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Sony ECM user reviews

  • Sony ECM-909

    Sony ECM-909 - jasbo555's review


    I actually signed up to this site, purely, initially anyway, to share my experience of using the ecm-909 microphone. After having spent £150 on a microphone , i wasnt too impressed.....i was looking for a microphone i could feel very comfortable with…

  • Sony ECM-55

    Sony ECM-55 - moosers's review


    The Sony ECM 55 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone that is designed for use in the recording studio.  It has an XLR cable connected to it and has an omnidirectional pick up pattern.  I've only used the mic in the studio, but it is suitable for…

  • Sony ECM-NV1

    Sony ECM-NV1 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Dom Brunet/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Compact shotgun microphone, originally form the Sony DVCAM PDX10, PD150 and PD170 cams. Condenser electret, +48-V phantom power 11.8" cable with Neutrik XLR connector included! High-…

  • Sony ECM-DS70P

    Sony ECM-DS70P - " I use it for my repeated"


    Quality microphone for digital media recording, ideal for DAT, NT and MD recorders Plug-in uni-directional recording power to capture stereo sound Gold plated contacts for connection cord meters ensure a long ( 3 '3 ") …

  • Sony ECM-MS907

    Sony ECM-MS907 - " CAUTION: On PC, stereo circumstances!"


    I use it for singing. And as a small group, I like the voices in stereo rather qu'alignées on the same beach. OVERALL OPINION Hello, After time and research on the net I can finally help those like me who do not want to ruin inevitably rise to…

  • Sony ECM-DS30P

    Sony ECM-DS30P - " A bit better but there is always too much treble"


    Miniature stereo electret microphone powered by Plug In Power. OVERALL OPINION I have a Sony PCM-M10 recorder hand with super good converters but whose microphones have a stereo image deplorable, for which I am still looking for a small plug-in m…

  • Sony ECM-DS70P

    Sony ECM-DS70P - " Perfect"


    See other coms. OVERALL OPINION This mic is a true gem! Very good sound, it captures well the bass and treble and allows, for example, associated with a small camera to make a good sound for videos of concerts. Beware though! Made in china vers…

  • Sony ECM-MS907

    Sony ECM-MS907 - wagabon's review


    Ok, I'm delighted about the results obtained with this microphone I bought for that interview dvies to recordings of Indian classical music, gave a cluck of pretty models reasonably . The default: it saturates quickly on tabla, I have realized a rgla…

  • Sony ECM-T6

    Sony ECM-T6 - ebrian's review


    Micro "tie" clip electret systm with button cell CR 2025. Approximately 100 hours of battery life. Cable 1 m Designed for voice Impedance 1.7 Ohms Frequency Response 50 12000 Hz Weight 21 g OVERALL OPINION Very convenient for non-elec…

  • Sony ECM-NV1

    Sony ECM-NV1 - Dom Brunet's review


    Small shotgun microphone powering home the Sony PDX10 DVCAM camera - PD150 and PD170 Electret condenser 48v power supply Supplied with a 30cm cable and Neutrik XLR, please! Also a dedicated windscreen is excellent! This microphone is predesti…