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rémifa 05/07/2004

Spector NS-4 : rémifa's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
. First, small correction due to an error on my part: the picture is not binding, the lower is the corresponding MODEL Euro 4 LX, but with mcaniques dores, as the tailpiece, and back of boxes round is at least the one I possde (I do not understand To insert the image, it does not work!)
. Manufactured in the Czech Republic
.24 EMG-boxes (2 microphones round-1 bridge pickup)
.chevalet / solid brass tailpiece dorbr /> .4 potentiomtres: 1volume micro and tone serious and acute-
. Race driver crossing.


. Handle "physical", just "pais
. Access in acute enough dlicat
. Ergonomy: trs beautiful shape, small body, rather heavy
. Trs is rapidly obtained a good sound!


. The sound of this bass suits all styles of music, if you know the rgler!
. I think this instrument can really sound with a bunch of amps and effects Different.
. We get a good sound slap trs (prfr my style), all the knobs to the bottom, except the high (too aggressive) and a trs pizzicatto good sound, close to the bridge, almost Azro serious volume.
. I like the sound full and round, with little sharp, a rverbe not too pronounced for a good sound slap, as I do, and rglages adquate, and the sound mdium fingers, close to the bridge, always, with as good rglages!
. I dtest distortion and the accumulation of ffects.


. I use the Spector 5 years
.'s Paradoxical, but I find this tool easy to play and at the same time quite physical and I think it is that it must strike the right balance with a good SETTING THE action, c ' is a challenge for me every time, I like instruments "wild", hard to tame! ..
. I have tried any other models before the acquisition of my bass, there are about fifteen years, I test a similar MODEL m'tais and I promised to poss der a one day.
. Qualitprix excellent report (1500 euros in 1999), I can not even find much, because this low dcois me ever, I am still in love + the first day.
. I would do without this choice hsitations in fretless or 5 string this time.
For all practical purposes, all notices on this page are purely personal, but in any case, without favoritism, no, this is the best bass I possd up to date; say that it suits me as it fallait.Il there as well, and relatively has its own style, through bcp other brands, it's on!
I think the lower we go, and regardless of brand, it is primarily a story of style .... that's what I believe, as I think the sound is first in the fingers .