Cort NZS-1
Cort NZS-1

NZS-1, STC-Shaped Guitar from Cort in the Neil Zaza series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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Jy_man's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort NZS-1
Here is a nice Cort ..
Simply put, there with this guitar:
An Alder body, table, stocky,
Channel Rabl (3 pices)
Touche bne (ca parrait not but what it is ^ ^)
24 frets mdium,
Seymour Duncan '59 and Custom RP,
Mcaniques Sperzel TRIM LOK,
Through Cordier,
Bridge type tunomatic,
1 volume knob, a switch split pickups (double to single) It can sembhler little at first but it really all it takes. It was already six sounds diffrent between micro single / double with three positions of these. But the volume button is effective TElement it is sufficient.
Fittings in brushed mtal.

You know all


Then use ... how to say .. This is simply the most enjoyable guitar on which I had the opportunity to play! Well of course there is the MODEL of forecment qualitc'est much better as everywhere, but for Cort has just under 1000 new is final!

It is true that the handle is a bit wide and that it may annoy a few, it's not the sleeves Cort we used to have the hands (as the series of Xcort ..)
But it's not a tree either. I prfre persque because we feel what we have in hand, but having said that the gots and colors .. a do not disctue.

CHAC is easy thanks to a sharp junction coprs / handle well finished.
This is a guitar well balanced and not too heavy to play more one can stay without back pain.

So I would put 9 because it is possible that the handle is a little Lagre for sure, but for my part was worth 1 October


The highlight of this guitar is its plyvalence. Well of course if you want to jazz it is even better when playing on an Ibanez George Benson GB-200 Signature, but keeps all proportion we can go in almost any style.

Personally it suits any style of music made my ax Rock is punchy, no metal even a little, but does not tackle some m'empche Jazz agreements without any problem and always with a good sound.

I play with a Roland Cube 15 and Cube 30. And already I took my slap ^ ^. Then I try on my marshall 5275 and has sone even better! But the must (neinf for now because I changed my config) I have a branch on a branch JMP1 peavey classic 50/50 he even plugged into a Marshall Bafle 1912. And is the major killer of death. In addition branch with a MXR double shot .. it's like carpet and wallpaper CPDA XD.

The only small "defect" is when trying it on a Fender 100W twinreverb to clean I find it "slap" some trs subjective but no rest sounded like the same scratch ..
So I would put ausi 9 because there is always a little something ^ ^ but the quibbling again for my personal use I would put 10!


I played with for almost 3 weeks now .. not a lot you might say, but it's enough to get really essyer plin things Different. The first night I got it I branch I play, and when I lifted her head s'tait SELL it just over 4 hours .. without any fatigue or any trouble!
What I like more .. mics! I played on an Ibanez SZ 320 before. It's a good guitar but you can not even compare! This guitar is an incredibly versatile and sweet can satisfy many of the guitarist.

I have not had much occaison to play better than this bill, especially since the report presuqe unbeatable quality price. For my part I have to touch a whopping $ 570 used (at least as new as it were) .. in comparison I bought my Ibanez 2 years ago about 503 new ... You decide ^ ^

And to finish with the experience I would say yes I would do this chosen without hesitate for one second!

juice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort NZS-1
Made in Korea.
Asymmetric Channel 24 cases with ebony fingerboard.
Mechanical Sperzel Trim-lok
Tone Pro bridge with strings through body
Volume (and all), a pickup selector and a splitter on each.


Ahhhhh, this round!
I must say that it's a big surprise.
At first I was surprised by its thickness. A little vintage and quite round.
But actually no, it is not round, and that's all the difference. Indeed, it has an asymmetrical profile super comfortable.
It is round, facilitating agreements I play at the same time, when it comes to "shred" a bit and then switch his wrist, you're on the game a little thin and the handle is in before the sixteenth ...
In fact, one wonders how they did it for us at Cort lay like a highway. And more with its ebony fingerboard, typically placed on a lot of guitars ... much more expensive, and very fine satin in the back, the neck is a treat.
Note the small reinforcement sleeve in the back (just inspires confidence on the scratch), and Silla in real OS.

If not for the rest, as Strat style 'with smashes to the stomach.
Balanced, it weighs 3.5 kg can be reached easily in the last box with the streamlined shape of the junction body / sleeve.

Edict of 15/05/08:

The handle is perhaps still a bit thick. I say this because I plays with my Cort Viva Gold has a very fine race and I'm really comfortable with.
So I lower the note one point because one must be aware that this is not a handle type Ibanez. After the tastes and colors ...


The sound, the second big surprise!
At first, when you see the little knob available on the body, we say that the sound pallete will perhaps be restricted.
Not at all.
I've never seen micro splits sound like that. Surprising. The neck pickup is already a double delight (Seymour 59 '), but simple, and it is a first for me, it sounds like a simple slam with the right amount of sharp without being aggressive. This is a good microphone just simple.

Second position, still split. Welcome to the world of funk: media dug, acute tjs present, just enough bass to sit the whole. Excellent.

And finally, bridge pickup (Seymour Custom Custom). A stratum in this position. So much for spring with maybe a little more gain.

Note that I have two other guitars with this system splits (with a Dimarzio, Seymour with the other) and none can compete with the NZS-1.

All positions are superb double. With a central notement confusing. It seems, all things (because I did not touch) sound is closer to the Gibson Mark Knoplfer (wired out of phase). A 'hole' in the upper midrange which produces a rather special, really new and enjoyable in the extreme.

Volume, single knob just because the sounds are so different with these hyper 6 positions available. I also rediscovered the joys of the game with a knob to change its fairly consistent but without losing volume (at least on the first 1 / 3).


I have only been two days but what days.
I had a date yesterday and so I tested live, apart from having to get used to the position of the various commands (notably the split) is happiness.
And what she's beautiful maple table with its mottled blue. With p'tit BY giving in, wow!

I want to warn you of the wide variety of visual table in maple, in fact, many are as pictured on the site Cort. I could see the show of music and in stores. Mine, for against, is quite different. I say this for those who want to order online, it will surprise on arrival as they are the official photo on their site.

This is my sixth guitar personal, I also tried a bunch and I'm really "fell in love" as the Canadians would say to this one.

If you can buy one, go for it, you will not regret it.

romes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort NZS-1
La corte NZS-1 is manufacturing Coren. I simply copied the technical specifications provided on the site Cort.

BODY American basswood w / quilted maple top
NECK Maple 3pc
Ebony fingerboard
SCALE 25 1 / 2 "
FRET 24 / Medium
PICKUP Seymour Duncan Custom Custom & PR '59
Tuners Sperzel Trim-lok
BRIDGE TonePros bridge & T3BT / string thru body
CONTROLS 1vol, 1toggle (coil split), 3way toggle
Color DSB


THE FIRST CHSE that strikes you about this guitar when you see it gnral appearance. It DGIG ct a "classy." Assembly is stamped "hand made". Rglage the factory more than adequate but can be amliorer. Please note, the guitar is original equipment with cords rather feeding.
The weight of the instrument is correct, not as a lightweight but lighter than Ibanez Lespaul.
The handle may seem a bit but we pais trs SPEED surprised by the ease of play that guitar and it offered the entire length of the handle. Which highlight the excellent quality of the hoop. The dtail killer: the reinforcement at the head round.


Ct microphones, it's simple and effective. 3 positions (neck, bridge, or both at the same time). We can also use the microphones in double or splitter in simple.Chaque rglage truly offers a sound CHARACTERISTICS Different.

In Manir gnrale, this guitar appears trsractive. You can really express all the nuances of the games you want.
In his clear, the guitar offers warm and bright sound to play all styles of music.
In the saturated rgale is a time harmonics are easy to play. I find the bridge pickup a little needle. In Revenge, the sound of the neck pickup is sublime, full of roundness. The grain gnrale two microphones and TRS enjoyable.


This guitar is not my Premire guitar, I play Ibanez and also on Hammer. But it is a vritable favorites. I tested the amp on DIFFERENT large and small, and every time it rings! Often the reputation of great guitars is that they each have a sound all their own and often criticized the small "Asian" not to have my. I would say that the NZS-1, although qu'tant super versatile guitar has that little something extra that makes her a great guitar.

I just put a BMOL. One selling point of Cort and "beautiful" table Saddle pommel of 2cm thickness Submitted as the instrument. I think it should be noted that ok, the table is Saddle Submitted pommel but the effect is given by a veneer (a thin sheet of Saddle covers the table). This does not affect the sound quality of the instrument, but may be the est_ce dtail that makes the diffrence with a tool for high-end trs.

Djooslife's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort NZS-1
So we have on this guitar
- Alder body, table Saddle
- Channel Rabl (3 pices)
- Key in bne
- 24 frets mdium
- Seymour Duncan '59 pickups RP & Custom
- Sperzel Mcaniques TRIM LOK
- Cordier through
- Bridge type tunomatic
- A volume button, a switch split pickups (double to single)
- Fittings in mtal brossbr />
Personal c me the best grate on how I play well micro beats are not the two even more so versatile guitar double micro micro switch can be simple .... a wide range of its different


Can handle a large but very comfortable CCAA fever is not very easy guitar tro hatched agrreable very eye as for the games!!
with this guitar is very easy to have a good sound corect me I play on a two line6 body 150W dc ca jles easy but try on the amp but mate
on the small of Roland Marchal (micro cube) of the same drive ... vrement and I was surprised!
This guitar is truly a marvel!
I put a 9 Cauze one can handle the large AC is 10 telment me it is comfortable


As I said, this guitar is extremely versatile: I play in the big party style caliban, trivium .... ossi but Led Zeppelin and the thing quiet. I play tt celebrates the style and following plainement chak time I satisfied with this guitar!
More micro switch was vrement every sound you desire


So I achter me this guitar is one week and I try with tt and frenchment ....
Avan to buy, I try a lot of lagg model of the cort epiphone ..... and I really do not know qupoi take. the choice is very dificil lorskon turns into 800E
and I ken o anounce my budget seller, it shows directly that my guitar. I may be a explquer Neil Zaza is a man who plays in the studio. He played for more to name: Joe Satriani and already it helps to seduce
enssuite I connect ... I're trying ... and I love it!
before I achter redmender one last time if a 800E c'tait vraiemnt the right choice and has been reponsse: Tinkiet not top this guitar will keep you more anner and Sir ve you change, you should take a models in 1500 or 1800 euro to see a diference ...;
So an impressive value for money! AV 800E if you have no budget eSite!
you negotiate with the seller is the basis of 900 I otour the 801st has been es lol

with experience and yes I would do without this choice eSite vrement a guitar madness for a Great Value