Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]

5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991], Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM800 Solid State series.

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JeanLuc_TLSE's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!"

Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
Everything has been said! I will not pick me! :-)


The config? Mega simple! Not need the manual!


So actually, when I say "Excellent", that means that if you are looking for a vintage / old school is really the amp for you!

Of course, it will also depend on the guitar you plug it. For my part, I have a Epiphone Les Paul Custom, and I have a huge sound. Clear that both saturated.

The sound also depends heavily on the bowl. That, to my taste, the only downside. The original Sidewinder HP is certainly very powerful, but renders too much midrange and treble, not enough serious. It is also an open combo. Making it a little amp handy to bring around for rehearsals.
But where it changes everything is when it is used for amp head only.
Put him in the ass even if it's a 1912, and the sound is at once more serious, more fulfilled. It has nothing to do! And if you put a 1936, and why not a 1960, I do not even talk about it!
For some time, I wonder if I will not remove the animal to retrieve the mail and reverb to get it all in one head only.

Short! As you can see, I love it! And not bother to send me messages asking me if I sell it out of the question! :-)


Before talking about the quality / price ratio, would have to find opportunities.
And when you see one go on ebay, good area, etc ... you will see that it is not for sale for long!

oufmat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Vintagewith no doubt"

Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
Nothing to add more than other members. That's my amp.
The double pedal gain change and reverb works well.
transformers are beefy, the amp is heavy but no problem to plug it into a 2X12 (250W) or even 4x12 (450w).
With a 4X12 is a killer ass.


Is a Marshall, man!
You branch, you play ...
Simpler, you have to play acoustic.
There are 9 buttons at all and yet we can say that the equalizer as the other Marshall is there to look pretty.


This amp has a super grain. Like all Marshall, he is best suited to rock, reggae, funk, hard rock.
If you like the sound clear and bright it is perfect.
It is probably not as clean as a tube amp and if you really want to correct distortion or EQ it will add one.
In short a nice grain to play ZZTOP or not bob marley Sepultura, nor end of jazz.


I have 20 years. I also jcm slash 2 bodies, as there are better amp but in the practical side, compact t value for money for me he is irreplaceable.

charlie095's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good lil amp"

Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
it's a transistor amp 75 Watts RMS

connectors: Behind the amplifier: an effects loop (send and return), an outlet line out (never tested), a headphone jack (very good play without drang family, neighbors .. .) EXT. 8-16 ohm output (which I guess it serves to connect a speaker supplmentaire)
front of the amp: one between jack and plug footswicht

There are 2 channels, a normal channel (clean sound) with its own volume and a boost channel (overdrive) with its gain volume and tone, a 3-band equalizer on such classic amps treble, middle and bass) and finally a master volume and reverb
small details that I have never seen on other amps gain channel is a push-pull, when you pull the button there are 2 consquences: the volume down and the boost channel ragit changes of equalizer

can contrl the engagement of the reverb and channel change thanks to a footswicht


simple configuration, I have no manual but I have never needed
this is not an amp but I love his sound lamps (very typ marshall even when there is love)
I Specifies that I've never used either in concert or by repeating, I only used that amp learning home


I play mostly rock and I tried with my Epiphone Les Paul Custom MODEL and my Fender Telecaster Light Ash
I always get a sound that I like whether inspiring sonic
I like the push-pull is the gain that allows me to have a volume sounds very Saturs dcent for my entourage


I must have been about 7 years and I do not even if spares as on most marshall midrange knobs crachotent over time can be a sign that he must change the potentiometer very
Finally I am not a user effrn reverb of this amp but it is just superb

cro_magnon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
A good transistor amp for 80 years.
That conventional components easily found in case of failure.
1 entry "instrument" input + 1 "footswitch" + headphone jack on the front.
Exit 1 "line" with knob adjustment + / O "effects"
1 channel "distortion" channel and a "clear" switchable via "footswitch"
1 knob for the reverb spring
The three pots "serious, medium, sharp" are used for the clean channel but if you pull the pot right most of the channel "distortion" you can also adjust it.


Config very simple and effective.
In the 80's, Marshall did some shit: A HP 150W RMS Celestion for a 75 amp RMS!
The weight of the HP says to himself the weight of the amp.
Easily obtained good with this amp.
Even at maximum volume, the HP does not saturate.
The "reverb" is beautiful (come away obligations) and works just as well "clear" that "saturated"
The channel "distortion" is a bit weak and - if you want a big sound hard - it is better to use the channel "clear" with an effects pedal.
A good old BOSS BE5-connected to this amp will delight young and old.


I use this amp with several guitars:
1 FENDER Stratocaster
1 GIBSON Les Paul

The amp easily accepts all these models (single coils and hambuckers)
I also used a Yamaha BB300 bass and no problemo!


I have this amp for 5 years.
on the other hand, a friend of mine had the same in 1986 (it always) so I knew the quality of this stuff.
I think this amp deserves the symbol "MARSHALL" which is not necessarily true with the current production of the brand.
Fred the Riffer11/09/2008

Fred the Riffer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
Transistor masi really sounds very vintage lamp
75W, thus covering a wide battery
A single effect, reverb


Very simple, 2 channel, the sound was immediately
The settings are simple, it can shape the sound depending on his guitar, microphones ...


I play in groups, we organize parties, therefore, recovery, rock, pop, R & b. .. and the fact ca
I also have a 60w fender SUPERSONIC in stack and two are very complementary
The marshall has his vintage crunch and saturated very late 60s, early 70s, it sounds ACDC, Led Zep, Free ... it's top
The crunch is a dirty, and if you put a boost / overdrive above it becomes more wicked, I use a boost OCD (top notch) and solo on the crunch channel sounds awesome ca
It was the sound of an old Marshall tube for cheap, I compared the crunch of new faces and it is very close handwired without the disadvantage of very high volume needed for the cruncher old marshall heads
On the clean channel, it goes from clear to crunch, and put all the pedals moves above ca still sounds good
It's a really nice little amp, a vintage lovers can find the sound, much better than any Valvestate the world and even better than many tube amps


If you are in love with the vintage sound and if you find one, do not miss the opportunity
You will be surprised by the sound

jeangusyoung's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
- What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?
- What is the power dlivre?
75 watts if I do not say BTIS
- What connection?
At the front: a jack of the guitar to + 1 for the footswitch jack
At the rear: send and return jacks for effects loop, a DI output jack with his potentiomtre, a jack and a headphone jack to connect an external HP.
- What are the rglages the effects? ...
Section boost: a push-pull potentiomtre Gain (which switches between an OD the other when using a footswich), a volume knob and one tonalitbr /> Section clean: a potentiometer volume be "Normal" (corresponding to prampli my opinion), an EQ with knobs for treble, and bass mdiums, a knob for rverb, and one for the volume g nral
So only one effect: a spring that remains rverb drinking until 3 or 4 APRS blah blah ...
9 although it is only because trs ct full connectivity, a nice t trmolo would like some Fender.


- The configuration is it simple?
You turn the knobs and playing.
- Gets it easy to sound good?
Oh yes, there is to do well, for against, the footswitch only allows to alternate between clear, a saturated ct and enable / disable the rverb the other c t.
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
A book? Why? And anyway I bought used so no book
9 only because I prfr the footswitch allows switching between clean and OD OD1/OD2 one hand and on the other.


- Is it your style of music?
To play the AC / DC or KISS and other old rockers there may be better but the dj is good trs.
- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
Regular partner of Marcel's "Paulette" well sr (photo on my profile) for 1 year is also my reoit RGX420S YAMAHA.
Effects, it is my gnral KORG G3, but also some BOSS pedals (DS1, SD1, OC2, AW3, DD3, TR2, CH1) and adpend of my desires. Sometimes I want to play with some sweets or Trmolo chorus, otherwise, I moved on to reggae with self-wha and delay, and then like yesterday afternoon APRS happen to me here must STRID.
- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
I said yesterday that overall, my sound is pretty chubby
- What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest?
When I put my YAMAHA 5 position (R1 + F1) I get a sound strat plutt fawn I love Clapton used to play the riff of "Outside Woman Blues"
10 because I still find it quite versatile


- How long have you use it?
Since June 1998 I bought a 1500 Francs friend
- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Dlivre for the power it is not too large an amp and it's pretty cool br /> - Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Before I played on my little ARIA 35W that I put in a deposit sales, but I never saw either the color or the money. Band of thieves !!!!!! No more for me DPTS sale
- How do you report qualitprix?
I have often said I m'tais ripped off, but a 1500 W MARSHALL 75 Francs 9 years ago, you could look a little ... Today it is well sr virtually nothing.
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
That's because I'm not too high roller, because if Marshall was small 20 W lamps for all 300/400 at best, a good kick my. A small all-tube Laney also please me.
All he wants to work, it will be mine ... oh yes it will be mine ... ;-) I love it so 10/10

Afeelgood's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
Amp 75 Watts RMS at 8 ohms Transistor.
Celestion Sidewinder speaker 8 Ohms 150Watts
Frequency of 100Hz to 10kHz
It has a footswitch input, Effect send / return, headphone output, speaker output for 8 / 18 Ohm and the most interesting output jack with a knob adjusts the level.

This is an amp uncommon in France. Blessed is he who has one.


Before this amp I owned a JCM800 75W combo which fell in the road after 3 years.
I had one wish to buy one soon but I have not found.
So in desperation I go into my local music store and the salesman showed me that this amp was there for a long time behind boxes.
I trusted Marshall I tried it on a guitar at random and I liked its power.
So I buy 2500Frs at the time.
On returning I plugged my Telecaster over and behold I discovered the sound of this amp.
Both say it's a wonder the sound that comes out is like seeing higher than that of a tube amp.
The sound is very vintage is exactly what I wanted.


I use it with a Telecaster and I must say that even with a little adjustable wanted it reaches a beautiful sound.
Used with a footswitch to switch it clear sound with a warm distortion worthy of Angus Youg.


I use it for 10 years and it suits me perfectly.
In a group of funk or rock it fits perfectly.
A pleasure and a real power.
If I had to buy an amp that would be the one without any hesitation.
It is compact and light enough.

Nikko_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
It's a transistor amp with reverb 75 w analog séparé a spring has an output jack traditional output footswitch, an effects loop on the back.
It dates from the 80 I have no idea of ​​the date in question, and I find very little information over the web, a priori, this amp is not very common.


I buy a flea market during the time for the modest sum of ..... 150 fr! there had a problem with reverb, in fact it was just the springs were gone! not a great deal!
So I have no manual nor the footswitch!

there are a lot of settings:

+ Volume Gain for channel saturated volume for the clean channel, and finally Treble Tone + + + Middle + Reverb Master Volume for the General.
the knob and a push and pull to activate the clean channel or saturated!
And finally a knob behind the amp to the volume of the effects loop.

You can really settle it with onions!


I play it with mainly guitar humbuckers, I also have a stratocaster.

The resulting sound is very vintage, it sounds almost like a little lamp of the first series Valvestate out later, but warmer.
This gives a clear sound jazzy, it is not too crystalline at this level but the sound is very nice and friendly! it's almost acoustic.

In full, the receiver comes into its own, the crunch is perfect for the blues, climbing on optient a saturation limit Led Zeppelin's rock, climbing is a little heavy metal sound optient but without falling into the fat saturation trash-death.
In fact it has a very rock, but with the addition of a distortion pedal to the metal canl clear, it does matter!
or even an overdrive channel coupled with the saturated, it sounds very heavy, although the trash slayer.Des time I put a tube screamer ibanez on boosted channel, it matters to him more and it moves pretty violent!
This amp will please those who love Vintage sound.


I have since 1999.
I like this amp, it is powerful, it has a very personal and we can shape the sound you want, I regret not having the footswitch and especially not find the model that goes with it!
I try a lot of amps, and before buying one if I had mostly small amps 25 -30 watts, this is my first marshall, honestly I got attached, but now I am looking Instead, a modern sound that I can not have him, but I do not mean to part with it, or else for another marshall but I would have tried one that makes the vintage sound and modern sound, no obvious !
it's good amplifier and damage it so rare to find!
I would do this purchase was primarily a marshall fr 150 for just the spring that it jumped the fact!
I saw on a website selling opportunity has $ 375 so I think it can be found in the € 250 - € 300 a can near its price point, a condition to fall over!

Zanzibar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 5275 Reverb 75 [1984-1991]
It's a transistor amp.
It is given to a 75W.
HP: Celestion Sidewinder 150W / 8 ohm.
EQ: Bass 100hz/mid 450hz/Treb 10Khz
The boost Eq.
Adjustable reverb.
Clean channel + big + disto disto.
Trs is basic, but this amp starts dating.


Configuration very simple. You plug the power supply, the pedals reverb / distortion, the guitar and go!
This gives a sound easy, is it good? that's another story;)
Manuel does not exist, but is it necessary?
It is small, that's what made his relative success in a time less than 20 years can not know.


I am playing a lot of styles, so it does not fit all that I play.
I use a hybrid guitar (Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio pickups, neck and body of luthier wood ???????), a Mexican Start and another skyscraper (sub-brand or other jackson I do not know) ...
The sound is the Marshall, trs not crystalline, but with my stratum gives a clean sound, color lgrement bluesy, not dgeulasse.
On my guitar hybrid, clean sound is not terrible, any trs. The sound without the distortion is qualisation trs garage rock, with qualisation is the distortion typical Marshall. So we like it or not.
With sub-machine, not great, but just the guitar that sounds pretty bad.
Anyway, I mainly used a pdalier. In clear, the effects of pdalier said. It sounded, but like the transistor, farewell beautiful heat lamps.
The DI output is pourrave directly on a console, the sound is unusable (but may be it comes from me). Ditto for the headphone output. In fact, as we do not pass through the HP, the sound is trs "synthetic", so ugly trs.


I use this amp for more than 13 years.
I like its small size (he dubbed the silent cube) and the power it DGIG given its size.
What I like least, that's a "monolithic", too. I mean, even in the qualiseur fiddling, change very little sound. But for those who like Marshall is not Gnant.

I had bought the 4300 era Frs. It made me proud and services rpt concert (configuration scnes bars and small), its power is largely sufficient. I have great affection for this little thing, a little nostalgic. It was my first real amp does even when! But as it is versatile and trs little heat that is sorely lacking, well, you get tired of this little bestiolle was always a frustration of not having a sound.
I think dj for the silent era's report qualitprix some lev (but you have to pay the small white logo on the amp).
Whatever, when you see the price of the amp now !!!!!!!!!!!