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Thread Help with mixer/headphones

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1 Help with mixer/headphones
Hi, basicly ive got a Behringer UB1202 EURORACK mixer and a Audiophile 2496 souncard, Ive got "MAIN OUT" on the mixer going into the soundcard, and from the soundcard into "STEREO LINE IN 5/6" And tape out going into my amp and speakers/monitors..

The problem is my headphone monitoring, In order for me to hear the beat, i have to turn up the level on the 5/6 channel, and this records what im hearing creating a phaze effect, my phones/control room is really low, even turned on full, also, the mic cannot record unless the main mix is turned up, why is this?

Thanks anyone who helps..:D
I'd put your speakers on the main outs. Assuming you're only recording mono tracks (which if you aren't, you probbly should be), I'd use the FX send to send the signal you're recording to your soundcard. That way you can monitor the whole mix, but use the FX sends (both Channel and Master) to control the levels to the soundcard.

Make sure the FX send is CCW on the 5/6 stereo in channel.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Thanks axeman, but i still have no idea.. my sound card has 2 inputs and 2 outputs, left and right from the soundcard into left and right channel 5/6 and main out from the mixer going into the soundcard left and right, my speakers are on the tape out, the mic is on channel 1, thats ok and records perfect with the headphone monitor switch/knob, but as for the track/beat i want to listen coming thru channel 5/6 i have to either listen to very very low in the headphones otherwise if turned up, it will record whats playing back to me.. i want to be able to record over the track, hear the beat and the mic in the headphones so i can record to it, Behringer UB1202 EURORACK is my mixer..

Thanks again:D
Hi, many thanks axeman, i have done everything as you have said, appart from when i come to record, the mic is perfect, everything is set up as you said, but the problem is still.. as i turn up the 5/6 level to hear the track in the headphones, it records it, even with the fx send.. am i doing something wrong?
Problem solved, i was turning up the fx send on the 5/6 channel, thinking that if i turned up the main mix it wud record like before.. MANY THANKS AXEMAN:lol::D:P;)
Glad it worked out for you!
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Hi Axeman,

Further to your helpful hints in setting up the 2496 and UB1202FX perfectly I would like your advice on how to set up

the same rigs to use with my Cubase SX , clinged to certain specific requirements.

I have the following rigs in my budding home studio
1) Shure SM58 Microphone (which I currently use for my acoustic guitar and Vocals )
2) KORG N364 - (Used for MIDI Input and as a music workstation too)
3) Behringer 1202FX Mixer
4) AUDIOPHILE 2496 Sound Card
5) UR30 Koss Headphones (for monitoring)

Please advice me on how to setup all these in the right and optimal way so that I can get the following setup

* I need to hear the monitor feed on my headphones with FX, mostly reverb, to get a better feel while singing or playing the guitar(for overdubbing).This can be either from Cubase FX or FX from UB1202FX Mixer board. But I need to record only a dry signal to Cubase to which i can further add the FX.

* Also I'll need the monitoring thru the studio monitor(which im planning to buy shortly, right now into my Home

Theatre System..Marantz SR7300 AV Receiver) when im not recording thru my MIC.

Kindly advice.