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Thread Acoustic Guitar Recording - AW1600

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1 Acoustic Guitar Recording - AW1600
When I'm recording onto a Yamaha AW16G I want to use my Alverez Acoust/Elec so I can free up a Mic input, but when I mic my Martin acoustic it sounds 1000% better. I realize it always will, but how can I make the alverez sound better? I tried EQ adjustments but it's more than that. Mabey the dynamics settings, which I know very little about. I have the Alverez preamp vol at 90%, everything else at 50% or middle, and notch, level and phase off. The alverez preamp is the System 600T Mk2 (on the guitar). Other acous/elec guitars sound better. Should I be in the Hi-Z or Low-Z input. Any help so I don't have to buy another guitar?
A preamp generaly sends a stronger signal than a mixer can take, I had problems with that. You should have an attenuation switch (or knob) for each channel, which will "trim" the signal before it hits the mixer circuits. I don't know if the Hi-Z or Lo-Z input would make a real difference.