Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster FMT HSS
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster FMT HSS

American Deluxe Stratocaster FMT HSS, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
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Hatsubai's review"Looks great but not a true strat sound"

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster FMT HSS
This seems to be an attempt at Fender trying to enter the more boutique market that they never truly tapped into. The guitar isn't really a true strat; it's more of a superstrat. It's a bit odd as it's not quite a Fender, and it doesn't sound exactly like a Fender, yet it still has that kind of Fender vibe going on. The guitar features an alder body with a flame maple top, a maple neck with an ebony fretboard, 22 medium frets, a 2 point tremolo, dot inlays, HSS configuration, one volume, one tone and a five way switch.


The flame top on this looked great. It could easily rival pretty much any other flame top you've ever seen on the boutique market. The finish on this was nice, as well. The frets were a bit of an issue, however. While they were level, there were some issues with them not being fully crowned. I would have liked to see them crowned a bit better and polished up some more. The ends were nicely beveled, so no issues there. The ebony on this was nice and dark without any streaks, and it didn't seem to have been dyed. The bridge on this is great, but don't expect it to hold tune like a floyd rose. It's great for minor to medium work.


The guitar had a Duncan Custom Custom swapped into the bridge, but the singles were the standard SCNs that Fender utilizes in these guitars. The Duncan Custom Custom was super thick sounding. It was like EVH in a pickup, and you could get some awesome sounds out of this thing. It had enough output for metal, but it was spongy enough to do some great blues lead lines as well. The middle pickup split nicely with this, and I could get some great funk tones. The neck + middle was pure clean tone heaven, and it happens to be my favorite sound in this guitar. The neck was super powerful, and I had no issues playing metal lead lines with that pickup. It's not the most classic sound, but it delivered.


If you're looking for a traditional sounding strat, you won't want to be looking at this guitar. It doesn't sound like a normal strat, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that there's no pickguard. On top of that, the woods aren't the standard woods that Fender usually utilizes. If you're looking for a fairly high quality guitar, this is worth checking out. Just don't overpay for this as it may need some slight fretwork done to it.

billyblue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster FMT HSS
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster FMT Tobaco Color Sunburst.
Everything has been said about the characteristics detailed below.

I was surprised by the quality of the finish superbly treated. Much more beautiful than the picture.

The adjustment of the strings is made Fender standard a little high for my taste. After replacing the strings with larger and a stint at a luthier to fit my requirements, it is a pleasure to play on this guitar.


The handle is very nice and fast, it adapts well to my hand. With the Push Push 'S1' installed on the volume and the volume pot switch 5 position, it has 9 different tones. Difficult not to have the sound we are looking for.

Access to acute is suitable. The guitar is very well balanced and a correct weight. Set correctly, this guitar is not tiring even after 3 hours and Jam is a pleasure to play it.

Edit of 26/07/2009: The switch S1 is out of his home just after ten use, and to date I expect my Fender replaced under warranty. Two months of waiting and no recovery despite several new ... The delay comes instead of "musicstore.de" where I bought it. Big disappointment on their "customer service".


I had this guitar before the finish but even normal (Fender Strato Am. Deluxe HSS). By buying this one I thought I would stay in the same quality of sound: and far away, we move to a level much higher in my opinion. Better sustain, a more rounded and warmer await you. I think the quality of wood is different is that for many (maple top and ebony fingerboard for this one)

Amp I use as a "Fender Blues Junior" with a few pedals (Ibanez TS808, Boss CH1 ...) and a Fender Deluxe VM. I play Rock, pop and blues (Clapton, AC / DC, Queen, Pink Floyd, Shocking Blue ....) and this guitar fits wonderfully well with these sounds.

Edit of 26/07/2009: After several months of use, I still can not get used to the volume knob, you can not make a quick adjustment of specific volume during the games, it passes rapidly from one volume very high OFF GRRrrrrrr ... Fender would place a pot of more progressive.


I've had two months. Very good guitar that I advise all those who play rock-blues.

The price is right for a guitar of this quality if based on current prices of guitars.

I also have a PRS and a "Gibson Les Paul Pro SC. Since I got this guitar, I no longer use it and it gives me all the sounds I need, and robust appearance inspires confidence to carry around everywhere without fear especially that it comes with a very nice "box" vintage ;-).

I would do this choice without hesitation eyes closed.

JiPee's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster FMT HSS
American Deluxe Series Stratocaster FMT HSS TSB The same as in the photo and not amber but tobacco sunburst finish


The wood:

Alder body with flame table Saddle the most beautiful effect ... Good + beautiful than the picture! This makes it an unusual strat and sound must also feel this table Rabl.

Channel select button in Saddle bne, mother of pearl inlays

and the rest ...

Push Push S1 that allows all possible cabling microphones, the sounds from the stratosphere to the classic sounds + + "Gibsonnien", a special capacitor for the humbucker position which gives him a push with his more serious. As against a single Tone knob for the volume knob when he is fast enough, it cuts quickly trs sound, difficult to make during the game rglages prcis make a habit ...

LSR Roller Nut, is that nut ball bearings, so as not to dsacorder when using the vibrato. It did not really convinced, but must say that I am not a big user of vibrato, and as I have always frets huil my standards on other models from scratch, I never really paigns of felt on this point.

Channel form "C", 22 medium jumbo frets, Truss Rod Bi Flex 2 Cobalt Noiseless pickups simple Samarian + 1 Humbucker Enforcer DH1, 2-point synchronized tremolo.

Mcaniques Deluxe locking strings, ca I love it! Once srre the rope does not move. Save time during installation and no strings dsacordage as often the first day with mcaniques normal.

And even if AC is not part of the guitar CHARACTERISTICS: The check box is super beautiful! wood color, the brown wig indoor, a storage big enough to put 2 / 3 set of strings, cable, tuner, ... in short it takes! Larger than the storage box of a Gibson Les Paul (yes I possde one too;))

For résumé, CHARACTERISTICS of the height of its price (I paid 1390 euros new) and the Made in America is a good point. The finish is good. -1 For the history of knobs but it is a matter of taste


The handle is enjoyable, it is finely polish the bevel of the body is rounded to facilitate the ACCS in acute but not yet NACAP on this point, a less refined muzzle Jackson DK2 for example, but hey, compare the comparable ... this is trs correct.

I think this guitar is not tiring, it adapts quickly and trs, RULES with onions is really a rgal, it bothers me less than my strat hyghway1 that handle + + polish frets and catchy ... Weight level against it is only slightly heavier than the hyghway1 +.

A use as rglages for the vibrato bridge two points is much better than this m ^ rde vibrato "vintage" hyghway1 there on, for example, or running around the bridges and frquemments sometimes even causing "buzz" ...

For résumé, use it in the stratum of luxury, comfort, a reliable with no surprises. -1 For the history of the muzzle even if t is an effort and it's not a guitar shredder


I play with a BR900CD BOSS (effect WP6), a Fender Blues Junior and a Marshall VS 100R. EDIT: and a JVM 205C dchire ca!

A really versatile guitar, a sound that remains a hot strat hyghway1 +, probably because of its pickups and table Rabl. No noise even on the single coils. It can attack all types of music thanks to the possibilities of the switch S1, the color that gives the guitar is never dsagrable and will not shock purists mtal, funk, blues ... or the tavern.

His sound will appeal to as many people as well equilibrated whatever the config, the public will be delighted!

Résumé for a versatile guitar but keeps a real signature, real characters hot hot! No noise, the sound is slightly warmer and less + than slamming a hyghway1


I recently I had jou twenty hours on it now.
It's a nice tool. It gives a lot want to play by its comfort and its always enjoyable. Just to look elsewhere, just give this desire.
When I order, I did not expect it to be so pretty!
It's really, I think a good guitar and the price is not excessive (for the United States) in view of all its advantages, for the same price in a Gibson you will stick! (J'exagre but when I look at my les paul studio pays 1600 euros ... I wonder!)
EDIT 13/07/07: Still happy with this instrument, a rgal!
I rergl the curvature of the neck, as a new guitar Obviously it moves a little beginners and more time with the change in t is l.

I compltement bluff by bi flex truss rod! Used to the simple truss rod, where often I find aprsrglages, ca rebouge hair and must be adjusted the next day or two days later. Ben turns the 2 quarts of ... impeccable! reboug and it did not at all. The curve is perfect and regularly.

Otherwise, still not convinced by the LSR nut and Two point vibrato ... I did some test vibrato (I'm a little forced because it is not my thing. Lol!) And I do not find it convincing trs. For a vibrant lightweight in the range of what can be done with the left hand, yes, the limit, but del ho hum, still the small problem of tuning. So do not particularly think that this system replaces an original floyd rose, even half.

I stand by my ratings! She MRIT!
Go a few photos of the beautiful: