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Hiwatt G15/8
Hiwatt G15/8
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The ninety Four The ninety Four
Publié le 04/27/09 à 05:25
The Hiwatt G15 is an all transistor amps.
Mine delivers 15 watts but there are also 30 and 50 watt (not sure for 50w)
It has a basic connection:

- Input 1 Input Jack
- 1 Exit Phones (headphone)
- 2 CD Input Left-Right Input (if you want to connect a CD player or mp3 it also works well provided you have the proper cable, not included)

The effects will be listed soon ... there is no simply no! Only a basic equalizer that is:




The configutation this amp is very simple even a beginner can use it.
In terms of good sound is not really not his hand was perhaps clean or he can close it out was fine but if not in overdrive do not talk ... he would need a pedal with the it sounds about right

No manual supplied was used too simple :-)


I play mostly punk rock sometimes a little clean arpeggio
Sometimes metal but then have not asked him a lot, it's not a metal amp unless you have a scraper and again.

I usually put the bass at 10, middle and treble at 0 to 10 I have a good sound with ... but it all depends on taste and especially the guitar pickups.


About 1 year.

This is my first amp.

The quality / price is not cons ... not bad at 70 € you started playing guitar;) on the other hand we should consider changing it if you want continued.

With the experience ... well recess that not lol