Kirk Lorange Brass Slide
Kirk Lorange Brass Slide

Brass Slide, Slide from Kirk Lorange.

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All user reviews for the Kirk Lorange Brass Slide

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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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mooseherman's review

Kirk Lorange Brass Slide
I think this is a pretty interesting slide. First of all, a brass slide tends to sound better than metal, in my opinon, but not quite as good as a glass slide. This depends to an extent on the style of music as well as the type of guitar (not only electric/acoustic, but different makes of each, action height, etc.) Fans of this slide are usually drawn to it's pretty small shape, it doesn't cover the entirety of the finger. At first I thought that this would be difficult, since heavy open-tuned chords would thus be difficult. However, I soon realized that the focus at this point was on single-notes and possibly double-stops. I think that this slide tends to sound really good on well-maintained acoustics, and not so much on electrics. The cool thing about it is that it is small enough to fit on the pinky, and because it doesn't take up enough space to render the finger immobile, you can hide it behind the fretboard and finger basic chords with the remaining three fingers. Obviously you are limited when you do this, but the freedom to move between rudimentary fingerings and sweet slide playing was really liberating to me. Not to mentiont, the tone is really sweet and rich for a slide, I always find that some slides just don't do the trick, and I'm happy to say that this one is very satisfying. I find that I was really psyched to try this, and I'm sure there are a ton of players out there who would agree. It sounds nice and sweet, not too piercingly high, but not dull either. I'd say this is a pretty good choice for acoustic blues, or even something more rocking along the acoustic vein. To be honest, it's a rather versatile slide. Highly recommended.