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Hiwatt G15/8
Hiwatt G15/8
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iamqman iamqman

« Hi---WATT »

Publié le 07/11/11 à 15:26
Hiwatt is an English company that has been around since the early 60's. Many players from amateur musicians to the best guitar players in the business has played these amps. They are one of those companies that just stay string and true to their roots. They pump out quality sounding amplifiers year after year and that care and quality keeps people interested and coming back again and again. hiwatt has a reputation of quality and service that stays true to the original designs and tones as when they came up through the amps building ranks.


Another 2011 upgrade, 15w with an 8” speaker, but still with overdrive with pre- and post- gain, 3 band EQ, master volume, headphone jack and CD input; an inspiring practice amp.

* High input jack
* 3 Band EQ: bass, middle, treble
* Overdrive with pre- and post-gain
* Master volume
* Effects send/return with level controls
* Reverb control (footswitchable)
* CD Input
* Headphone jack

Dimensions: 6.2kg, 308 - 180.5 - 330 (W x D x H) mm


This is Hiwatts focus on the simple practice amp market. This isn't a tube driven amp but still retains the voicing of the legendary Hiwatts amplifiers. These amp has a great overdrive that cleans up well with the lowering of the volume on either your guitar or the volume pot on the amp.

These amps sound great with a Gibson SG which is what you would see Pete Townshend using back in the day. Not the only guitar you can use with the amp but certainly a good one. I think any guitar sound good with this amp.

You can't go wrong with this amp even though it is a solid state. The amp is designed for home or office practice use and serves that quite well.


At new these amps come in at around $169, which isn't a bad price for a Hiwatt amp. I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs a good practice amp and doesn't want to blow $200 to get it done. These are great sounding for the home or office and can get you some silent playing as well with the headphones hook up. You can also add you favorite cd player to the input and play along with you favorite music.