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dunkoslap 06/17/2009

Spector NS-JH5 : dunkoslap's user review


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American-made December 5, 2006 marked the back of the grip with the signing of Stuart Spector, 24 frets, bolt-on neck, 2 EMG active (a jazz and a humbucker), 2 volumes, severe acute + and a push-pull for Splitter keypad, touch pau ferro, maple neck, mahogany body and maple table with nice grooves, all this covered with a light varnish also a little hard to put in some place but you really have to go with a magnifying glass.
Weight: 3.7 kg


A super low light, you can even dunk with! I have a stingray 5c
a WW Thumb 6c s, a WW stage 2 5c, a streamer and a ct 5c Cort B5: Spector is by far the lightest, it is as heavy as my old Cort Action 4c.
Otherwise you have to fiddle a bit to find the two volumes the sound, the knobs are a little too sensitive.
Very good access to acute, we particularly note the lightness of the bass.


First is a bass that has a huge output level.
I play in a funk band stoner metal (Fyuz) so a lot of slap and finger-picking. It is plugged into a combo MarkBass cmd 102 p. We get a huge sound in the bass and treble without being good slap to the max, everything you need for the style I play.
I positioned the two volumes at about 3 / 4 which makes me sound like a singing jazz bass but with the grain Spector (g've tried a jazz bass victor bailey 5c and 2 seem quite close in terms of sound) bottomed, it sounds a little accuracy but much chattering. Otherwise it was independent in each micro .... so good sound palette.

on the other hand, there is no comparison with the sound NS4 and NS5.


Made in December 2006, I received it in early January 2007. I love its power and especially its lightness and of course the sound. This bass has no weak point in its share price is 3443 euros, but well since I got it on ebay for just 1500 euros .... more customs fees is 450 Euros and more! !
I do not do it again if I had the choice of buying at high prices which is in the Euro 3450!!

Once upon a time, one day, by chance on ebay ...