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crrcrr 10/10/2008

Spector NS-JH5 : crrcrr's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Low Handmade in Woodstock, NY, United States, dated and signed by Mr SPECTOR Himself
Everything has been said in the previous notice, except that for me the push / pull is a split for the humbucker

I put 10 but it is not very objective because configuring a note or a number of hoops, each noon to see the door.


The handle, varnish, is bizarre the first grip: very flat, this one I first gave the impression of being much broader and, with practice, it proves a nice play in all circumstances.

Access to acute is easy if you do not play down the knees, the bass is ultra light and well balanced and the sound is plug and play, nothing else


SPECTOR, a potato ca, ca bourrine finesse and it's been saturating the gain of amplifiers.
The sound is very clear, the treble very very thin and nice, deep bass and clear, that happiness! In addition, if like me you're looking at all the sound SPECTOR price you will be served. I was even surprised that the EMG can sound as well, not that I have a priori to these microphones (whatever?), But there it was the slap.

A stack of 4x10 ca + EBS FAFNIR Ramone's noreilles

The rating is totally subjective, too: the sound SPECTOR, we like it or not.



I had a low plaiyade before me but it's taped.

For it is against expensive new.

Like the previous review, I found mine on one of OCCAZ auction site in the United States: it is virtually not found by us.

Otherwise, plan to save a life ...