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All user reviews for the Ibanez RG2620

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
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Hatsubai's review"Very cool finish on this"

Ibanez RG2620
This really isn't any different from any of the other ibanez guitars that they've released. The main differnece is that this guitar has a very striking finish on it that lends itself towards standing out of the crowd a bit more. The guitar has a basswood body with a maple neck, rosewood fretboard with 24 frets, dot inlays, an Ibanez Edge Pro tremolo, HH configuration, all access neck joint, one volume, one tone and a five way switch.


The first thing you notice about this guitar is how nice the actual finish is. It was flawless when I was checking it out. There were no drips or scratch marks from the sanding process. Everything was like glass, and it really popped out at you. The fretwork on this guitar was great, and I was able to get super low action without any issues. The necks on these are fairly thin, but they're not quite as thin as the old school Wizard necks, so some people might prefer them a bit. All in all, it was a very solid guitar.


The guitar's stock pickups were pretty weak sounding. I was never a huge fan of the stock pickups that Ibanez puts in their guitars, and this is no different. The bridge sounded kinda bland overall, and it was just uninspiring. It can work for some tones, but it's not nearly as organic as a normal DiMarzio would be. The neck was much the same, and I find the neck to be a bit too bright for my liking. I tend to prefer darker, smoother neck pickups, and this wasn't getting what I normally go for unless I turned down the tone knob a bit.


If you replace the pickups in this model, you'll get a great playing guitar at a great price. The finish helps make it stand out from the rest of the crowd, and it's a pretty cool guitar overall. However, it's not THAT much different from other Ibanez guitars out there, so you might be better off buying an older model on eBay or from guitar forums.
Vince Brooks09/13/2009

Vince Brooks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2620
In which country was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...)
How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration?
What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?

"Floyd Rose" brand Ibanez. It is quite the road but when it moves a little.
If you have sweaty feet like mine, you may have even surprised me: the part of the tremolo block, which rests in my hand starts to rust ...

What are the settings (volume, tone, micro switch ...)?
What kind of stick?

View previous opinions.
Mine is gray.


The handle is it nice?

Yes, very.
The matt varnish the handle is contributing a lot!

Access to acute (last string) Is it easy?

Yes (thank you to the heel section)!

Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?

Yes: The form is perfect (if that perfection exists) and the weight is really nice (although I think it is lighter than my Start).

Do you get a good sound easy? ...

It is easy to navigate, at least, if only one is playing with this type of configuration of microphones.
Being accustomed to the stratum, no worries for me.


Are they suitable for your style of music?

More or less. Let me explain: after 12 years to play on my Start, I toured the possibilities of this instrument and it took imperative that I gain a skyscraper me to ensure saturations.

She should therefore work for both technical and a bit cold to Satriani and others, but it does not allow me to take my foot with a good old Stevie Ray.

With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?

I played on a Vox VT15 (see my review) in the apartment, and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe qq good pedals again.

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?

The guitar is very versatile, you can get everything from sounds very thick and strong with the double (positions 1, 3 and 5), sounds thinner and less powerful in an intermediate position (positions 2 and 4).

In general, I find these pickups, combined with the violin, provide sound very straight, accurate ... This may seem a bit cold for lovers of vintage blues well (which I am too).

However, we can not have everything (especially in this price range) and I think when we opt for the versatility, we must accept the corollary of this choice: it has neither the charm nor the clean sounds fendériens Gibson enjoyment sounds hot, even if it provides in both areas (sound cleans and saturated).

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

I love the cleans sound in middle position (double splitter), but they lack character, especially the teeth of the bridge humbucker for distortion.
For cons, I'm not a fan of sound provided by the humbucker near the neck: I think it lacks precision.

So you can get an idea, I refer you to qq videos recorded with a Vox VT15:
# p/a/u/0/IxNUlqBuwkk ( )


For how long have you been using it?

Since one month, and I use it every day (my mouth is strat in its case).

What thing do you like most/least about it?

What I like is its versatility and playability.
It allows me to consider all the styles, if only one is not too purist or search for vintage sounds.
That said, this has the advantage of not confine themselves to one style and I chose this guitar, knowing it would force me to play differently (even if the stratum is versatile, she was limited to a certain style).

Now I'm not afraid to attack me for more technical solos, which require precision, speed and power. The bridge pickup is so accurate that it really does not give gifts.
I say that with this guitar, it had better be accurate enough because otherwise it does not: it does not have enough personality to compensate is the guitarist to make it sound.
Basically, not really "type", it forces the guitarist to have his style.

I also like the locking system (oh, no more endless tunings), although without the little key provided by Team J Craft, you get really annoying.
Although seen as the small wheel located below the vibrato that can refine the tuning.

That said, I'm not a fan of Floyd as to change the strings is a little headlock and then I think it lacks a little finesse.

Did you try many other models before getting this one?

No, but basically I was facing a Musicman Luke (it is not in the same price range) that I had the opportunity to try, and several Fender Stratocaster Deluxe HSS and the qq Paul.

What is your opinion about the value for the price?

Very good, because I paid 590 euros new.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...

Until recently, I was almost an "anti-Ibanez" a bit posh (without the means to be) no swearing by the high-end guitars with a strong personality (Musicman, PRS, Surh, Tom Anderson ,...), holding that Ibanez guitars produced only very cold for technicians hardcore shredders (Paul Gilbert, Satriani, Vai, ...).

Then I said, noting that there was still a lot of very good guitar player among them who have their weapons with these guitars (the aforementioned guitarists, Andy Timmons, Petrucci, Gambale, ...), that it was still recognize the qualities of these guitars, and that having desire to play music a bit more "technical", I should perhaps try one of these guitars.
Today I can say that with the budget I had, I made a wise choice and that this guitar will be with me for quite some years.

My next purchase on which lead me scratching my finances will allow me, and I say it is not impossible for me to crack into the future for another Ibanez (a good JS 1200, for example) !

rönönö_997's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2620
Manufacturing Made In Japan
Basswood body. Rosewood handle.
Wizard Prestige 24 Cases
Edge Pro Vibrato
Mechanical Gotoh
Two humbuckers DiMarzio / Ibanez (Made in America, even the FAQ DiMarzio for skeptics)
A + Volume and Tone slecteur a 5 position (Neck / Parallel / Bridge + Neck / Split Neck + Bridge / Bridge)

Note that this guitar dates only from 2005. (See catalog EUROPEN) Other 2,620 factories in 2006 and 2007 are CBK.

In short, it was all there from classic prestige for a MODEL, not much above the point. For the price, even when I find honnte!


So the point of view of the handle, the Wizard Prestige trs trs particularly good though. Coating level, one feels a diffrence in tural quality between standard and any MODELS SERIES prestige. It's much more enjoyable to the touch, has less grip.
The finish of the race overall is a good trs. Level Access in acute is a joke, the fingers promnent alone.

Level ergonomics, I will not be objective because until the form is Submitted RG suits me more. Trs enjoyable to play sitting, the weight is too MODR without being lightweight. In concert she PSE same weight when I start and have a hard to bear after two hours of play without a break.

A blank, arson plutt not bad, and the sound spectrum is quite equilibrated, in my opinion is a big advantage because it will allow a much easier to work the legalization of the amp for sound quickly typ.

Only minor complaint: the volume potentiomtre me ESG in A / R ds I'm on the rope or if I would have much Mi dplac slightly lower personal. It is minimal as default.


So to break right away the legends: It's not just a big guitar that mtalleux chih (if any!)

The configuration allows for a micro ultra versatile all;

I use a lot of stick about playing for my workshops Tone Jazz. It has a super round and mellow sound that really comes from a jazz guitar. Tone thoroughly with a micro sell vitamins and sounds good right.

In deuxime position, it was a sound that has the same signature sound but less vitamin and nice enough enchantment to the plans in clean or bluesy little crunch.

I use too troisime the position, I think she has no real personality.

Quatrime position: So this one is something! It sounds a little stratode and more! I mean stratode, not as a stratum but really in the mind. To play Sweet Home Alabama, great example!

Fifth position: And we can see the bridge DiMarzio / Ibz spot: It's all good. It sounds good trs, prcis cleanly, good dynamics and a satisfactory output level without being too lev. I used to be blind in the donf SLO100, and a hard, or else in a good old Marshall JCM800 rsultats the trs trs are also good. You can really go from very fat to Rock 70s Mtal not too modern with trash.

Last point; So one of the only GR in Linden HH config, I do not know if we still see elsewhere in the catalog today. When I would add that if the same precision and sonic palette of microphones is impressive, the guitar sounds a bit gloomy (RG communment all though. We will never shine with a RG RT ) and micro Hi-Fi sound quite a bit smoother. So I think it is better to have an amp to go with strong personality and is the shuffled Dtonn!


It'll be a year since I have bte, and no worries on the horizon: The Edge Pro trs always want good, no problems of electronic or precision.

What I flat so I flash it, finish it. I also love the shape of the RG so for me it's the winning formula. It leaves no indiffrent and I welcome Ibanez for breaking some code and give a little living color and change the Black / Grey.

I tried a 400MH LTD, Lag Arkane (old range), DKMG Jackson, Ibanez JS100.

The retail price is 1150, and I had 850 new prfr through my store in 2007 (over stock). For the price that I pay it buries all its competitors.

In its true price range, I could not speculate, but I note that she did not blush before the ESP MII Deluxe, which my teacher ratings and a half times its price.

Although I would do sr choice, I am fully met since I have this small.

JoCkEr_cyril's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a good scratch neutral"

Ibanez RG2620
Bon bah description is prcdante exelente, I had nothing to add ... if you want prcises information, go to any is indicated!
I just redirait on micro, not really sueprs too neutral ... but versatile.

9 / 10


trs trs stick thin and wide, some of Drout easy but enjoyable in the end. nikel ergonomics, well balance, good finish trs short impeccable.
Access in acute as a RG, it teases the 24th with the index! small default visual, I do not like the points again, new models are more beautiful with sawtooth I find ...

9 / 10


JVM 410 plays, tests on a 5150 II and ENGL combo

I virtual microphones too neutral a vouple Di Marzio Air Norton / Steve Special ... c'tait 3 years ago, I might be doing today, but a choice diffrent ca do it anyway. in clean, cold is really not his strong point ... with a chorus, some delay can be achieved is somewhat correct, but it's not great either. splits are not bad anyway, but good crystals, it is clearly not made for that. mleme observation for crunch, it's still cold. on the other hand in distortion is really good. pushing the gain, we arrive at a good report: good offense, good precision and DEFINITIONS, harmonics do well, especially box 9 the G string is beautiful!

DEFINITIONS In a skyscraper for a channel distortion, nothing else. without being excellent, it fulfills its mission and we are pleased no problem! 9 / 10


I use it for 3 years, I began to know ... it is a gift, so I have not necessarily tried other ^ ^ it's a great guitar to progress technically and is enjoyable to play ^ trs ... brief study of a perfect guitar for shred, even if it is able to do something else ...

Jaime: heavy distortion, the original look, comfort and ease of play
Jaime least: the floyd, it's really annoying beasts j'prfres a wilkinson, lack of personality rpres the "points" of the handle

Finally, I would have bought if I had not only offered, over time it really helped me to evolve. in addition, to type a good shred, it is excellent!

9 / 10 and use it with good stuff derrire;)

-Dexter-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG2620
So this guitar is manufactured in Japan by Ibanez. Mine Has Designed by Team J. Craft. It's just the name of the team who make the guitars. With regard to the Prestige line (so it), they are craftsmen and luthiers who make these guitars. So Ibanez prstige are a beautiful violin and I would say even more: for a guitar this price, has worth.
The pickups are Dimarzio / Ibz is said DiMarzio pickups made by Dimarzio for Ibanez in Japan. The handle is a handle Wizard III, the pause is prcis notes without problem because the handle is trs trs fine and super strong for his size. It is even possible rgler the curvature of the neck or even a thanks screws at the top of the handle. The bridge is an Edge-Pro tremolo. This is an easel profssionnet, TRS premium. It takes a while for rgler because it is quite complicated and rich rglages trs. C'es a floyd type bridge. For the rest tyrant low strings 9-42, olume 1 knob chrome iron (better than those of my strat plasique) and another one for the tone knob.
The coating is shiny gray dpart (asspects metal) blue cubes with patterns on the front of the guitar. Otherwise it is blue around the body and derrire. ATTENTION the coating is much brighter than the pictures I saw on the net. But it is an advantage, I love.


The neck is super enjoyable, I read a magazine on the handle silent "a track dcollage finger" or as "a highway to the solos." Well Medames messieux and yes, the handle is super gnial, it is enjoyable to play and Access in acute is prime. I do not see how we can do better, over the frets Jumbo frets and are frankly the installation notes is perfect.
The guitar is not big trs, the body is thin and not too pais, when the weight of the bte pes I and I can say that it's lightweight four kilos.
This gives a good sound quickly, the two humbuckers in bridge and neck position raplent rglages of the V-qualiseur (Qualiseur 5 positions). We can therefore absolutely everything to play it. The guitar is 100% versatile. Matal, blues, clean, hard rock ...


Yes the guitar is so versatile. Just branch microphones do not make noise, not a breath when the strings are at rest. Once the agreement is jou gets a slap, I use a lot a Mesa Boogie Rectifier type distortion and the sound of a thunder heat, leaving the harmonics trs SPEED, not really saturated, and asprects difrent sound are dlimits, we obtain a clear and his brother. You can also play clean (no distortion), the sound is crystal-clear, close to a good Start. As for the large distortion trs. Not distos of the Johnny Cash pd. Not with such distos Metallica, Megadeth and other well-loaded metal distortion, do not go your way. We arrive distos get good metal. Even if the DiMarzio not worth the EMG85 or 81. It will change a micro suremet difficult for me as such. Otherwise, the IC is also the strings that I find they sound too metallic. For mtalleux is good but for a classic, vintage or clean it will change the strings. BUT I SO 9 microphones for use in a heavy metal or heavy metal and for the strings that do not will please everyone. Otherwise the rest is that fun!


For gnraliser, if you do not want to get ripped off and have a high-end guitars, professional, not worth dpenser 1500 euro or 2000 euro. Ibanez is a really good price quality ratio for high-end guitars is medium range. MODELS I tried many before you buy?, And rightly so cettes guitars reois Most recent internship in inovations Contents block chords, easel and maneuverability trsprformant Hon ment is much more convenient That a Gibson Les Paul or any other guitar I've tried. Ibanez are really up to my EQUIREMENTS and the bag for the price (or coffin) is available. If this choice I would do, yes I intend to buy me another prstige probably with microphones MSM type to change.
But otherwise it's my guitar and if you count prfre buy one (without making a public ibanez) is really high end (for cheap -> a guitar of this quality a is in the 1700 - 2000 euros), while the price of this skyscraper is 1200 euros. It is simply perfect.