Marshall MG100DFX
Marshall MG100DFX

MG100DFX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

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Marshall MG100DFX : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Marshall MG Series 100DFX is a 100W combo transistor offering some effects.
It is full of a connection point of view (see description on the Marshall website).
It does not have the sound quality of a tube amp, it's obvious, but offers a good quality / price ratio for a transistor.
I dropped my Hughes & Kettner Attax 100 Vintage Series for it. The Attax 100 is a very good combo but definitely not suitable for metal (my favorite style).
It offers:
- Clear channel with clean and crunch sounds
- Overdrive channel with OD1 and OD2 sounds, contour and volume dedicated
- Effects: delay, chorus, flanger, mix 2 Possible effects, reverb
- FDD option


Very easy to use, everything is indicated on the front and is arranged like most combos in its class, especially in terms of channels. Not need the manual.
The footswitch is all that there is more basic (channel and effect). It could have been more complete (in particular to allow swapping OD1 / OD2).
Side effects, it is very basic but good enough to interest those who do not need multi-effects: delay or chorus or flanger, reverb more.
Default: the noise generated by the fan ... It seems to turn on a CPU. Not serious, Marshall, on this one, even if it is not especially annoying for me.


We must keep in mind that it is a "entry". So for me because I served only as "amp apartment" and for small repetitions without battery. No extreme metal distortion, too bad, but less than 400 €, the amp does everything, it does not exist!
Contrary to what we read about it, we can make the metal that is if you have a scraper adapted to the genre. Do not try to do with death or black.
I use for my part Lag Rockline MetalMaster.
I also tried with my electro acoustic Cort MR-730 FX and the result is enough for me.
Not being a Marshall amp lamps, it does not have the Marshall leg. Me it suits me is the personality of the guitar (and mine incidentally) must take precedence.
If you have a low-end scratch, do not expect miracles ... no wonder. The test with the copy Stratocaster my brother was not really conclusive!
I chose this model over its competitors (Peavey particular) as it seemed more versatile.
In detail:
- Clean: very well for a transistor Marshall, Peavey much better than in my opinion.
- Crunch: not possible to control the footswitch, away from delusional volume with the clean, difficult to adjust the gain level ... In short I do not use it.
- OD1: very nice in a big rock record / heavy rock, pity we can not pass between the OD1 and OD2 from the footswitch.
- OD2: must not exceed 5 on the gain if it goes into a spin. Lag with my sound heavy metal is the RDV, especially if the FDD is on (it is of interest that OD2). The outline helps well as sending a heavy sound. For use high-volume, low-end guitar or even mid-range avoided.
I use the amp clean sound and OD2, occasionally in OD1 if the song requires.
I do not use the crunch and OD2 beyond 5 gain.


I use this amp for about 2 years.
The "+":
- Marshall look no surprises but still class
- Clean finish
- Robust (I have experienced no technical problems with this amp in 2 years)
- Meets my size constraints (little room in an apartment), power (neighborhood) and finance (€ 350 only nine!)
- Clear sound satisfactory for a transistor amp
- Good distortion OD1 ranging from blues to heavy rock
- Good OD2 distortion for metal (other extreme) with the FDD system (see "-" all the same)
- Potentiometer perfect edge
- Effects: it is a little more friendly which can be handy
The "-":
- The fan noise, no annoying but not serious from Marshall
- The crunch, lousy
- Distortion OD2, drooling beyond 5 of the gain and high volume
I tried some competing models (Peavey, Hughes & Kettner ...), which have less value for money and are less versatile in my opinion.
Its price / quality ratio is, in my opinion, unbeatable in the category (at least late 2006 / early 2007).
I would do this choice without hesitation.