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All user reviews for the Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 16 reviews )
 8 reviews50 %
 5 reviews31 %
 1 user review6 %
 2 reviews13 %
Value For Money:Excellent

iamqman's review"Nice little combo"

Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo
Hughes and Kettner have some of the best sounding amplifiers on the planet. This a German company who designs high quality guitar amps for touring musicians and the average consumer. They guitar amps that range from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

Some big names have pickup amps from Hughes and Kettner including Alex Lifeson from the band Rush and Tommy Thayer from the band Kiss. Those two gentlemen have their own signature models but they have used been great artist for this company.

This amp is a solid state amp that has four channels. With a host of effects built right into the amp. You get s plethora of tonal options with this amp. This is a combo version of this amp. You get the same great features and tone as the head but in a portable combo.


Clean, Crunch, Lead, Ultra Lead
Power 100 Watts
Poweramp Current Feedback Technology for warm tube-like tone
Effects Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Delay, Reverb
Effects Loop serial
Footswitch/Stageboard 4-way Stageboard included
Switching Functions Clean, Crunch, Lead, Ultra Lead
Special Features CD-Player Input, Headphones Out
Headphones Yes
CD-Input Yes
Line Out Yes
Speakers 1x 12" Rockdriver Ultra II
Dimensions 574 x 500 x 285 mm
Weight 22 kg/49 lbs


This amp takes any guitar very well. You play anything with this amp and get a decent tone. With most Hughes and Kettner amps I like to play them with a good guitar with a humbucker style pickup installed. The highlight the gain very well in their amps and god humbucker sits nice with their voicings.

There is a lot to this amp even though it may be a small solid state amp. There is four channels that all sound very good for this kind of amp. Each one gets you to where is claims to be. The clean is nice and sparkly. The crunch is very crunchy and gets you AC/Dc all day long. This is great classic rock voiced channel. Next you have a lead channel that is just about all the gain you can handle and then it takes it up another notch. The four and final channel is called warp and though a strange name but it gets warping.


If you need a decent solid state amp that you can play at home silently with the headphone hook up or an amp that has an MP3 hook up then this is good one. These guitars have long been discontinued. So the use market is the only way to go with these amps now a days. They can be found pretty cheap in the classifieds and ebay.

patchylepirate's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo
As discussed below, nothing to add


The manual, I did not.
The config is super simple, rotating knobs, there is a sound, pressing the blue LED lights to save the settings.
super simple.


So what say the clean, monstrous, perfect, and everything. As in all H & K I tried /
The Crunch: good until mid-gain and post crap
the lead: not really bad, but after ringing half the gain
The warp: as the lead, but metalheads and the problem of ringing is deaf.
Reverb and Delay are very good for my taste.
But the effects, I do not use them, except a minimum of chorus, not tested.
The pedal is solid and comes with practice.


I use it for 1 month and I remake this choice if the idea of ​​buying an amp transistor vennait me the idea

nathanaelbw59's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo
Transistor 100 watts
4 effects
4 channels
Basic settings + general volume


Very simple amp, the sounds are convincing, very different for the three main channels (the lead is a more powerful clone of the warp). Nice selection of pedals, but I dropped twice (the first, it was still under warranty, not the second ...).
With the effects, settings are automatically saved for each channel, it makes life easier. I bought the pedal that can trigger effects and reverb.


I play rock (ranging from pop to metal type Metallica or Dream Theater) and Yamaha RGX TT and Ibanez RG.
The sounds are good.
The clean is really interesting, warm for a transistor amp. The crunch is my point of view a little rough (probably the side transistor), but nice if one looks for a slight popping sound.
The warp is excellent, personally I do not dose the gain to more than 2 / 3 and it gives. I had a blast on this channel (resistance has blown?) Which unfortunately is embarrassing.
Lead is a real plus when you play in a group where there is a keyboard and a second guitarist, although a boost would have "leader" for each channel.
Downside: the modulations tend to warp easily be invasive.


I've had 3 ½ years.
It's a nice amp, but could be improved. I do not use much anymore, because I completely changed everything for the Line 6 Flextone III XL (what a name!).
I do not use more than only in its repetition and clear with multi-effects (problem with the pedal tuner).
I enjoyed, for the price, 4 channels, onboard effects and power.
I will not repeat this choice today (other amps have come out since).

Jmm061048's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo
Matrix 100
100 w
4 channels and 4 effects


Very simple
great sound


All styles
strat us and pacifica
sounds good all the channels (there are some who will never find the right sound and this amp on any gnral and they are bragging that do not occur often, they know it all in friment )


3 months
Compact and powerful sound
a dozen (fender, peavey ... trs good)
Echo tango04/28/2007

Echo tango's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo
Combo transo all 3 channels + effects section
all controllable by footswitch
for other specs to see other opinions
the price is full


No manual (this amp a team studio where I work again with a cover band)
get a good sound? This is where it goes bad. The clean is your close. The crunch means. Warp and emulate lead to perfection ... a swarm of bees into madness. Jamis managed to reach one's a little bit past the stage of proper crunch.
A little time is needed to find the key to the assignment of effects, not really intuitive.


As mentioned above +, apart from the clean, this amp is a hive buzzing. As the clean is not tase my tea ...
I tried the bug with different guitars (Ibanez SZ 320, Les Paul Studio, Epi Sheraton, Stratocaster Highway) and the overdrive is still zero. Bright lights. But compare what is comparable. All in all, the series of Laney Tube Fusion or a Peavey Transtube sound better.
The effects themselves very honest.
Perhaps a good distortion pedal will raise the matter. But it is then in a further budget ... So move to a small tube combo (Randall RG50TC for lovers of big distos example)


To be clear, the price is not a bad amp. But do not those who compare it to tube amps, because it is far! I do NOT buy it! Once we tasted the lights, it's really hard to win.

Manolodarkmetal's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo
HP-12 "with an output of 100W
- 4 channels (Clean, Crunch, Lead, Warp)
Comes with a footswitch-quality
Automatic memory-effects
-Possibility of a 2nd footswitch to bypass the effects and reverb


Configuration is very simple, the footswitch for channel 4 is great, and it's solid, great design, especially with the blue lights! it takes little room for a 100W sound is achieved very easily, and the effects are quickly resolved and practical! the manual is good, and also the small leaf on the receiver indicating a recommended configuration


I tried a lot of amp for all brands, Marshall, Peavy, an old Hughes and Kettner also, line 6, crate ... I use a distortion pedal Boss MD-2, the old Hughes and Kettner and Peavy was not on the pedal, it sounded any way, but then the matrix combo .... never heard that, it's sublime, I play metalcore bcp (trivium, bullet for my valentine, Atreyu, Heaven Shall Burn), also static-x ac ac mounted on a ibanez jackson humbuckers, and a Jackson JS30 RR, and I play with korn Ibanez RG 7420 (7 strings) ben get exactly the sound I want, I find the palm mute ... I never heard that ac ... some bass, I have shivers down my spine every time, and low volume!! it's beautiful

if not for the sound of the pedal without matrix:
clean: clean the best I've heard, it is both warm and crystalline, it really gives the guitar sound its best, I was impressed with the sustain! a very low volume, I get a very long sustain! love

Crunch: For those who play nirvana or sth in the genre, it's really not bad, it sounds great too

lead: for me the best distortion of the amp, it's okay to play metallica with a good gain, or other metal not in tropical extreme distortion

Warp: ca tro not kick me, I find that the sound is good but other than that we should not tro to gain if the sound is not terrible

if the effects are all very successful and very useful, and quickly set c

In conclusion, without distortion pedal, this amp is not for a big distortion of the metal, it has a very slight metal disto for metallica's it going again but the more it is better to nag a pedal ...

I put 9 for the warp and the fact that I can not play my style of music without pedal


I use it for a week, and I am 100% satisfied, in addition to 300 euros ... it's really nothing for an amp like that, I also made direct with the FS-2 footswitch to bypass the effects and reverb, very practical!

what I like most is its sound bin, it has one of its power! especially in low! the palm mute are sublime! I love everything, its superb design, robustness, small size, the footswitch, effects, quality, price of course!

yes I think I would do without hesitation that choice, but I wait to be able to try it first on scene;)

beckope's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo
- Amplifier Transistor
- Power 100W *
- HP 12 "
- 4 Independent Channels (clean, crush, Lead, Warp)
- Store the effects
- Comes with footswitch (: D)


The cofig is rather simple, one for each channel adjust the bass, medium and Trebel.
The effects are rather powerful and simpas (chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, reverb)
Do you get a good sound easy? Yes, with a minimum of logic
The manual is useless.


- Tre versatile, it has good clear sound and correct distortion, that is what I wanted!
- I play an Epiphone Lp Std
- It obtains all kinds of sound, well enough to settle
- The clean is great, the CRUCH I use it to play the AC / DC, the lead done a good distortion for the warp I reserve, that is fine but nothing extraordinary.


- I use it for a few days
- I like particularly the clean and Cunche! What I like least ... uh no $ $
- I 've had a € 300 a thomann and hope that this award more!
- I will see in a few months if I like it but I still think so!

In short, a very good amp for playing at home and to be the scene.
The volume can be made lower and have a good sound! Practice!
If you chezcher this type of amp Lanez you, n 'not much will remain at Thomann at this price!

barth111's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo
100watt Combo's (check)
4 channels (Clean, Crunch, Lead, Warp)
through clean, crunch some pass, lead, and so-so warp to flee ...


Configuration is very simple that makes you turn blurp blurp or less ...
its a good one does not ...
and the manual is absolutely nothing!


This is only my opinion, but does not show clean my guitar at its best, the crunch we suggest a beginning of an old one or distortion shall have put the gain and frequency to tidal daisies (for still leave without sound).
By the lead quickly in the acute and is not lead, or I takes the distortion I would add more to the treble and voila you're done, it's our famous lead ...
The Warp, although we say, Hughes & Kettner make a huge ad for not much because it was more like a bizarre distortion in overloaded bass and sizzling ...
To top it all depending on how it stands in front of the amp the sound goes from Burk "was more ears" ... frankly I do not understand the previous opinions (except leoturilli): s


Good for short, this amp is a true blade. It not worth the 400th. After 2 weeks I was forced to walk the warranty because it had a manufacturing problem (a big breath appeared) and after over a month, he is again very beautiful but must not think to use the gain breath back.
Finally a group it is unusable because either we agree or not is broken ears to everyone.
A year with this amp, I never would do that choice and I especially never take him in concert!

This is only my opinion ... (I suspect that all those who put notes are superb as shops failing to sell their stock ...)

leoturilli's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo
We know. Nothing special except the lack of independent equalo on saturated CHANNELS -2) and the effects of a very poor quality (-3 so they are not so good)


Using very simple and correct. Manuel? Quelqun s the point? Not me. C is very simple so no need.


THIS IS A PERSONAL OPINION. I uitilisais l (l for I have sold fast enough) with an Ibanez RG 2550 (Prestige). In short, the cannal clean was good but the volume was a comparable 25-30W amp and so are the 100W? The saturated CHANNELS I found them quite chaotic. The treble was extra super turbo hyper aggressive and completely unnecessary because of parazites c was more than sound. Basically j have no aim. And good luck for the unfortunate people who will want to play with a baterie, ca reduie the life of the amp less than a week.


I've used for the 5 months and I've tried everything to have its support but I've stopped looking because c was impossible. In short I'm fed the cass but I've never been able to find a point on the possitive that m ... sorry, I meant amp. J've finally found a victim who has vouly the purchase and I've replaced the recament a Peavey ValveKing 212 andTHE its most resemble the sound of a guitar mantenance. I remind you that I think c is Personal (like all reviews) and must not be limited to views of others but try as you same tastes and colors ......

kartissue's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Matrix 100 Combo
Transistor amplifier 100w, 4 channels (Clean, Crunch, Lead, Warp)
Adjustment (treble, mid, bass and volume) for clean (gain, volume) for crunch, (lead / warp gain, lead flight warp flight) for the lead and warp and (treble, mid, bass) for these last 3, that is, this setting will be the same for all three 'distortion'.
The connector is standard, footswitch, Bafle, line out, effects loop.

Small multi effect (chorus / flanger / tremolo) + (delay) + reverb can be set differently for each channel, it remembers your last setting, class!


Configuration is one class is not lost.

So for her, I want to say that at first I thought "you did the con to buy this amp" because I am very conservative and I regretted my sound marshall 5010 lead.

Then without looking too long, especially during the first repeat, sound sick! And I really enjoy all the 4 channels!

Only drawback, too bad the adjustable TREB, mid, bass is not independent of the crunch, lead and warp. That said it does not interfere in any way (see below)

In addition we can not return to the effects of independently chasue channels (6 times one reads the manual, which is clear but not really useful as well, before you enjoy this superb luxury). PPET 2nd B flat anyway, it is difficult to assay the chorus / flanger / tremolo, there have been a mix button and more.


I play pop rock metal, I thought I use two channels at the beginning and then the other two have imposed themselves.

I play with a Epiphone Les Paul Custom. The sound is quite Polivalente.
Despite the non possibility to adjust the EQ on channels independently adjustable between 2.3.4 the three stands and remains consistent which is not to overlook!

Missing can be a bit of potato to note for note when the sound rule of priority for the rhythm.

The mutli effect is not bad, having said that I expect to have a footswitch to enjoy it.


I use it for 2 months, I waited to do with first before posting, but it itched to extol its merits.

The top is 4 channels anyway. I tried with some friends a peavey bandit 112 as well but I found the soft distortion (it seems a bit fragile too) and a Marshall AVT 100 which I found much for what he did.

The price / quality ratio is very honorable, as it will save at least initially on the purchase of pedal (even if only for the reverb and delay) We add a wah and a tuner at all here and we are ready for the tour of his interplanetary group!

And yes ma'am I would do the same choice, no problem!