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Fremetal 08/28/2005

Rocktron Chameleon : Fremetal's user review


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I possde a chameleon v-1.02 for close to 10 years: very boring rgler to beginners especially pre-post EQ!
same problem as editor for twelve o'clock is not working ...
otherwise the plants are not sound terrible, I have done all my sounds by adding the simulator HP to magnify the sound and avoid the cot nasal returning saturates will never be worth that of a TriAxis but with a good ear and in his singing that to which you want to go, onarrive about the results very well. shame we can not rgler the reverbs in milliseconds


The chaining effect prdfinis is not possible to make them self -. no tuner included, a pictch shift instead of a harmonizer, but done with.


Not bad for playing hard / heavy-metal.


For the era, if I c'tait repurchase the same again.