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Thread Vocal multitrack recording to backing tracks - HEELLLPP! (new at this)

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1 Vocal multitrack recording to backing tracks - HEELLLPP! (new at this)

ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED. I am from South Wales, UK and finding it difficult to source a good Home Studio Forum.

I have been singing to backing tracks for a while and basically have a set up of the following...:

1 x CD Player (Karaoke machine)
1 x Behringer PMX2000 Powered Mixer
2 x 400W Speakers.

Obviously I have mics, xlr leads etc etc etc.

My intentions are to record firstly my lead vocals the backing track and possibly overdub some harmony vocals and even some basic guitar (if I am brave enough).

Some of the backing tracks do not provide harmonies on LEAD vocals, particularly when you listen to some artists whereas it seems that they have overdubbed their lead vocal sounding like you can hear them sing the lyrics a couple/few times and not necessarily in an harmonic way.

I would prefer a stand-alone piece of equipment rather than going through my PC. I was looking at a 16-track Yamaha home recording kit but it didn't seem to have an audio input for my CD player/backing tracks. But I would like something which I could mix and record several vocals to a backing track and them transfer it onto a recordable CD.

Many thanks if anybody can help me on this - my knowledge is very basic on home recording.
Almost any basic mixer with have a "tape in" input on it. You would need an adaptive cable called a Stereo Y-cable Mini Male-Two RCA Males, here is a link to the type of cable I am referring to: www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/g=home/search/detail/base_pid/333055/

There are also many other adapters that may suit your needs depending on what machine you are plugging into.

Plug the 1/8 end into your cd headphones out or line out and the other two RCA's into the tape input of any basic mixer or small 4 track or portastudio. Recording to your computer is probably the quickest and easiest way (not to mention the cheapest) when it comes to multitracking. I use Adobe Audition or Sonar, they both work rather well and are fairly cost effective depending on where you look.

Hope any of this helps at all. If you already knew all of this then disregard. Thanks.
Thanks for that....

I think you're right, the cheapest and most convenient method is linking from the mixing desk (yes I have a "tape out" output) into the computer soundcard.

Again thanks for your help!