions - very classic.

The handle is classic and very fun to play, a single marker JuJu (skull) on the 5th fret, but the conventional markers (dots) are located on the edge, no worries.

Tune-o-matic to set an "blindly" but relatively simple.

All hardware is black, with high quality Grover.

The headstock is very simple, with the Gibson logo in red (not gold or silver as can be seen in some photos, I think from the prototypes). No other inscription, which may seem unfortunate, but goes well with the later stripped of the skyscraper.

The body finally ash swamps: to my knowledge the VooDoo series (SG, Les Paul, Explorer and Flying-V) is the only one to use this wood. Excellent quality and perfect finish, matt black with red veins that appear more or less depending on the light, very little polish so instead of roots, I find a killer, but I can not understand you love.

Note also the black pick-guard that is large (there are small on a lot of SG, personally I prefer the tall, that's good).

A rigid type burgundy snakeskin, but I love kitsch, and unique models VooDoo. Plus a zip code!

I also have an SG special faded, one feels that the VooDoo is better finished even if the faded was more than adequate in this area.

Finally, mine which is a few pet OCCAZ 'scratches ... etc., but I can tell you that they seen that are small compared to the age of skyscrapers and the use that was is (a big nag seen traces of pick on the pick guard), it's strong!

10/10, value for money is perfect I think, after this is just my opinion from my purchasing power. While it's true Gibson is relatively expensive, but when you see the quality ...


To be honest, I have this guitar for a few days, but given the short notice arranged I decided to talk a little.

Having thus already an SG, I did not feel much difference in terms of ease: handle wide enough for my fat fingers, very pleasant to the touch, nice round behind, fingers glide over well. But I'm not a soloist (far away) and very average level, so no more enlightened view than that.

The form gives SG unrivaled access to treble.

I find it a bit heavier than the special faded, not by much, and it's still very tolerable.

The input jack on the table, it's still a bit less convenient than on the flank, but the SG style who wants it, I love the vintage side. One branch, the attack and the sound is huge right now! I who am not "effects-on-going", it suits me perfectly.

10/10 on this point is a pleasure to play on, that will only grow after a few hours! Strongly first live!


About me, I'm in a cover band blues and rock oriented, with a touch of hard rock and "French variety", but I use an electro-acoustic for the latter kind. For all other style, Clapton Dire Straits, through Hendrix, Guns and AC / DC, the special faded suited me perfectly. From the first notes, one feels that the VooDoo is more metal type, it sends the wood as they say!

I used mostly clear sound, I'll have more wrong with what I want with it, but first settings that I could do, it goes very well anyway, provided they use only the microphone handle. My amp is a Bugera V55 that excels in its clear, it suits me very well, although I will never have the clear sound of the special, I feel warmer.

But when it comes to playing in full, distortion or whatever you want like that, it's another dimension, the dark side of the force! It sends in serious serious, I who knew only the alnico pickups, I can tell that the pottery left me on the c.. !

From what I could glimpse, big strong point for the sustain, really impressive. For the rest, refer to the first notice, because my knowledge of the metal ends.

I put 9 / 10 just because it is not ultra-versatile.


As I said, I have this guitar for a few days. For the record, I had seen pictures on the net a few months ago, by chance. You should know that this series was manufactured from 2002 to 2004 only after I contacted Gibson Europe (although there are models on the market in 2005, prior to production has instead arrested in mid-2005 - and Gibson does not know the precise number of models manufactured - in short, if not need info, ask Gibson) ...

Getting back on topic, I fell in love with this guitar when I saw him. But already out and made (it was in 2008), almost no listing OCCAZ, or be extremely expensive. The "discontinued" it's very nice when you have the scrapes, but not when it is sought! From what I know, this skyscraper was sold about 1000 dollars or less at its output, USA. She was already a little more expensive in France, and models are quickly left. Then I came across two ads in recent days, the only two on the web world that day: one at 1500 euros in France (new state) and at 850 euros in Singapore, with two three pet 'minimal (both sold by stores guitars). I could not pass up the OCCAZ, and (after having permission from my wife, yes bah) I ordered in Singapore then. Five days later (thank you FedEx) she was there, not without paying customs fees, 79 euros (thank you ... Fedex) upon delivery.

I have not tried many models before it, my only other electric guitars were a JM Forest to my beginnings and SG Special Faded. The VooDoo is over in terms of finishing, it is clear, and also in his power, micro forces. But I still resell my SG Special with regret.

As a fan of his style and SG, I stay on this form. Then, it's true that I love Gibson but it is purely aesthetic, each his own. His side, I've never been disappointed by Gib ', besides my acoustic Gibson is the soloist in my group to a Les Paul and the other has a rhythmic The Paul II.

What I like most about the VooDoo is clearly her look. Frankly I think now it's almost impossible to try before you buy, unless you find someone who sells it near you (and before finding someone who sells it, I know something ...). I have taken the risk of ordering without having played, but I'm not disappointed.

I'm not the type to keep a guitar if I have to finance another, but this I do not sell! And frankly, even if it is sold much more expensive than its release, I think between 1200 and 1400 euros it's still reasonable for a guitar of this caliber. So I think I was lucky to fall on the case!

I put 9 / 10 in total because perfection does not exist, and that Gibson could offer some accessories like before (the key for the truss-rod). Of strap-locks for this, and I no longer dream that a VooDoo Robot!
Dark Kador05/31/2004

Dark Kador's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson SG Voodoo
Setup of the guitar: 22 frets, 2 pickups gibson Cramique: 496T and 500T, handle "rounded" Gibson, mechanical grover black.
A superb tui gibson redesign appearance "snakeskin" indoor black, black hooks. Original.
The body of the guitar is black with stripes of wood emerging rougetre according to the lighting: it is superb.
The finish is trsrussie suprieure and the SG Special, even if the level of the SG standard.


Like all SG, there is the usual form, the connection jack on the front of the guitar, the instrument lgret.
The handle "rounded" is not for play but remains Satriani trs enjoyable even for a few lines down.


Here we are sound:

The pickups are Cramique caractrisque have an output level much higher than the SG special alnico pickups and standard. As a precision dcoule irrprochable, gain momentum and pretty impressive, you'd almost hear the type EMG active pickups (I assure you I n'xagre not). The sustain is also pronounced trs (amateur live feedback you will rgaler).

The strength of this type of scraper is for distos. This guitar is gniale for palm mute, power chords, riffs or mtal nomtal, and all the modern rock gnral. Good for info, I play on an amp Mesaboogie correct, with 4 * 12 marshall 1960A, which makes it even better for this kind of game!

The clean sound is a bit cold but good: once again the precision of the raisin bread is awesome, and pasting some type effects chorus, reverb, ... I get my amp with a clear trs own.
And I ask to try on a Fender amp type, it must still amliorer all (for the clear sound of course!)


In trs résumé is difficult to compare SG Voodoo cousins ​​that are special and standard diffrent as they are in sound.
To say that either is better, it would be stupid because they are not intended to same undefined users. The voodoo may be less flexible (to avoid the blues, for example I think) but really idalie for lovers of big sounds.
I paid € 1250 in stores, but may find it a little less CHRE in VPC if you trust the transport ;-)