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  • Spector NS-2J

    Spector NS-2J - "Precision, quality, power: a bass that rocks!" has images


    I bought this bass without even knowing what a Spector is... Pure chance, among a series of used bass guitars. Not even the seller seemed to know what it was, so I was lucky to get it for a third of its normal used price – let alone the fact it actua…

  • Spector Pro Legend 4

    Spector Pro Legend 4 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by astroperenoel/translated from Audiofanzine FR) 34" scale. Made in Korea: "Precision crafted in Korea under license from Stuart Spector designs ltd." The finish is ok except for some details. Don't expect the same qu…

  • Spector Pro Q4

    Spector Pro Q4 - "Spector Q4 Pro"


    I have been playing bass for about five years now. I play mostly hard rock and metal music. I like rock, blues and funk music in general. Bought this online and paid US 260.00 Love the look, sound and feel of this bass. Quilted maple top, map…

  • Spector ReBop 5

    Spector ReBop 5 - "Spector ReBop-5"


    $460 at a Guitar Center, used with some visible wear but no problems. I have no need or or use for neck through designs, and I'm very fond of my other bolt-on Spector. This one feels the same but sounds very different with different PUs, bod…

  • Spector Rex-5USA

    Spector Rex-5USA - "Spector REX5"


    I purchased this guitar through Musician's Friend for about $800. At the time, I wanted a 5-string guitar that looked a bit different, yet was still affordable (I had been previously playing a Fender MR-5). I liked the tone and the fact that this is…

  • Spector Euro 4

    Spector Euro 4 - "Spector Euro 4"


    I bought this bass from guitar center recently for 1350. It lists for 2000 and goes for abou 1400. This bass is the best 4 string slapper for under 2000 hands down. it hass a 3 piece rock maple through neck, solid flame maple body "AAA" and emg acti…

  • Spector NS 2000/5

    Spector NS 2000/5 - "Spector NS2000 / 5"


    I purchased this instrument from Mars Music in Indianapolis. I payed around $800 for this bass. First off an active 5 string neck through for $800 is AMAZING. So i bought it and found that not only is it a great price it is a great bass. it has a…

  • Spector NS 2000/5

    Spector NS 2000/5 - "Spector NS2000/5"


    I got this at Mars Music in Charlotte, Nc. I got this bass because first of all it looked great and sounded great. I only paid 904.74. It felt so natural to hold it and the molding body was so comfortable. The neck was nice and slick, except some…

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