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lemmer007 04/10/2007

Rocktron Chameleon : lemmer007's user review


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Type of amplification -> transistor
power? no idea, you must connect a power amp ...
I have the chameleon of the year 1992, so the connection is 3 times better than the new ... the former have two XLR output to connect directly to a PA system with speaker simulation quality excellent. So if someone wants to buy a chameleon, not 2000, but the old chameleon. found on ebay. up to € 250, everything is possible for the connection.

Settings very easy, except the settings and post EQ Pre EQ, I dig that slab ... I need a techno sound to it, but I'm not affect the sound and sounds very strong ... I think that if we know how to adjust the EQ the sound sonnerais even better ... is the sound is too high ...

But I think the Rocktron Voodoo Valve is better, because you have a lamp into the device, voodoo is the same except that the chameleon with a lamp ... the two are great ... I do not know enough about the voodoo to tell you something on it, but the chameleon is the matter thoroughly ...


Very simple config

It should have a little play with the configurations for a good sound because the sound is very good staff, but if there is the trick good sound to it in enough. Ultimately everything sounds great we no longer know how to config to play live ... ;)

Manual clear, with a little logic and patience as sufficient.


In my style of music it is fine with me so I can have a marshall distortion to a fender vibro home ...

I play with Fender Start, Tele, Ibanez RG.

Crystal clear until we get the fat ... and will

What I like about it the chorus, distortion, overdrive,
What I do not like is the built-wah, the phase shifter, and clean (if it normal to have a home field Fender Vibro of 1973;) but not the clean is correct.


I use it for 1 year

Not many people I know use it, I went to find out from them, and I am bought ...

While value for money, I must say that I bought the chameleon is a 1992 or 1993 but it was like new, I bought for less than ais € 300 and I must say that the quality for this price is very ok ... ;)