Ibanez RG1077XL
Ibanez RG1077XL
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All user reviews for the Ibanez RG1077XL

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 5 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Hobz Thompson09/18/2003

MGR/Hobz Thompson's review"Ibanez RG1077XLRB"

Ibanez RG1077XL
I bought this guitar used from Rich Harris (ibanez rules-a high end ibanez guitar dealer). I sent a money order, and it came in the mail, in it's case. I got it because I wanted a really good, playable, versatile, and economical 7-string guitar. I paid $1075us, and $1500ca.

I like how it's the best guitar on earth.
The sound is either bluesy, deafening, tight, sloshy, wet, dry, slippery, solid, (insert adjective of your choice), and everything in between. It's a beautiful guitar, striking, modern, and traditional looking (much like the sound). The finish is royal blue, looks black sometimes, looks blue from far away, and is sparkly. It changes with the light conditions. Really cool finish, and the binding looks really cool too. Makes it look professional. I like how the thing is easy to play. The frets are nice and big and feel great shredding or playing slipknot. The pots are solid and accurate. The pickups, as I said before, can get you just about any sound you would want. I don't usually use the tone control because the pickup selector can do it all. Great lead tone-wicked tight bridge pickup. The single coil bridge and mid pups make an awesome, almost acoustic sound. It can literally sound like a banjo with a lot of sustain. That one was a really pleasant surprise. jangley when you play at the neck, and tight and ringey at the bridge. Hard to explain. The mid coil is traditional-like a strat, only with a lot of bass. I rarely use the mid-neck single pup combo. It just isn't feasible. I'm going to get the wiring changed so that I can use both humbuckers at once. The neck pup is warm warm warm, and tight. Just put a little tube distortion on that puppy through a bass amp and you have the most heavenly guitar sound on earth. The thing is solid, thin neck, but with a bubinga strip. I like, also, how it doesn't go out of tune. This thing gets the full brunt (well, maybe not the FULL brunt) of the Canadian weather, and I tune it maybe once a week. Setup sucks though, it take about two weeks to get it to work well.
Of course, I could go on for a great length of time about the things I like, its light, balanced…etc… But then I would have to list all of the features a guitar could possibly offer.

I don't like how you can't use both humbuckers at the same time. I don't like the long setup.

Solid. The neck is a bit thin, but it has the bubinga strip in it, wich looks really cool. I like the thin neck though. I can't play a strat for more than ten minuets because my hand gets tired because the neck is too big. The trem is solid and accurate, the neck-body connection is curved, so that there isn't a big block of wood there. The 24th fret is easy to get to. It's basswood, light and well balanced. The design is a bit like the sound-modern with a traditional aspect. The neck is 27", wich makes it nice and tight.

Perfect. Tight, bassey sound that is also bright. Solid construction, lots of features, beautiful guitar. And perhaps most importantly, it has a certain character, thet makes it a classic.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Chetklog Khoytok10/30/2001

MGR/Chetklog Khoytok's review"Ibanez RG1077XL 7 String"

Ibanez RG1077XL
I ordered this guitar from Wollongong Music Center, NSW, Australia. It cost me 2,300 Australian Dollars. I want the guitar that is totally different from the previous one. So I choose 7 strings(my previous one is Tom Anderson Cobra).

Great Sound from the DiMarzio 7 Custom pickups, it is thick, powerful, and beautiful. Great work for quality of neck and it is smooth and very easy to play. Easy access to the deepest fret (24th fret). Reasonable price when compare with other RG 7 strings model which is a little bit cheaper but quality is quite different and this model that I bought is the top model for RG series. Very good looking guitar(belief me)!!!.

I did not find anything that is not good for me. However, I am used to the U shape neck(Tom Anderson) not thin neck like Ibanez but it is still perfect for me. It is quite confuse to play 7 strings at the first time but after I played for a while it is alright. I'm not quite sure that in the future the neck of guitar would bend or not!!?? because it is thin.

Basswood body with Lo pro Edge tremolo. Prestige neck(great work)!!! Perfect work for this guitar.

Great!!!! Worth for your money. You can compare with other model and you will find that it is the best. I think it is a stupid idea to buy Steve Vai's Universe 7 strings, which is fucking expensive and not worth your money just to get his name and model. Buy RG1077xl and you will not be sad if you want a great 7 strings guitar.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Z3r0_hp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 7"

Ibanez RG1077XL
Previous notices explains everything very well ^ ^


Use Level I is ideal. The sleeves are wonderful and this Ibanez guitar droge not the rule. I'll even tell until it's the best round of 7-string I know, even compared to other big-model Ibanez (rg1527, rg2027x, rga427z, uv777) or other marks (above 7 , petrucci 7 and C-7) that remains for me to handle far more ergonomic.
In terms of ergonomics Ibanez RG she no longer has to prove themselves.


The sounds are well suited. I am not a specific focus, so if I infoutu tell you whether it lacks treble or bass. I just tell you that the headset microphone offers good versatility of sound that can address a lot of musical style with a 7 string. For me I play with a Randall RH 100 in a metal band but also in AD 15 vox pop group more. For me it


by delegates from the last 7 strings! (Yeah just a)
I play with it since 4 years now and I do not ever pulled apart. I'm going through a lot of 7 string before (RG7321, RG1527, Blackjack C-7) and my heart is full for it ^ ^. For what has made it a very versatile sound and its handle formidable finesse and speed.
I have no more to compare it with all the 7 strings of the world, there is the legendary UV recess 7 Premire name and model number as a luthier. Nevertheless month that this guitar is in my opinion, the best qualitprix for a 7 string though now difficult to find you pay a month CHRE UV 7 or that a supra

Leulapin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG1077XL
Japanese guitar
Channel baritone prestige 27 inches
DiMarzio pickups in split 5
blue ivory net with his angles
Floyd Tremolo
2 knobs, tone and volume


Must be a round baritone but once adopted the larger map between the fingers is great enjoyable. We can not go nanmoins exactly the same things on a handle 24 '

The guitar is a pretty good balance with Sustain, the downtunes ncessitent rgler of the floyd which is tedious and it is best to lock in bends to hold the tuning.

Del to a drop in pulling 68 G bass string on the handle folds is sufficient for good dynamics but you can not go under the gure FA dja which is not a bad tune in .
The pitch is ok with these low rglages trs.


Prcis when properly rgl the height of the strings.
Sound rather cold on micro tweeter, funky cold also on the single coil and rather warm, but less on the micro prcis serious.

Used on the mesa boogie, the acute lack a bit of bright, serious and mediums are beautiful.

The positions of the splits intremdiaires microphones are pretty nil, you should use each micro sparment (1 3 and 5 positions on the micro switch).

Her trs balance between the microphones and positions, but also equilibrated over the entire height of the handle.

The pickups are not high end but everything is acceptable nanmoins.

Note a difficulty into the agreement of the lowest string, regardless of tuning, a varies a bit, after about half a second tuning down a third of a half ton ( this is what you see on the tuner).
Curious effect also on the observation of a friend. In gnral the bass string used in rhythm saturates so it does not matter because it is replayed before the second half but it's good to know, I doubt that for beautiful harmonies in his Clearly this is the top. Buddy grant a little higher so that it is always wrong but only a little above and slightly below the note.
It does not generally understood by a non guitarist / musician (this is the equivalent of an agreement prcis little and a little bend but hey, it's not for players who smash their bass string, is more flexible on a game suited attacks.


Manir used intensively for 3 years

enjoyable play trs, trs boring rgler correctly

K7 essay, LAG and RG 7-string standart.
K7 downtune better than in most pickups, but on a priori K7, also cheaper, handle 10x better than the GAL and the 7-string ibanez non prestige.

Ok price quality ratio, it is no longer sold new I think.

Difficult to say whether I would resume the same so it is only in its crneau I find ... it adapts its use and it's perfect. To do the same thing (drop fast rhythmic G) I take it back yes. Whereas I can not afford more expensive kind music man or nevborn 8 strings ...
Flex le groove04/14/2006

Flex le groove's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG1077XL
Japanese guitar.
7 strings, 24 frets "jumbo" micro DiMarzio (2 doubles, one single) 5 positions (splitage on some positions), baritone Channel "prestige"
Floyd, two knobs, one volume and one tone.
Nice finish overall, it's a beautiful instrument.


Handle very fine, fast and fun to play what is important lorqu'on a 7-string guitar where the neck is necessarily wider.

As for sound, microphones splitage double and the existence of a single coil provides a lot of sonnorités. Center position can even approach a strat's. But the real area of ​​expertise of this guitar is double and therefore distorted sounds. This guitar tines on its promises in this area.


I play metal with, and it's perfect. the sound is clear, sharp and suited to my game
The clean sounds are ok with this instrument.


I use it for a while.

For those looking for a 7-string, this model is one of the best, but you can not find it now that opportunity.

Black point of this guitar: hard to adjust, the varnish is very fragile, very specific uses.