Takamine CT-4B Preamp
Takamine CT-4B Preamp

CT-4B Preamp, Solid-State Guitar Preamp from Takamine.

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Day after day 11/29/2009

Takamine CT-4B Preamp : Day after day's user review


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Preamp "basic" brand. 3-band tuner and volume. Most of what I call an on-board preamp.

The equalization is done on + / - 5dB (which is a bit tight in my opinion).

No special connectors, it fits on Takamine manufactured in Japan since 1988.

Not superfluous, a suitable price.


The setup is very simple. Just start playing with the EQ "flat".

Once you start to get used to it, begin to equalize things a little.

The amplitude equalizer is 10 dB which I think is a bit limited but to remedy the piezo frequencies are well chosen.

For my part I go to the lower 3 / 4, I cut almost treble and midrange I corrects down to half.

The volume does not saturate.

The tuner is used without being plugged in (do not forget to turn off after use)!
Once connected, pressing the button and the tuner s'alume (it is also very accurate and very fast). A second and the sound is cut to match in silence. A troisièrme and the tuner is off.

Very simple.


The preamp warms a bit the direct sound and the right of piezos Takamine.
The sensor provided a high pitched cartoon and cold but not dynamic and does not tonic in his "box".
The notes are good parts and its overall very usable.

Once equalized via the preamp is very musical and it adapts to any configuration.

It is less comprehensive and less good as a preamp DSP or the new Cool Tube. It is also 2.5 times less expensive.


I tried almost every brand of preamps.

It has its place on my guitar at twelve string and did its job well. An excellent preamp "basic" but effective!

That € 100 you spend usefully!