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All user reviews for the Cort X-11

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 12 reviews )
 7 reviews58 %
 4 reviews33 %

AlbanLavaud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Exellent"

Cort X-11
Guitar made in Indonesia
Easel type "Floyd Rose" Cort
24 Frets
Three EMG Passive
Pottard 1 Volume, 1 Tone + Pottard Splitt
Channel 3 Pière Maple


The 3-piece maple neck is quite nice although there is still a rectangle is at hand
The weight is pretty resonable for basswood body
It happens quite difficult at the 24th fret without changing the position of his hand to hit the join does not handle / body
With a good amp it quickly gained a well which is very resonant sound cold out of the lime


This guitar is perfect for metal and shred style unwilling to spend a fortune on an expensive guitar
The sound is rather greasy when you do not micro Splitt but once that's done the sound becomes quite clear
I play with this guitar on Guitar Rig 4


Now I use it for a year and a half
I love the flamed maple top that unfortunately not too clear on my model
Level money this guitar is perfect! A handle just enough polish to be slipped without clinging too! Frankly we get a very good level of ibanez and I recommend this guitar to any beginner / way of mastery

Manu915's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort X-11
? In what country does she makes? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...)
Made in Indonsia I think.

What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?
Floating Bridge Floyd, then double blocking.

What kind of stick?
Very fast flat handle.

? How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration?
24 frets, 2 humbuckers splitable singles, + a single microphone.

What are the rglages (volume, tonality slecteur microphone ...)?
Volume (in the drawing, the humbuckers become simple) a tonalitun slecteur 5 positions.


? The handle is it pleasant?
Pleasant and fast flat handle.

? Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?

? CASC to acute (latest freight) is it easy?

? Gets it easy to sound good? ...
Yes, all sounds are possible, sound rock mics mtal stroke doubles up his funky clear from simple micro.


? They suitable style of your music?
Yes, I play everything, and with this Gratt can play anything ..

? What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?
As I said above, according to the microphones that are chosen can play everything.

? With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
Roland, Marshall, Fender, and sound: never any problem.

What are the sounds you prfrez that hates you?
No ..


? For how long have you been using it?
1 or 2 years ..

? Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Yes, this is the best quality price ratio Ibanez or other gender (Cort is that makes a lot of Ibanez model).

How would you rate the report qualitprix?
If you do not have a Cort Drange, it's the best quality price .. For the same price from another brand you will have a guitar so well. (Because you pay the brand ..)

nc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort X-11
Previous commentary like.
Except, I A model with EMG-HZ pickups.
The table Saddle Flamm (imitation plating) is magnificent.
All of cls rglages are provided.
Drools-painting a little, especially at the mounting hole and the head round, he must see prs to notice, which explains the relatively low price compared to competition.
The stem-tremolo is loose in its holder. I think of the cover of tflon so it fits in the slot.


Very good access to acute, even if incorporated in tooth shape are destabilization accumulate at beginners.
The neck is thinner than my strat amricaine.
We have to think a little grinding the edges of frets, as they are prominent (unless it is a default of my models) on the net on the stick.
I was pleasantly surprised mics: crystalline very clear and very sharp saturation, with the possibility to split the double ...
The tone button "size" the sound drastically.
Personally, I still find even a little heavy for my other guitars, but it is balance, and the handle does not tend to "pull" on his hands.
The body could be dcoupe even better, because my ctes get hurt on the corps dfonce knew after a while (I play seated).


S owner a Gibson Nighthawk and a strat amricaine, I wanted to change my style (heavy saturation and lead) and its not ruin me.
I think the pickups are for many, because I have more sustain than my other 2 guitars clear that both saturated. Moreover, no problem of snoring with microphones.
I especially wanted to teach me the speed, so a quick round, and especially touching a Floyd Rose. Not because the guitar well sought not these CRITERIA.
Although sr was not the twang of a Start, or the roundness of a Gibson in his clear, but in saturation, then the distance it Exceeds the 2 other guitars and this is what I looking for.


I've had a week and I'm happy with the microphones. In effect, I intended to buy it, then change the pickups for DiMarzio and co ... but the above is perfect for me 298 new.
report quality price is excellent, considering the models proposed IBAN (I started looking at Ibanez before I turn in Cort).

grominet483's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort X-11
Hello all I just want to know the texture of the handle behind? Thank you


!dropoff Window


!dropoff Window


!dropoff Window

grimaldi07's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort X-11
- Made in Indonesia
- Basswood body finish Black Cherry Burst
- Saddle screwed rosewood handle
- 2 doubles (switchable) and a single Mighty Mite
- Double Locking Vibrato FR3D II (such Pink Floyd)
- Black hardware
- Weight: 3.6 Kgs


- A flame finish trs enjoyable and a wide polyurethane varnish that changes the color of the instrument according to the brightness.
- Channel TGV and end with large abalone taken in perloid
- ACCS to Aiges could not be better thanks to the heel profile "JEM"
- Its weight of 3.6 Kgs heavy enough it can stay in balance on the knees as feet (the handle does not fall forward like an SG) and inserts the vibrato are not likely to falter with a density Wood also important.
- Artificial Harmonics are ups and the output level of more than draisonnable ^ ^. We obtain a distortion-free problem by increasing a little battered and as Cort produces top-flight instruments you end up with a push-pull on the tone that splits the humbuckers into single for a more Stratocaster and therefore more lens.
- Once the handle rgl vibrato parallle the table and an open string action we really like playing that little vibrato on X11, with a floyd that does not dsaccorde!


- A composition endows HSH pickups Mightymites spitting with the possibility to split the humbuckers into single.
- Trs sound fat with palm mute trs and opened in Aiges.
- No grsillement or suspicious noise, a frieze does not.


A guitar that I bought in April 2007 if I remember correctly, I spare for I shall decide to buy a JEM but the X11 will leave me good memories and nostalgia of having once more t Wonderland by what this wonderful brand Cort.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort X-11
This is a guitar with 24 frets 2 humbuckers and a simple ..... I do not know much on technique. There is a 5 mic positions. Overall it is good. I put 7 because there are many models over ..; with better microphones, with a better overall quality, etc.


I can not really compare because I have not played on beaucoupde scratches .... this is my first and I had the opportunity to play on a freeway godin floyd ... c'es all ... . I think: the handle is super nice, super fast. Access to treble is fine. The weight is really not a problem and we get easily a good sound .... All in all, again, that's great! Having played along the freeway godin floyd on the same amp, I can tell you that the sound is almost the same .... this guitar sounds good in acute as in the saturated sound ... no complaints!


This guitar is best suited to a style metal because it sounds great heavy distortion!
Despite this worry, you can get a good fade to black and nothing else matters! (Metallica)
I play with a Micro Cube amplifier (2W told ui .... but in my opinion in at least 15 .... I think pushed it spits back a well-15W facil !!!)... even if the amp is not a standard in sound (purchase limited by my budget) we come out of his good use.The best thing about the Line 6 Spider III 75W to a friend! The sound is very correct! (Little difference from the freeway godin floyd!)


I use this guitar for the month of March 2007 and I do not regret this purchase at all. It was my first electric guitar and I chose for its price and because the seller of the store advised me: the equivalent ds other trademarks back about 2 times more! I love the look and more! It took me a while to get used to how to give but now it's going. I think this purchase allows all beginners eager to sound good to have some fun without spending too much (a beginner who does not yet know if the guitar is a passion or not ...) I recommend this guitar to anyone who seeks a good look, good sound, good value for money and fun to use a scratch! With the same budget that I had then, I would do it on this choice!
captain gouyou04/04/2007

captain gouyou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort X-11
Guitar made in Korea, 24 frets, 2 humbuckers and split mighty mite and simple. floyd rose bridge. 5-way switch. All you need to play heavy, the look included.


The handle is very honest, with access to acute correct. We can not too lower the string action on pain of a frieze, but at this price you can not have a ring either.
Guitar rather light.


Although she has a look "metal" it is quite versatile. The microphone in the middle clear sound is really excellent. In contrast, two humbuckers are downright soft knee.
I plugged into a Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 30W, plain and crunch is excellent, and at a very affordable price. + Double distortion in microphones is okay for my taste. But it's more than enough to work.
Say that given the price, it does very well.


I use it for 3 years. I like its value, making it an excellent working tool for all levels. Its biggest flaw is its humbuckers, which sound very average. Of course, at this price you can not expect wonders ^ ^.

With experience, I would resume this guitar, I would have purchased even earlier, it can work well and have a cool sound at a reasonable price.

sight's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort X-11
-dcrite prcdement


- Aesthetic, accecibilitergonomie very satifaisantes


- But is quite versatile in styles "rock"


I advise all dissidents guitarists seeking something other than the ib ... z and company.
all these guitarists formats sellers, these poor souls are plucked and pay the prestige of these mills brands in Cort, I do not even talk about the price.

heLeN's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort X-11
Well then: Guitar Coren (trs of good quality) Basswood amricain table Saddle Flamm (superb, the dtail who cracked the purchase), Saddle handle with rosewood fingerboard 24 frets .

Mcaniques oil bath, blocking nut, bridge type Floyd.

Cot electronic, there are two double and one single and split, CONTRL by volume (although potentiomtre progressive), a tone (the tone knob push-pull can split the double) and s 5-position player classic
1. neck pickup (double or single according to the push-pull)
2. + micro sleeve split simple
3. simple micro
4. simple micro + split bridge
5. pickup (double or single according to the push-pull)

Output jack on the side, perpendicular to the body, quite fragile if we did not pay attention (a small knee in the branch jack and presto, it's good change) it is better to use a jack Querre (I know if you see).

Conclusion: These CHARACTERISTICS suggrent a versatile guitar, with its brilliant plutt. The finish is excellent, except may be for the screws tend to rust.


Channel: trs fast, thin and with a relatively strait Access in acute trs ais. Agrees well with trs shredders of all kinds especially since (a lightweight APRS rglage) strings are fairly close to the key (not as much as a ESP) and the frets are fairly high.

Ergonomics: The shape has been proven, the guitar is very well balance, not too heavy so quite handy in concert.

Sound: rglage with the original mics have a sound rather dull and not trspchu. You just have to go back a little and the sound is good trs (see "Tips").

Conclusion: In practice, it is a guitar that provides great room for improvement in many styles, visually it is happening everywhere but the remark, the manufacture is of excellent quality for a very competitive price dfiant .

It is also a need rgler guitar, because SETTING THE SERIES trs is not good, whether the bridges, the action or the pickups.


The sound is versatile and can trs crdible be roughly mtalleux as in jazz or rock british rasta.
I use it on Marshall JCM 2000, gnral ineffective. It "means trs well" with this amp, the sound is transparent and trs reflte although the Personal of the instrument and the nuances of the game when I made the change 'on the microphones I'm talking about above, I had the impression of having changed guitar.

Clean channel: With a small gain, we get a sound both warm and bright on the humbuckers (neck warmer for the more brilliant for the bridge) and a trs its central ring with the microphone. When you push the gain, the sound starts cruncher if we attack hard and trs is smooth (especially neck pickup) once you get over it easy. With the gain merits, and the bridge pickup, you get the sound AC / DC, or in British rock gnral. Double drool a bit (I love). The splits that are worth playing with (the split metion specially acute)

Distortion channel: Sound a little drool on the agreements in the neck position, many middle, otherwise it is net in the bridge position (not as sharp as an example but it Dimebucker extreme) with a good dose harmonics, good sustain on all microphones. I never use the splits and simple saturation. In any case I'm in love with my solo sound (just with the amp eh, no effects or anything).

Conclusion: Trs good but not great, the sound of scratching is when the same high quality against price. Personally, I do not intend to change the pickups. The sound is expressive trs, you can really do enjoy your grades, for having played in concert, I'm glad trs trs.


I for 2 years. I like its looks, its versatility, its handle, the sound that I now have, in short, everything except my output jack is a little bit and I'll dfonce ending for change.

I tried many guitars, and well (Steve Vai, US Jackson, ESP ...), and every time I tell myself that this little Cort, I'm lucky to have it, so I'm comfortable with it. Sr is the microphones are not transcendent, not the doubt, but the audible Difference does not justify an investment as standard.
Say it is good to forgive its small default.

It is above all an excellent qualitprix, a boon for those who want to buy an instrument they will keep while putting a reasonable price.

I would do if this choice? Today I have more reason to make that choice when I became bte, so yes, DEFINITIONS.

I put an overall score of 10 for the price and quality report because I find that more brands should sell guitars of this quality that price.

wulfgar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort X-11
Korean made in the Cort factory, not brief a small factory
24fret, big enough .... I think this requires a little adaptation, 2 humbucker and 1 single invoice mightymite, with the possibility of all the running in single-coil (pretty cool ...)
floyd type bridge .... a bit fragile, mine needs to blow a screwdriver when I change the strings ....
a 5-position pickup switch to a Volume and a Tone knob used a double pass to the single coil by pulling
handle very nice, 4vises, rather fine and good access to acute ...


Handle very pleasant
access to acute bone
weight level ... 5.2kilo, it's going
good sound easy? HA! depending on the amp is used and if there are indeed ... I think yes


They agree well metal (again ... dpend of amp and effect ....)
I played on a marshall VS100R and uses a korg ax1g the effect
is obtained both from her fat sweet ....
big flaw on this guitar solo .... .... the sound seems a little squeak, and we note a tendency to shout ....


I have the last 2 years
she really the geule, especially the blue burst finisher ...
No I had a squier before that: D
good quality price ratio ....
and yes I do not hesitate No more than I have hesitated in the store ... now waiting for my jackson KE3 j: D