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All user reviews for the Hughes & Kettner Attax 200 Head

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Average Score:4.0(4/5 based on 1 review)
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Spawn-X's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hughes & Kettner Attax 200 Head
-What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)?
Amplification Hybrid.
As often in reviews, the great anything is said by users. So it is not an amp transo, but what is called a hybrid. This type of amplifier was first introduced by Marshall Valvestate series with her. The principle is simple: Preamp lamp, power amp transos.
In the case of ATTAX series is the same as in the Marshall preamp lamp is operated on the crunch and lead tones, the clean is actually completely "solid state".

-What is the power delivered?
Again, it's great nawak. The ATTAX 200 200Watts but not developed ... 2x100Watts ... How does the same thing? Of course not. It is a dual 100W amp. It grows a little stronger than a normal 100W, certainly, but it never made 200W. To better understand the word "amp" with the word "bulb". Put a 100W light bulb in your chandelier. You will have the brightness of a 100W bulb. Now, add a second 100W light bulb in your chandelier. It illuminates stronger, certainly, but it does not always light up as one 200W bulb. Ben in the audio, it's the same.

-What connection?
Here, the sheet is more eloquent and more importantly, everyone has already described the thing.

-What are the settings, effects? ...


-The configuration is it simple?
Such as any amp except that its interest lies in the stereo that implies in terms of wiring.
For the rest, it works like this.

-Gets it easy to sound good?
Yes, but like all amps, it has its own voicing that m ^ m it is relatively versatile, can not please everyone. That said, it remains a pioneer in its genre.

-The manual is clear and sufficient? ..
Frankly, it is an amp, not a cockpit 747 ... ;)


-Will it fit your style of music?
It's been a few years since I no longer use it, but at the time, I was completely satisfied and that for several years. But age helping, I ended up opting for a lighter solution.

-With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
The strato, the Ibanez superstrat diverse and varied. Side effects, a number of pedals for some pre-preamp and post-preamp side, I used several critters in Boss and Rocktron. It has always been very good on the stereo. If you've never used any effect on your stereo guitar sound, beware, you might not get over it. Reverbs, delay, chorus and take a scale impossible to forget then ...

-What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold", ....)?
The cleans are not really Fenderiens, but they do the job perfectly. The crunch have a small side medium not disgusting and are perfectly in style blues-rock. In rhythmic rock, it can bite m ^ m well. Lead side, there's also plenty to do thanks to a particular button "MODE2" voicing that offers a little more "heavy".


-How long have you been using?
Used for about 4 years.

-What is special that you like most and least?
The + is obviously the stere. I think he was the first to offer it outside the rack systems course.
The - uh ... Maybe so blue flocking carpet finish that is not great for maintenance and loses his long hair during the first month. They are found everywhere that shit here ...

-Did you try many other models before buying it?
At the time, no, not the masses but the stereo haunted me since the beginning. I do not understand why it was not the standard in guitar amplification.

-How would you rate quality / price ratio?
At the time when he was not given m ^ m, especially in hard head like mine. But it was not excessive.

-How would you rate quality / price ratio?
My needs have changed by now, but it is clear that I regret that this amp has given me many hours of enjoyment.