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Marshall Solid-State Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Marshall MG15DFX

    Marshall MG15DFX - "Bought this because I also own a 15W valvastate and wanted a pair to run stereo effects."


    This amp is nearly identical to the Valvestate series. I've owned a 15W combo and 100W head for about 10 years so I know them well. I found a great price on the MG so I bought it so I'd have a pair to run with my stereo effects units. I play all …

  • Marshall VS15R

    Marshall VS15R - "Owned this amp a long time and its been a good practice amp. "


    Been playing for over 50 years and have owned at least as many amps. As a repair tech I've used just about everything made at one time or another. This amp is fine for what it is, and inexpensive entry model. It gives you typical clean and driven…

  • Marshall MG15CFR

    Marshall MG15CFR - "Would have given it 3.5 stars"


    I was actually looking for the Roland Cube 20XL, living in S. Korea sometimes choices are limited , so the salesman directed me towards this amp (Marshall MG15CFR). Since it was a Marshall I said why not, but I was always of the philosophy that I go…

  • Marshall 5210 [1981-1991]

    Marshall 5210 [1981-1991] - "Excellent solid-state amp!"


    50W, 2 channels, solid-state. 9/10 because the footswitch is a bit light and not too practical for onstage. UTILIZATION It's very easy to get really good sounds, it's easy to dial in. It's good to know that the amp has to be really driven to …

  • Marshall VS15R

    Marshall VS15R - "Very good --god sent amp !" has images


    Its solid state amp,, 15watts power, 2gain knobs, treble, contour (better than just middle), bas, spring reverb, main out, headphones out, master volume. UTILIZATION You can amazingly get all sort of sounds with this fantastic amp, right from w…

  • Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011]

    Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011] - "Best value for money guitar amp"


    This is transistor amp that sounds very much like tube amp. It is very power and is good for taking to gigs in beer gardens and outside parties and small concerts. The controls are many and good and all range that is normal. You have treble, bass, mi…

  • Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011]

    Marshall MG50FX [2009-2011] - "Awesome amp with surprisingly good tone"


    This is a solid state amp with crystal cleans and a metal tone to die for. Its a very powerful 50W that would make it break windows in your neighbours house. The amp is fully featured and includes 4 channels, a separate delay and reverb. UTILIZATION…

  • Marshall MG10CD

    Marshall MG10CD - "lower end marshall amp"


    The Marshall MG10 CD is a solid state amplifier made in the 1990s. It has 25 watts of power going into 8 ohms. It has a 1/4 input in the front for your instrument. The parameters are pretty basic as it has EQ settings, gain setting, and volume. It al…

  • Marshall MG100DFX

    Marshall MG100DFX - "not a very good sound"


    The Marshall MG 100DFX amp does not have that great of a sound. I bought when I was younger and on a budget, and into much worse music than I am now (metal, nu-metal, the like.) The amp definitely sounded better when I bought it, too. I used a Fende…

  • Marshall MG30DFX

    Marshall MG30DFX - "Great phaser"


    This Marshall MG30DFX has loads of amazing sounds built in, from the absolutely shiniest clean to the phasiest delayful reverberations full of tonal variations and zoological machinations. Everything's adjustable. Start with the amp set on clean and …