Sony ECM-MS907
Sony ECM-MS907

ECM-MS907, Other Microphone from Sony in the ECM series.

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Old_bear 09/14/2005

Sony ECM-MS907 : Old_bear's user review


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- Micro extremely versatile, often recommended for its decision-MD (attention, it has no preamp, make sure your MD has a Mic jack (not just line-in)). As proof, I still saw a site recently where a teacher said to find a drum miking of drums made with this mic was sometimes better than some taken from his semi-pro of some of his students with 4 or 5 microphones.
- Electret microphone


- I own it since it came into the world in fact;). Younger I was looking for a versatile microphone for my video camera and the seller told me that a micro Fnac created for this type of use would be released soon. I paid 700 Fr at the time. Moral: be careful when you're small you sometimes swallow anything lol (especially since I had not, at the time, need such a good thing but ...)
- I appreciate, of course, its good sound compared to its small size and limited breath it causes. I regret the switch "90 ° -120 °", which I think makes no difference ... more like the majority of microphones that restrict the breath, I sometimes find it stifles too much sound, but it's very subjective.
- Before having the price I bought microphones did not exceed 100 Gb at the time then obviously, it's very high-end side.
- Value / price too ... 700 Gb is a bit expensive! If you find less than 500 Gb, for against, you can go
- With the experience I would not have taken the microphone at the time for the use I was doing. However, I probably would have bought for my now taken its battery.