Hiwatt G10/5
Hiwatt G10/5

G10/5, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Hiwatt in the Maxwatt series.

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Young79 02/24/2007

Hiwatt G10/5 : Young79's user review


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Audience: Beginners
The amp HIWATT - G10-5 is a transistor amp has 10 watts,
and possde: an HP 8 "HIWATT Hight Performance,
- 2 channels: Clean and Overdrive
- 2-band EQ
- Master Volume
- Headphone
Comprehensive enough for an amp of this price (the headphone output as a lot)


The configuration is very simple, needs no manual, and arm while playing.
- Gets it easy to sound good?
"Good's" not mot.C is a small amp, good for beginners, but the little beginners will quickly want to explore other sounds as this amp has no personali the sound is cold.


In overdrive mode, this amp is perfect for a little scratch sounds to the AC / DC, but that's it. (Overdrive enough mdiocre)
In clean mode is not the same peine.c is dcevant and the sound is cold desire.


I play with for a year, and I can not find quality Acuna is a guitar amp that's tout.C is my first amp, and I think the next one, I will turn to Vox or Fender .
With the exprience? No I will not repeat that choice.
If you want a small amp to play in an apartment or for beginners, I will turn instead to the Fender Frontman 15 G, it costs 40 euros more but at least you be quiet on your upgrading its (j ' have a friend that he had, I tried the amp and it has nothing to do with the HIWATT).