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Thread creating computer file of sound recording

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1 creating computer file of sound recording
Hey! I've got a Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio that doesn't burn CD's. I want to record the sounds onto my computer so that I can eventually produce and burn my own music CD's. My operating system is Windows XP. A CD burner is installed into the system. How do I transfer the sounds I have saved on my BR-8 and the produce files needed to burn the CD? Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, DW
You'll find a program that convert your BR-8 tracks to .wav, here: https://www.bossus.com/index.asp?pg=4&tmp=4

So, to get your tracks on your computer, you got 2 choices: by zip or by the optical line output.

That's all, I think... :rolleyes: