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SONiVOX MI user reviews

  • SONiVOX MI Wobble

    SONiVOX MI Wobble - "Dubstep and Grime"


    The SoniVox MI Wobble is the perfect VST plug in for grime and dub step music. You can use it as a stand alone or a plug in in any DAW you want. It will work with your Mac or your PC software and it costs less than 100 dollars. At this price, for the…

  • SONiVOX MI Vocalizer

    SONiVOX MI Vocalizer - "Worked great with my Windows 7 computer"


    I have been using SoniVox MI Vocalizer since 2011 and it has not gave me any issues or compatibility problems with my Windows 7 system. It can also be used on XP and Vista Windows systems too. You will need around 2GB of RAM for this to run good and …

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