Marshall MG30DFX
Marshall MG30DFX

MG30DFX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

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Mallhard 02/01/2008

Marshall MG30DFX : Mallhard's user review


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Marshall MG30DFX transistor

30 watts

2 + channel knob effects


Very simple configuration

yes we can ... should not be demanding ^^

the manual is very clear


It should have my style of music of the moment and I play at home

esp ltd f-50, Ibanez "smash box" SM7



so I bought this MG30DFX, I was very happy at the beginning, to my home was more than adequate. but for some time, I think the overdrive channel sorely lacking fishing! even with the gain background I could get the sound of departure I feel,

so I added an Ibanez pedal "smash box" SM7 but still rough ... my guitar is an LTD F-50 with micros "m ....." esp LH-100 is ... it took a hit in the pear? I know ... he has two months as well as the guitar and the pedal (all bought at the same time), if this is the case it really is not strong, so dcevant.