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Hiwatt Solid-State Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Hiwatt Bulldog 10

    Hiwatt Bulldog 10 - "Loud Little Baby Amp"


    I wasn't duped by the label. I know a little of the history of Dave Reeves and Hiwatt. And these little Chinese made Bulldogs aren't real Hiwatts. So I almost passed this guy by. But I was in the market for an amp that could easily pack up and come a…

  • Hiwatt G15/8

    Hiwatt G15/8 - "Hi---WATT"


    Hiwatt is an English company that has been around since the early 60's. Many players from amateur musicians to the best guitar players in the business has played these amps. They are one of those companies that just stay string and true to their root…

Translated user reviews
  • Hiwatt G40/12R

    Hiwatt G40/12R - " I love it"


    Very good amp transistor 40Watt Connections: - 2 inputs effects loop - Headphones - An output 8ohms to connect another amp Settings: OVERDRIVE - Gain - Outline - Presence - Volume CLEAN CHANNEL - Volume - Bass - Middle <br …

  • Hiwatt G110/112R

    Hiwatt G110/112R - Robde's review


    I confess to have never really tried them but this amp because of the heavy shipments. Rate profound effects reverb (even almost too sometimes.) UTILIZATION Trs use simple or instinctive. Guitar - jack - amp - power and everything works:) …

  • Hiwatt G40/12R

    Hiwatt G40/12R - " practice amp"


    40W transistor amp input skyscraper (a headphone) output loop effect + line out to other speakers (if they still want boosted sound) two channels (clean and overdrive) with an adjustable bass, midrange and treble in two common + Reverb UTILIZATI…

  • Hiwatt G110/112R

    Hiwatt G110/112R - gibsonclassic's review


    for technical characteristics, refer to the booklets that you find on the Internet besides, I know nothing! :-) In any case, the receiver sends the sauce (I played outdoors and .., to put everything back .. ca send serious!) it's solid, heavy…

  • Hiwatt G110/112R

    Hiwatt G110/112R - gentillom's review


    100 watt guitar amp transistors deuxCanaux, clean and overdrive.Deux gains on the overdrive channel (a gain on the clean channel). 3-band EQ. A volume for each channel, master volume, a rverb, uneboucle deffet contrle with volume, a headphone and spe…

  • Hiwatt G110/112R

    Hiwatt G110/112R - redhairs02's review


    HP 12 "HIWATT High Performance (?) 100 Watt transistor 2 channels clean and overdrive Three-band EQ (bass, mid, high) + CHANNELS contour for the overdrive reverb External Speaker Output Headphone Output master volume. CHARACTERISTICS…

  • Hiwatt G15/8

    Hiwatt G15/8 - The ninety Four's review


    The Hiwatt G15 is an all transistor amps. Mine delivers 15 watts but there are also 30 and 50 watt (not sure for 50w) It has a basic connection: - Input 1 Input Jack - 1 Exit Phones (headphone) - 2 CD Input Left-Right Input (if you want to…

  • Hiwatt G10/5

    Hiwatt G10/5 - Young79's review


    The amp HIWATT - G10-5 is a transistor amp has 10 watts, and possde: an HP 8 "HIWATT Hight Performance, - 2 channels: Clean and Overdrive - 2-band EQ - Master Volume - Headphone Comprehensive enough for an amp of this price (the headphone…