Fender Deluxe Players Strat
Fender Deluxe Players Strat

Deluxe Players Strat, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Deluxe series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 10 reviews )
 7 reviews70 %
 3 reviews30 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Hatsubai's review"Great guitar for the price"

Fender Deluxe Players Strat
The Deluxe Player Strat is one of the better strats to come out recently. While it's made in Mexico, it has all kinds of cool features. It has an alder body with a maple neck and a rosewood or maple fretboard, 21 frets, a vintage tremolo, SSS configuration, one volume, two tone knobs, special push/pull switch and a five way switch.


Fender finally did something I've been wanting for the longest time in a normal production strat -- it has a proper radius. Yes, this guitar has a 12'' radius. That means that you can achieve low action without worrying about fretting out. The frets on this thing aren't too bad. There are some frets that need some attention, but it's nothing too bad, especially for the price. It still only has 21 frets which I'm not a fan of, but we can't have everything, I guess.


The guitar sounded pretty good with the noiseless Fender pickups. The bridge is bright and spanky. You can do all kinds of sounds from funk to 80s hair metal with this. The middle is something I never use much, but it works in combination with the bridge and neck nicely to create that coveted quacking sound. The neck is pretty cool, and it has a very nice vowely kinda tone. The real cool part is that switch that allows for even greater versatility when it comes to pickup configuration, but I never really used it that often since I mainly use positions 1 and 5.


For the price, these are some great guitars. If you decide to buy one, play a few and see how you like them as not everyone enjoys the 12'' radius. It can make chording harder for some people, but it's kinda like a Les Paul. If you've ever played one of those, this'll have a somewhat similar feel when it comes to the radius.
MGR/Nick Robbins11/07/2004

MGR/Nick Robbins's review"Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster"

Fender Deluxe Players Strat
I bought this guitar from a music store downtown in St. John's, Newfoundland for $850.00 Canadian with set-up and gig bag. I bought this because I wanted a strat so damn bad, and my Ibanez wasn't working out too well with tuning stability and tone for blues.

Well, first of all, it has Vintage Noiseless pickups that are amazing, and virtually noiseless, without sacrificing tone. It plays like a dream, the best Strat I have ever played, and the finish and overall look of the unit is amazing! Plus the push in button allows you to use neck, middle and bridge pickups at the same time!

I have not found something I don't like about this guitar yet.

Built rock solid, excellent neck and body, you might want to buy a polishing kit for the body just to keep it looking nice, but other than for that, it's all good! The medium-jumbo frets are awesome, too!

Buy this guitar, and you will not regret it! This is the best purchase I have ever made.

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Porschica's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe Players Strat
Mexican guitar deluxe series
Standard Start bridge
21 vintage frets mechanical
Noiseless and micro switch 5 position + button that adds the two positions
Missing from the Start: neck bridge / neck middle bridge
Maple neck and body ash


Channel c not too late good support
weight not heavy but not light either
The rest is typical of a stratum while the sound is fabulous
and highly crystalline, slamming
Tremolo makes the guitar a little too "disagreement" damage.


I play U2 and Muse and U2 is mainly on the perfect pieces in question
This guitar is perfect with a good Fender amps and sounds clean and crunch.
metal and hard rock are not really his field since I have had opportunities for this reason.
The seven positions all have a specific and very different
SUPER guitar and very aesthetic.


I've had two days this is my first Fender Start and my first non-response.
I understand why this is the reference.
Apart from the vibrato that tune quickly if abused too much, the sound is up to us the standard and classic without problems.
I had gone for Squier Classic Vibe which also sound very respectable for the price and when I saw that I could have a deluxe mex for the same price I went for.
All is fabulous is my first so I have no point of comparison against but I have exactly the sound I was looking to play on the pod hd 500 pieces cleans enough so I can only say that it is perfect.

Twx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Happy picking!"

Fender Deluxe Players Strat
Quickly: Mexican vintage bridge with screws 7, 21 frets and micro noiseless.
Rosewood handle, with a small standard electronic switch to activate the bridge pickup all the time.


The handle is quite enjoyable. Plutt finished well on my MODEL. I prfre the handle of Tlcaster's (in the form of which more than my hand) but each his own right?
The form is standard, but I think the weight a little to suprieur strats standards, though.

Sound: I admit that I cracked direct. The microphone is of good quality no noise except when the volume is about 7 but remains trs trslger ... I do not know why but I guess there are a . The sound is well CHARACTERISTICS of fenders, no surprise that the ct but I will discuss later.

The overall finish is really good. And the color is really nice with the wood grain visible under the paint.

Otherwise some of the quality of mcaniques. The beginning Ds, some uses of vibrato dreglait guitar ... So much so that plutt than leaving floating I al the body. In addition, you can not properly rgler certain harmonics because the screws dfaillantes (NAFTA) of one of the bridges of m'empche rgler the height of it and more, the height decreases over Thurs .. I end up with a rope lower than others. Being given that I have no business use of the instrument, a password ... bah But I hsit change several times the original one against another. But my meager pay of Students does not allow me that kind of fantasy;)
Otherwise, the color of golden mcaniques oxidizes quickly ... A shame for the look but gives a little vintage effect.

Nevertheless, APRS three and a half years without making rgler it sound correct trs, even drgle! My friends are always Bluffs it's a.

I put my mcaniques only 6, but it is worth 7 for the rest.


Level style, I love playing Led Zep, Hendrix, stuff like arctic monkeys latest issue, and sometimes a little mtallica, SOAD, or others. I use a Fender Roc Pro, which is a transistor with a lamp prampli. A good amp but not crystal clear sound terrible terrible saturated. Anyway, I get him out almost every sound I want. The absence of double coil prevents some more stuff to play hard, but still sounds. I beginners to regret not taking the MODEL HSS, but a favorite is a favorite!
For cons, I can not find the switch intrt of the bridge pickup. It does not change very little sound, and your exact limit is often worse than no. In any case it does not justify the price surcrot.


I use it for over 3 years. I really look forward to allow me the dpense. The sound is really falling in comparison with other models and is of Mexican strats amricaine level. Too bad for mcaniques feeble, would have made it a jewel.
I bought the era quite expensive, but I find the Q / P plutt good. It is better to type the 200 euros and more than dip into The models lower-end brand. The guitar goes by without a problem and to make amricaine live there's no fear to figure ct ple of others!

With exprience however, I would try my luck in a MODEL Used. For the same price there some way to find the best ct guitars second hand. Although, it must be lucky.

If you have the means to change the bridge, go for it! One of the best Mexican, try to have a package.

manyaxx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not bad"

Fender Deluxe Players Strat
Made in mex

I have a sunburst with maple neck and button
radius rather flat key 12 so

I changed the mechanical models drilled to pass the strings in it, easier than the recorder crack


the handle is good, fast but the radius makes the game easier than the solo game agreements and especially picking

polishing the frets is not perfect

the drawing is fine, some prefer to go bigger, with appropriate adjustments, so


I play blues, rock and reggae
I quickly found the right sound every time, with just a reverb, a tube screamer and amp lamp.

I love the microphone in the middle, then the stick and I put a damper on bridge pickup ... a little loud and I find blade

noiseless erase the parasite or snoring downside is missing some teeth


I do not regret my purchase
I changed the aesthetics of the guitar by turning everything except the golden bridge, black screws everywhere, fixing black strap, cover and jack jack black micro caches and backplate painted bomb " cream "to match the kit knobs vintage cream white" I put on
I do not exclude change the bridge pickup one day, perhaps for a DIMARZIO DP409 HEAVY BLUES 2 ...

Seb.72's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" close 'Rican"

Fender Deluxe Players Strat
This Start was made in Mexico, Rosewood. Color Arctic white with white plate turtoise. The little flat for my taste remains the mechanical golden objects that can be a little "bling bling" as well as the bridge and vibrato, but otherwise it remains serious.


In terms of use, this Start has certainly been made in Mexico, but God it's good to take charge. This is my first guitar, but I could compare it to a U.S. friend, a U.S. Standard. Nothing obvious between them. I stumbled on the right strat a series Mex or a good series in general? I think because I could compare with various other mex and mine has a few steps ahead ...


What about her ... for me again, I have no problem with this jewelry. The sound is great especially since I installed the Custom Shop 69 above just waiting to blow up the ceiling and jumping windows. I had before the Texas special, same verdict even if the two sets of microphones are still different, but the key is there: it has a nice round clean sound and warm, a crunch that is quite addictive. In short, just happiness. Still, the U.S. standard of rest before my friend for a bit of ass. But hey, for a Mex, it is remarkable.


It's been almost eight months since ... I have. I'll never part because it's my first one hand and on the other hand, is a standard off-Mex twist the jaws of any geek stereotype that Mexican as poor or lower than the U.S.. Mexican

abdotrainer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe Players Strat
A skyscraper with ash body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, all manufactured in Mexico.
Note the presence of noiseless pickups, surprising at this price, and a switch that activates the bridge pickup all the time.
9 because it seems well equipped for the price, only the bridge seems a bit "basic", as well as the nut.


Regarding ergonomics, is a strat bah what, so my love, my fingers are comfortable dessus.les lifts are good and the vibrato is effective until you ask him not too (it works for small effects, and it does not much tune the guitar)

Level easy, well it's still a stratum, then manipulation of knobs and all that ... easy.


So this guitar is quite surprising, because the switch can take you from one world to another, it's going to a warm, round (for a strat eh, it's still much more than slamming the SG or Paul) to handle a very shrill and slamming her, almost like a tele chevalet.Entre in both, the enormous possibilities, the same strat a "classic", plus a small switch that activates the bridge pickup brings things interesting (especially the neck and bridge combination, to the blues).
I play it on a peavay Transtube studio pro 112 and some effects (chorus and crybaby EH small clone), and really a broad range of its oriented classic rock / blues, even if more extreme sounds are within reach and no more.


I play for a year now, and I'm super comfortable with, now I get him out really what I want playing well with the rock réglages.pour not necessarily very bold, it's nickel . I also tried other strats, but are those who have really made Ash vibrate, and this one in particulier.aucun regret this purchase, I love this guitar.
Note that I bought when I was in Austria, I have therefore paid only 720 Roros, which makes it particularly attractive

mat.p's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe Players Strat
Mexico Manufacturing
21 box
1 volume
2 tones
round profile


Channel super nice
access to your fever is super easy
good ergonomics we feel the guitar on shoulder after two hours to repeat, in May I will excuse!!
is obtained facillement the sound that you want especially with the new switch that provides access to two or more positions then 7 5 2 position, c is the top


I play from blues to rock to see the metal from time to time it is parfaie
I play with a gt 8 found all that we want the
the crystal-clear sound its super ...........


I used the last two months
what I AIMME pus c is its playability and sound
rappot super quality pix, for me it is well worth a stratum of middle class

hervo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe Players Strat
-This guitar is fabique in Mexico but U.S. quality.
It has 21 frets aisi three noiseless single coil pickup, which eliminates all noise fons.
Fender-vintage vibrato bridge.
5-position pickup selector and a small switch that adds a 2 Tone positions.2 volume.
Typical round-fender


Round-very pleasant.
-Access to treble is very easy, no problem.
Correct weight-we draw sheet.
We get a good sound very easy thanks to its great pickups.


We just have all kind of sound that are suitable for all styles.
I played on a small marshall Frache frankly not that great but even with an amp it sucks super well sone.
We obtain a crystal clear and sharp in the center position and drier but still on the lens and the front deuxime derniere.On may also have a very saturated in bies.
-I like all positions.


I use it for one month and it suits me perfectly.
-I like everything about this guitar.
I have not tried much before Odell aqurir.
Very good quality-price ratio.
Yes, I would do this choice.

younF-310's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Deluxe Players Strat

-21 Frets, pickups noiseless.

Selector-five positions, three knobs: volume, treble and bass.

Channel-stocky, rosewood fingerboard.

I put 9 because the vibrato APRS use long trend dsacorder guitar.


-The handle is enjoyable trs my taste (the handle of a strat what ...)

-The Access in acute is very easy.

-Good ergonomics, but after half past one / two hours you start to feel good on his shoulders

-Y has only plug in the jack and just touch the qualizer to get a good sound trs (the noiseless pickups must be there for many)

I put 9 because of the ergonomics.


"I chose a strat rputes because they are versatile and with this one I used: bob marley black sabbath all sounds ... or almost!

-I played on a Hughes And Ketti 30W amp with a Zoom G2 multi-effects box and I get Russian trs sounds good.

Sounds-crystalline clean with the switch in positions dernire enough chattering treble. Trs a good saturation: the solos are perfect with the switch in position Premire.

-However, the switch positions intermdiaires lack "personality", damage ... But with my Zoom G2 my palette of sound is great plutt.


"I use this guitar for 3 months prs.

-What I like most: his Son and his sthetique the least: the vibrato that does not really agree.

The quality-price ratio for me, trs good!