Sony ECM-DS70P
Sony ECM-DS70P

ECM-DS70P, Other Microphone from Sony in the ECM series.

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ck 09/27/2005

Sony ECM-DS70P : ck's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a Micro Stereo TRS small.
SPECIFICATIONS listed on the box in which it is sold are:
Type: condenser microphone lectret
Unidirectional directivity (STEREO)
Power Source: Power-plug.

It is also not that it is destiny Runions (meetings).
So basically the goal is to have a high quality microphone for use such as "voice recorder".


I use it for many years (probably 10 years).
Trs is small (not even the length of a thumb / which is extremely handy for lugging around with either), T-shaped, and is even able to rotate your convenience.

I have tried any other models of this type before acqurir, but with t stupfait by the quality of such a small thing, as good as I march through the MODEL later bought a larger and significantly more expensive in the same mark (ECM-MS907) in believing that I will be even better. When I got the latter MODEL (cot prs me 3 times more expensive than the ECM-DS70P) does not happen ankle! And besides, the ECM-MS907 is sleeping in its box since my purchase, I have never used pratiqument.

Often need to make high quality recordings of a journey with the lightweight hardware, in order to then prods will integrate into my studio. I always take with me this tiny microphone and a DAT Sony Walkman first generation (TCD-D7).
I am extremely demanding on the quality of my shots of her, and with regard to this microphone, I have not any regrets when I returned to the studio and I made my rcoute travel.

Gnral I use in one of the stro 2 cts (randomly) to make voice or instruments, but also sometimes to make environments stro .
The very first time that my ingnieur the studio heard a micro taking this (without knowing what it was), it is littralement rest on the bottom.
So can also be the converters of my portable DAT are good quality but I think this mic is for much more.
It is REALLY impressive in absolute terms, and more importantly when you consider the price that rating and size.
Similarly a Neuman, it captures sound with extreme precision minute. For example, I dernirement pos on one of my legs rubbing my pants on one leg: he captures with precision the sound of this friction is purely audible ear.

The only inconvnient that I find (if I had to find one) is that it takes (trslgrement) even the faintest sound of the engine when running the DAT. But I noticed that dernirement it is sometimes sold with an extension cord (stereo mini jack), which certainly RULES problem. Be careful when you wear nanmoins hand: the slightest movement of the finger is often defined as the microphone is sensitive. And there is of course not for a mic stand, unless you improvise you same.

The report is understood qualitprix amazing!
With exprience, I would do without hsitation the same choice.
I always rub my eyes to be sr rve not that I do when I hear this microphone gives rsultats.
And sometimes I even wonder if I'm not stumble upon the "pearl" that leaves the factory by buying mine.

O In the era I did not Neuman U87, AKG C12, microphones and other studio, I was most taken I needed with the Sony ECM-DS70P. And if c'tait still my case today, despite my CRITERIA sonic requirement n'hsiterais I probably do a whole album with this "micro-midget":

Here I just wanted to correct the absence of an opinion on this site for a microphone as the MRIT.