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MGR/Andreas Hindenas 12/04/2001

Rocktron Chameleon : MGR/Andreas Hindenas's user review

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I bought it in Sweden, costed about 7.000 SKR from Musikborsen.

The chameleon is easy to use and offers really good standard effects that requires some tweaking before they become really good. The distortion channels (2) are of high quality and a good range.

As I said, the Chameleon requires alot of tweaking before you can get something useful out of the unit. When connecting an expression pedal, its a mystery to edit the presets to finally make it work, but when u know the box by hand, it's all smooth and easy to use. I miss the ability to tune my guitar through it though, so im loosing some signal when connecting an additional tuner. If the gain would go just a little beyond what it does i would be greatful, missing that little final touch in some sounds.

Rocktron as a rack preamp is solid and one would have to litteraly drop it off the eifeltower to break it, quality knobs, steel all around the unit make it a quality product.

It all comes down to that the Chameleon is really worth it's price. Nevermind the presets that are already there in the unit, learn the machine and it can really do wonders to your sound.

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